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real estate investing in new britain ct
purchasing 3 building total 13 residential and 3 retail units. pric 1.2 mil total monthly rent roll 12k any recommendation
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Investing in Hartford - Opinions and Property Manager
Considering investing in small multifamily properties in Hartford, CT.  Would be a new investor in the market so would like to get some general feedback on particular areas of Hartford that are more desirable vs... View more
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Contractor reccos for Hartford rental property
Hi there. New to the Hartford market and currently evaluating some distressed multi-family units with my agent.Ultimately going to need a reliable licensed and insured GC who is experienced in working with investors.... View more
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Evictions from before the pandemic can now proceed
Hope you're not in this position, but if you are, Judge Abrams just issued an order in Superior Court yesterday that evictions from before the pandemic can now proceed to be enforced in CT.
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Reccomendation Request: Commercial RE Attorney, New Britain, CT
Hi, I am real estate investor looking for an experienced attorney who specializes in commercial real estate and understands the types of risks we face.Thank you,
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Looking for a Multufamily to buy/hold/house hack
Hello all,Just putting this out there. I’m looking for a multi family home in the Hartford or Middlesex county area.(Nothing within the Hartford city limits) This won’t just be an investment for me but rather a place... View more
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15 day notice for lease violation in CT
How does one legally give the 15 day notice to cure for a lease violation in CT?  The violation is that the legal tenants brought in a tenant who is not on the lease, without obtaining our permission.  Is there a... View more
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Where to find a meetups in my area?
Where to find a meetups in my area? Are there any in the Hartford area?
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Looking for great investor agent in Bristol, CT
Hey BP team,I'm looking at acquiring my first MF property and the front runner right now is in Bristol, CT. I live in Westport, CT and do not know Bristol at all. Does anybody have experience with a good agent... View more
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Investing in Litchfield and Hartford County, CT
Hello BP Family,  I'm a buy and hold, cash flow investor who lives in Torrington, CT. I'm looking for all-cash offers on properties that need significant work, I'm looking to buy them, fix them up and rent them out.... View more
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4plex multifamily lender in CT
Hi all, Close to purchasing on a 4plex in CT but need a lender.  Property is a 4plex but part of a condo association which make the loan less conventional.  My credit and income history are very good. Can anyone... View more
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Investing in New Britain, CT
What's the current state of investing in New Britain, CT? I've heard with other stakeholders I've worked with that vandalism of propriety is common. Looking to do a flip on a multi-family.
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Finding deals using an agent
Hey everyone I am just curious what investors are using to evaluate deals here in Hartford? I have access to a tool that analyzes the MLS and FSBOs for great deals against comparable properties and wondered if this... View more
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Snow removal in Hartford CT
If anyone's looking for reliable snow removal in Hartford, I told my guy I'll pass along his info. Also good for handyman small jobs. PM me for number
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Developer for a sub division
HI All, I am reaching out to see if there are any developers in our forums here. I own a 16.4-acre plot of land with my home being part of that total acreage in Enfield CT. I have met with the zoning department in... View more
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Multi Family in Hartford - should I ???
Hi all,I am new here and somewhat new to real estate. I am in the home stretch (fingers crossed) of closing on 2 small multi family homes in Hartford. I'm also waiting on a short sale approval for a third one, and... View more
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Recommend lender, lawyer, cpa for new rental property investor
I found a multi family in Hartford County that I am thinking of buying as an investment property. This would be my first rental property. Have a few questions. 1) Can you recommend a lender for investment properties?... View more
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Have Section 8 allowables been cut in New Britain?
I currently have a few apartments available in multifamily buildings in New Britain.  I've had a couple of Section 8 applicants who are telling me that the amounts the housing authority is allowing are much lower (15... View more
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Looking for Hartford area meeting groups
I'm new and interested in buy and hold multi family houses. I'm looking to meet with folks locally. Does anyone know of local meetup groups? (Other than CTREIA which I already attend). 
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Asbestos Siding Remediation
Looking to purchase my first rental property after analysis paralysis. I have found some reasonably priced duplex, however the MLS points out it has asbestos siding. Was wondering if anyone had been through the... View more
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New fees and regulations proposed for Hartford housing
http://www.courant.com/community/hartford/hc-news-hartford-housing-code-20190531-hcke2jo2x5fpdgz75xf4hlv2ki-story.htmlThe gist of it is that you would have to list a residential address for every member of an LLC... View more
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Handy men/women in Hartford,CT
Hello BP! Can anyone give me any good recommendations for good handy men/women/ GC's in the Hartford County area? I just rehabbed my first buy and hold property and I am looking for people I can potentially called if... View more
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Average cost per square foot for a full gut rehab?
On an old home in the greater Hartford area that needs to be completely gutted to the studs and redone; new plumbing, electrical, windows etc... What is the average cost per square foot? I know I would need to get... View more
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CT Laws On Converting Single Family Into Multi Family?
Hey everyone! Does anyone have any knowledge or experience on CT laws about converting SF homes into 2-4 unit multi-family's? I'm looking to get into the multi-family rental business, and have some experience... View more
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1031 exchanging New Britain 2 families into a larger complex
We finally found a larger complex (albeit in another city) to potentially 1031 exchange our New Britain three 2 family buildings into.  We have potentially 3 two family houses, one with 2 bedroom units, two with 3... View more
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