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Northern Colorado Meet ups?
New investor looking to meet some people in the Northern Colorado market. 
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Investing in NE Colorado
Hey BP investors!Have any of you invested in the smaller towns of NE Colorado? Fort Morgan, Brush, Sterling, etc. Properties are lower cost with lower gross income but cashflow is still possible. The great concern is... View more
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Looking For Single Bedroom in Fort Collins Colorado
My partner and I are moving to Fort Collins Colorado early May and are looking for a single bed room, cat friendly apartment with washer and dryer hook ups. We plan on staying for 9 months to a year until we can get a... View more
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Larimer County, CO Short term rental
I recently purchased a property near Estes Park, CO.  I came across that Larimer County, CO wants folks to register, be inspected, and pass a few different things and items before being "allowed" to rent their property... View more
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Need a Buyer Agent in Loveland who is okay paying referral fee
I have a friend who recently took a full time job in Loveland and wants to start house hacking. Since I'm over two hours away I won't be able to help him as much as he needs. Are there any agents out there who would be... View more
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Investor friendly title company in Longmont, CO
I am looking for an investor friendly title company or closing attorney in Longmont,CO. Specifically one that has experience with owner financing and subject to, Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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New Investor looking for advice about hard money and fix n' Flip.
I was just curious if I could get some advise on the BRRR method. I am 19, and brand new to real estate investing. I live in Fort Collins and am curious about the Northern Colorado market like, Greeley, Fort Collins,... View more
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Recommendations for Noco Lenders for a VA multifamily
Hey folks, Needing to find a lender for a VA Multifamily loan in Loveland or surrounding area. I know there are several VA lenders, but hope to find someone with experience with VA multifamily loans. This will be for a... View more
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What lawyer do you use for evictions...
Who do you guys use for evictions? Or do you do it yourself? What are your average costs? Jorgensen, Brownell & Pepin, P.C. was the last I used, worked out good. Easy to work with, bit spendy though from what I can... View more
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New Agent in the Fort Collins area
So hopefully I'm not breaking any advertising rules or anything on here but I just got my license and will be working primarily in the Fort Collins area as well as any deal I can get my hands on in Northern Colorado.... View more
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What do you guys do?
Just curious about what type of investing some of you more seasoned gents do and what seems to work in our market. I myself have not pulled the trigger yet but this year want to buy and rent out a multifamily, though... View more
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Any Agent Recommendations?
Anybody got a good agent to recommend in the area? 
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Reputable House Assessor and Inpector
Hey everyone! Does anyone know of reputable house assessors and house inspectors in the northern Colorado area? Particularly in Greeley?Thanks!
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Cash Flow in Fort Collins area?
Hi All,I'd be curious for people's feedback regarding acceptable cash flow on a single family home in the Fort Collins area, given that our home values are generally trending upwards and on the higher side. I'm... View more
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"party ends in late 2019" - opinions?'d be interested to hear anyone's thoughts on the article above which cites the following prediction from a Connecticut-based company "Scout Vision":The company’s... View more
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Student rental houses in Ft Collins?
My daughter is a freshman at CSU.  I live in San Antonio.   I threw out the idea of maybe buying a house for her to live in next year and having her rent out the extra rooms to cover the mortgage.  Now she's really... View more
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Larimer and Weld County network
Hello all,I have what is most likely a two part question for all you in the Northern Colorado market.  In the efforts of finding fix n flip deals in the various small and large communities in Weld and Larimer counties,... View more
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Transplant from St. Louis, MO
Hi FoCo!I'm ready to make the move to Fort Collins soon and I'm a VERY ambitious investor.  I'm looking for mentors, industry related work, anything that'll help me get on my feet when I take the leap out there. Of... View more
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Property Management Software for 10-100 units
I'm getting ready to purchase a property management software package to better manage a medium size portfolio of single family homes in Fort Collins, Colorado.  I've been meeting with a number of companies like... View more
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Looking for an attorney recommendation to represent both sides
Looking for an experienced attorney to possibly represent both sides of a transaction in Fort Collins. You'll need to write up the contract to buy and sell, and handle all aspects of the transaction. 
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Larimer County Tax Lien sales - Nov 13th
Hi all,I'm curious if anyone is planning to attend the Larimer County tax lien sale on Friday, November 13th 2015?  I am strongly considering attending to experience the process and hopefully network a bit.  I do not... View more
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Lack of CO discussion
Good morning from the Fort!I will start off by admitting that I don't spend as much time on this site as I would like to, but when I do make it on, I notice that there is little talk about the northern Colorado market.... View more
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