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Seeking REA in the St.Pete / Clearwater area!
Hello all, currently seeking a licensed agent that is able to provide access to the MLS for specific zipcodes, submit offers, and schedule showings. I live in Ft. Lauderdale and am looking at properties in the area to... View more
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Reia in the Clearwater area
New to the Clearwater area, looking for the closest Reia for the Clearwater / Dunedin area?  
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First Time House Hacker Looking in Tampa Area
Hi BP community! Happy New Year!!I currently live in South Florida and now have the ability to work from home (anywhere). I am looking to purchase my first investment property and House Hack a multifamily (2-4... View more
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Looking for wholesalers focusing on Brandon (33511/33510)
Hey all, My wife and I are looking for contacts who wholesale in the Brandon area. We are already on a few local lists but we never see Brandon deals pop up amidst all of the other Greater TPA opportunities. Makes me... View more
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Pool equipment repair sun city.
Hi, can anyone recommend an investor friendly pool repair company in sun city?
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Wetland/Lowland Mitigation near Tampa, FL
Hey BP fam!I got this property: http://gis.hcpafl.org/propert...As you can see it is described as lowland and I have gotten a survey confirming the majority of the land is wetland. Does anyone have experience... View more
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New but very motivated!
Hi BP community! I currently live in Tampa and now have the ability to work one day a week in order to focus my time researching and learning about realty investing as I plan to make this my new career. Looking... View more
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Real Estate Talent Search
Hey Bigger Pockets family! I'm calling all Real Estate talent in the Tampa Bay area! I have about two years of real estate investing under my belt and if there is one thing this experience has taught me its just how... View more
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Tampa area lender search
Afternoon All I am looking for solid local lenders in Tampa/ St Pete area to help get deals funded with traditional financing or other creative options. Anyone have a good recommendation?
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Need a gc in plant city
I have a wood frame house that needs major attention. The plumbing in the bathroom fell apart and the the support for the floor needs replacing. The floor and subfloor also needs to be replaced. The plumbing has... View more
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Auctions, other options for cash buyers.
I'm an investor and licensed salesperson from the central coast in CA who is looking to diversify and buy a rental(s) in Florida. Most of my experience has been on flips here in central California but I have a couple... View more
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I bid HOA lien unknowingly, what the is best suggested path?
I bid HOA lien unknowingly, what the is best suggested path? It looks like there are two more mortgage liens on it.Pasco county FLorida
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OOS California investor
I am based in California, looking to build a team to acquire my first property in Central Florida. Timeframe to acquire a property is ASAP. Any recommendations?
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Seeking ref to Business Tax Planning CPA-Tampa
Someone you trust. Input appreciated. Thanks.
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Regular Lawn Maintenance Crew Recommendations
My tenant (Seminole Heights) was using Lawnstarter to get bi-weekly lawn cuts, but he thinks it is pricey and asked me to look into it for him. Does anyone have any recommendations on a local landscaping company that... View more
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Property inspectors in the Tampa Bay area
I'm in the process of purchasing of 32 unit property about an hour away from Tampa Bay. Any recommendations for a property inspector? I'll need someone that can inspect all the units.
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Tampa Rental Property
Hi all, have a few quick questions as I start looking at the Tampa market for rental property. Your experience and insight would be super helpful as I get started!Multi-family vs. single-familyBest neighborhoods in the... View more
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Property inspectors for a multifamily property
I'm in the process of purchasing of 32 unit property about an hour away from Tampa Bay. Any recommendations for a property inspector? I'll need someone that can inspect all the units.
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New Tampa Investor
Hello Tampa BP I am a Navy vet, new to Tampa, looking to start building a RE portfolio in the Tampa/St Pete area with the goal of adding 3-4 properties in 2021. Currently looking for good RE CPA and agents/brokers to... View more
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General question about Tampa market
Hi,I am currently investing in California, but due to prices here and a few recommendations, I am considering buying in North Tampa/Orlando or surrounding areas. I am a buy and hold investor and will be looking for... View more
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New Port Richie BRRRR - Help Please
Hi all,  my daughter is trying to buy her first live in BRRRRRR with her boyfriend in New Port Richie, FL. Does anyone recommend a lender, wholesaler,  or awesome real estate agent to help get them up and running? ... View more
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Stucco Repair recommendations in Lakeland Fl
I need a window sill repaired on an investment property in Lakeland fl. Does anyone have any contacts in Lakeland for Stucco repair?
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Contractor near St. Petersburg FL
Hey Bigger pockets community. Does anyone have a recommendation on a contractor near St. Petersburg FL? I am trying to get my team started to do out of state investing in that area. Thank you in advance!
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New construction, help to analyze
Hi guys, I'm really new to the area and while I was exploring MLS I came across this listing http://www.redfin.com/FL/St-P...The price seems to be lover then median in the area, wondering if anyone knows any details... View more
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Experience with paid VIP Financial coaching
Has anybody had experience with the paid VIP Financial coaching sessions? I am interested in signing up for it and have researched the reviews but have not found many negative ones. They promise to help guide people... View more
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