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Looking to connect in New Haven
Hello all I am a new investor from Massachusetts looking to connect with people from the New Haven, CT to get some advise on the area. I’d like to invest in MF properties. Thanks!
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Looking for investor friendly realtor
Hi there,   I am trying to start my first real estate investment here. Would like to work with an investor friendly realtor in New Haven. Any reference will be appreciated!Thanks,
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Looking for Plumber and Electrician
Looking for good electrician and plumber referrals for a large project in the New Haven area.  Thank you in advance
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Wanted: Southern CT General Contractor
Hi friends, looking for a reliable general contractor in Woodbury/ Southbury/ Middlebury and surrounding areas in CT. Renovating a kitchen and 2 bathrooms (and some other small stuff), with massive potential to bring... View more
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How is wholesaling in CT???
Hello, I want to learn as much as possible about real estate and thought I can get my feet wet by starting to wholesale. What is it like in CT? Is it competitive? Where do I start? I currently have a full time gov’t... View more
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Moving to New Heaven for 3 years
Hello everyone, I used to read a lot of topics in this forum, and I like how people interact with each other! Therefore, I signed up today and thought about writing my idea. Me and my wife are moving to New Heaven, and... View more
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Need advice from a developer
Hi All, I'm looking for a New Haven county developer that can help me figure out how to structure a deal. It's a large piece of land with a cluster of old houses on one side. The goal is to purchase the land, subdivide... View more
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New Haven, CT - A great place to invest.
I sell a lot of Distressed, REO (Bank Owned / Foreclosure) properties in New Haven, CT.It's a great city once you've spent enough time around different areas and get comfortable.  I encourage everyone to invest in New... View more
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Listing Agent in New Haven | Student Housing
Greetings Everyone,I am fairly new to the REI world. I have been an investor for roughly three years now focusing in the student housing space in Upstate NY. I am thinking about branching out onto other universities... View more
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New Haven Vacant Lot
Hello BP. I have the opportunity to purchase a vacant lot in New Haven CT. The property in located in a "C" area and is zoned for a 3 family dwelling. I have 2 questions.1) Are there any developers building new... View more
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New Haven House Painter Needed
I have a SFH in the New Haven-area that is need of painting. I'm looking for a few good painters to give quotes for painting and also potentially replacing siding. Any suggestions?
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Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Won't Bill Tenant
I have an SFH in the New Haven-area. Has anyone had any luck getting the Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control to bill tenants directly instead of landlords? I've asked why they won't do it and I haven't gotten a... View more
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Contractor to Install French Drain
I'm looking for a contractor in the New Haven-area that can give me quote for installing a french drain outside of my SFH. Any recommendations?
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Snow removal and shuffling contact in New Haven CT
Dear New Haven BP members, Can any investor recommend someone who is reliable and does snow shuffling and snow removal in the drive way in winter time? Greatly appreciated!Thank you!
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Partnering on properties
Getting ready to begin acquiring rentals with a partner (brother in law) and I was looking for advice on who I should engage (lawyer, accountant, etc.) that can help me nail down how the business should  look to... View more
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Derby & New Haven Connecticut
Hey all, I am looking at a few families to buy in New Haven and Derby Connecticut.  I am reading mixed reviews, but the apts within the are selling around 35k, which seems about right.  There's one apt building I am... View more
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Need investor friendly agent
just getting back into investing and looking for an investor friendly agent to begin the process of identifying properties in my are. basically looking at multis up to and including commercial. 
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Looking for investor friendly agent/ broker
I'm currently looking for an investment property in Connecticut area. Max purchase price can be $450,000. Monthly income to be at least $3k. Property management is also needed after the purchase. Plz pm me if you can... View more
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New Haven ct. meet up!
Hello Bp! I own a restaurant on State St. In new haven ct. wondering if someone wanted to organize a meet up at my place. No charge! Just trying to get like minded people together to network. I'm to busy to organize it... View more
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A good job on the driveway
We just bought a fixer upper that we will be house hacking. The driveway needed doing and I wanted to put out a recommend to the company that did it. They were extremely reasonable, and did a fast and excellent job.... View more
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New Member from Hamden area
Hello all,New to the site, looking forward to learning. I am interested in flipping, possible investing and rental properties.  Also, I am looking to network with people who have experience in flipping ie. (learning)... View more
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CPA and Attorney
Does anyone know of a good CPA and/or Attorney that works with Real Estate Investor in New Haven County?
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Info from local investors - New Haven
Hi, recently joined and have been doing my homework checking properties in New Haven. I live in CT about 30 mins from New Haven, I like the constant flow of students.Is there any locals on this forum who can help with... View more
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Researching property management New Haven/Hamden
Hi all,   New investor in New Haven area.  Wanted to ask if anyone can recommend a Property Manager in New Haven/Hamden area for Multi families and/or Single Family homes?  Do you find that you need a certain amount of... View more
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What should be my next steps?
The seller has accepted my cash offer. What should be my next step? Just inspection and find an attorney will do the rest?ThanksChi
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