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Investor-friendly agents in Denver
Ready to get serious about investing in Denver? Connect with investor-friendly agents who can help you land your next deal. As local experts, they know the Denver market inside and out and can evaluate properties from... View more
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Best place to start in Denver Metro area
Good morning BP, I’m a complete beginner but have spent plenty of hours on the BP forums and listening to podcasts. I’m in my early 40s married with 2 busy kids. I’m a project manager for a local electrical contractor... View more
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Recommendations for property Managers in the Lakewood area
Hi, anyone have a good recommendation for a property manger in the Lakewood area? I have a 3bed/2bath townhouse that needs help. Thanks.
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Experience with Deerwoods Property Manager in Denver?
Hi all, looking to research property managers in the Denver area.  Has anyone worked with Deerwoods Real Estate Management recently?  Who are the best property managers to work with and why?  Thanks!
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Looking to network w/Denver investors
Hello everyone, My name is Ben and I'm a 25-year old with 1 investment property in the Lakewood area looking to connect with successful real estate investors in the Denver area to learn what it takes to expand. I'm... View more
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Rent By Room: one room is way colder than the rest (Denver)
Hey guys!  First, thanks for your consideration, I have gotten so much help from this forum it's amazing.I have 2 rental properties in Denver Co, and I do rent by the room.  one of my properties faces north and south... View more
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Denver zoning question
If I purchased a 4 bedroom home in an area zoned as R-MU-20, could I house hack this property and rent out to 3 other roommates?
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Introduction & Rent/Purchase Price Question
Hey all, I'm new to this forum and am extremely excited to take the leap into real estate investment. I've been in the commercial real estate industry for almost 7 years, focusing mostly on multi-family financing.... View more
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Denver flooring referral
Hi BP, does anyone have a flooring contractor they would recommend in Denver? I want to install laminate flooring in a property without additional scope of work, so hoping to find a specialist with fair prices. Thanks!
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Legal and Tax Advice in Denver Area
Hello everyone. I am new to real estate investment here in the Denver area and working on filling out my team. I am interested in setting up an LLC and wondering if there are any recommendations for good attorneys with... View more
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I Took the Leap (Gulp)
I did it! I quit! I no longer spend my days working towards someone else's dream! I own my time and my future. I'm excited and terrified. My wife is just terrified. I'm a pretty humble person in real life, and I... View more
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Property Manager Recommendation
I can't figure out how to search the Denver forum specifically so I apologize since I'm sure this has been asked a hundred times. We're out of state but would love to retire in Denver in about 10 years. Since home... View more
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Cash Out Refinance @ 6 Months - 21 Units In Denver
I own a 21 unit mixed-use property (60% apartments and 40% retail space) in a suburb of Denver. I've owned the property for 4 months and am positioned to finish a six-figure rehab on the property in a couple of months.... View more
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Buy SFH/MFH in Colorado, or look out of state?
This is my first post, finally! I'm very impressed by this community and look forward to connecting with people. The information is overwhelming so I'm hoping for some early guidance. I would like to start my... View more
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Denver Duplex in TU-C - Can you have an ADU in basement?
Hi! I have a duplex in U-TU-C zoning. I have a basement with a partial kitchen and would like to give it an independent access. According to code this turns that space into a "Complete and independent dwelling... View more
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Identifying Hot Areas of the Denver Metro
Hello Bp Community and the Denver Investor Network, The market has been very strong and finding the next hot area is always on everyones mind. I have come across a ton of resources for choosing a neighborhood within a... View more
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Is now a time to do a 1031 Exchange?
I have a duplex just outside of Denver.  It is a quaint 1BR/ 1BA on each side.  We have the original tenants on one side and good (but newer) tenants on the other side.  It would be a perfect house hack for someone... View more
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Denver real estate market continues to freak the F out!
Westword said it best in their Dec. 4 story: Right now is the "toughest time to buy a home in Denver holiday history." Yikes!Those who've been on the sidelines "waiting for the market to cool off" -- how many times... View more
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Utility sub metering Denver. Recommendations
Anyone use submetering for Water gas and electric in Denver?I have a triplex with 2 gas and electric meters.  Quotes to add new meter and panel from excel are a lot not to mention Xcel and Denver permits are months... View more
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Motel/Hotel Conversion in and around Metro Denver
Hey there,  My name is Richard and I have been in Denver for about 1 1/2 years, by way of Miami, Florida. I have multifamily properties in Miami, and am looking to expand here. With that being said, the multifamily... View more
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Denver contractor recommendations for garage renovation
I'm looking for a recommendation for a contractor who can re-do my garage to open up to the alleyway and add a nice wood façade to the front.
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Denver Under Contract on Triplex! Referrals and advise welcome.
Sometimes life is crazy with how fast things happen! Literally looked at our first unit in person, been watching the market/mls for alittle while, this one looked interesting and I like the area so we went and looked... View more
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City changes zoning to allow ADUs in NW Denver
The Denver City Council just passed a new ordinance that changes zoning to allow ADUs in all of Chaffee Park. The change allows ADUs in the neighborhood on any lot of at least 4,500 square feet. The Chaffee Park... View more
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Re-Zone in Denver to Allow ADU
Hey everyone. I know there are lots of question on this site about Denver zoning regulations and their allowance for an ADU and I figured I share my recent experience working with the city and my neighbors on a 'spot... View more
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Meeting Deadlines with GC's
Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone has some input on how you manage deadlines/construction delays when working with a GC or even direct with subs to rehab a property. I'm living in the Denver area and as we enter the... View more
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