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Our first Waterbury Ct Purchase
We are completing a Rehab and Buy and Hold in Waterbury Ct.  We think Waterbury might present more of a problem rental wise then our duplexs in Danbury and Bristol Ct and are wondering where we should be looking in Ct... View more
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Looking for a Realtor near Waterbury, Connecticut.
Hi Everyone, my company is looking for an agent near Waterbury, Connecticut.  We will be needing assistance to list a property for sale.Thank you.
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Property managers in Waterbury Ct
Hi Biggerpockets Family I'm from New York City .I'm a faily new passive investor.I'm interested in purchasing a 3 or 4 family house in Waterbury Ct and I'm looking for property management. Any referrals for any... View more
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Investor/landlord and new Real Estate Agent - CT
Good evening, Over the past 13 years I have been an investor/landlord. My love for real estate gave has me always looking to learn more. I took the real estate course hoping I would learn a few things, never thinking... View more
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