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Best area of Wilmington?
To those who have invested in Wilmington , Delaware.Where are your favorite spots? Places to avoid? Gold mines? Rags to Riches areas?Shoot my your thoughts and some numbers if you have them! Would love to learn from... View more
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Dover Real Estate
Looking to purchase a rental property, I know the ins and outs of investing (Book knowledge) as ive taken the past year and a half to dedicate towards gaining such knowledge.Wanted to speak with an accredited investor... View more
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Delaware Multi-family Search
Hello all. I am searching for a multi-family property in new castle county in Delaware. I am looking for a triplex or a quadplex. Right now I am thinking either Newark for college kids or Wilmington for families.... View more
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Wilmington NC historic code
So I purchased a property that has a few historic district code violations. The building was cited for at least one of them in the past (before I took over ownership). I know the previous owner and the owner before. I... View more
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Looking for a PM in Jacksonville, NC / Onslow County
Hello all,I have a property in Jacksonville, NC that is in need of a new PM. I've used the same PM for the past few years, and have been disappointed with the responsiveness. Friends in the area have had similar... View more
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Being an out of state investor
Hey Deleware BP,I've recently been having a decent amount of Deleware investors reach out to me to get into the Philadelphia market. What are the factors that would make you take the jump? Does the new market have to... View more
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Apartment Turnover Cleaning Recommendation in Wilmington, DE
My tenant moved out and left quite a mess.  The place smells a little of smoke, the one room has some poorly cleaned up pet stains and the appliances are a mess.  Does anyone have a good recommendation for a cleaning... View more
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Rental market in Wilmington DE
Hi fellow BP members,Newbie here.I live in suburban Philadelphia area. Right now in phase of researching areas.One of my research area is Wilmington DE , because of lower entry cost and taxes.It seems like one can also... View more
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Gravel or sod
I am nearing completion of a rehab/addition for flipping. The property is an older home in an historic neighborhood and backs up to an alley. Some of the homes in the neighborhood have put gravel in the backyard for... View more
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BRRRR ("fix and rent") in Wilmington area
I'm curious if BRRRR ("fix & rent") works in the Wilmington metro area. Essentially, the ability to have your purchase price + rehab costs <70% of the ARV, so after you rehab you can find tenants & then... View more
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Wholesale Southern NJ/Delaware
My partner and I are looking for a wholesale connection in the Southern New Jersey area. We appreciate any information sent our way! Thank you!Regards, Andrew 
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