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Seeking Investor Friendly Attorney
I'm an investor new to the CT area seeking an attorney who is investor friendly.
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What are investment opportunities in Bridgeport Ct in multi family houses
We are interested in knowing something about investing in Bridgeport Ct.  Is Bridgeport a C town and how does in compare to Waterbury Ct.  Is Bridgeport appreciating?  Are thre Multi familys available in Bridgeport?... View more
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Bridgeport multi family
Looking to purchase my first multi family in Bridgeport, ct. was hoping to hear any stories anyone might have. Thanks
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Bridgeport Cap Rates & Expense Assumptions
BP folks - What are cap rates for multi in Bridgeport?  Looking for a range for turn-key and value-add properties.  Also, what are some reasonable expense assumptions (per unit) for Gas, electric, water, sewer and... View more
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Bridgeport Connecticut Pre-Market Deals!
Hi BP Community, Anyone have pre-market leads in Bridgeport Connecticut in the North End area of town? I'm looking for a 4/5 BR SFH without much work in the $220-275k price range. Any connections are appreciated and... View more
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Need a veteran realtor to rent out our commercial spaces
We just finished rehabbing a few commercial units in Bridgeport.  Can some people recommend a good  veteran realtor to help us lease them out?  
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Looking for Investor Friendly Agent
I'm looking for a investor friendly agent familiar with the Bridgeport, CT and surrounding areas.Please DM me.Thanks,
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Experience Buying Rentals in New Haven
Hello Bigger Pockets Family!! I’m fairly new to this. Me and a friend of mine wanted to get into a 4 unit off a pre-foreclosure in New Haven, CT. We’re both originally out of Long Island New York so New Haven isn’t... View more
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Good afternoon:I currently own (2) 3 unit properties down in the Bronx. I'm looking to buy 1 or 2 more 3-4 unit properties In Bridgeport. Prices down here have gotten extremely high, and the cap rates aren't making... View more
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House Inspection Recommendations?
Hello BP,I just received word that an offer for a property was accepted. I now need a house inspection. The house is in Bridgeport, CT; therefore, I am looking for any recommendations for a house inspector in F... View more
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Bridgeport Target Returns? by Gross Rent Multiple
What do investors in Bridgeport target for first year gross rent multiple (GRM)? I am used to a gross rent multiple target of around 8.6 for places in Stamford but in Bridgeport that seems to be very easy to get. Based... View more
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