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Buying land in Cape Coral FL or SW Florida
I am looking to buy land to build spec homes and flip in this HOT market. There are quite a lot of lots for sale, I will buy one waterfront but which is the best area for the money now? Up coming developments, stores... View more
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Turnkey Investing in Cape Coral Florida?
Hi- I'm just getting started with building my real estate portfolio and am seriously considering Cape Coral Florida as a starting point (new construction).  The pro formas I have looked at from my turnkey provider for... View more
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Cape Coral and Lehigh Acres Investment
I am an investor looking to buy my first investment property at the Cape Coral area. In my research of the area and looking at different properties in the area, there were a set of things I have come across and I was... View more
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Cape Coral New Construction Fees
My builder sent me a document that states the following:Application_NewConstructionResidential_CapeCoral: "The following fees may be placed on new construction and addition building permits:• ALS IMPACT• POLICE IMPACT•... View more
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Cape Coral Investment
My husband and I are interested in the Cape Coral and Fort Myers area. We are looking for flips and keeps. We currently have under contract a property that we intent to flip in Cape Coral. We are both young and hungry... View more
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any meetups in fort myers/ cape coral area
is there any meet ups in fort myers or cape coral??
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Cape Coral For Out of State Investor
Hi!I'm a first time investor looking to buy out of state for cash flow. I recently started looking into Cape Coral market because there's a lot of new development with a decent median rent price. The population has... View more
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Tips on finding Probate Leads
Hello,Does anyone have any tips on how to find probate leads?  Is there something I should be looking for on the county's website or is it more word of mouth? 
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2 bed 2 bath vs. 3 bed 2 bath
Hello,What are everyone's thoughts on a 2 bed 2 bath vs 3 bed 2 bath? I haven't found one yet because i have only been looking at 3 bed 2 bath single family houses but i wanted to know aside from price if others have... View more
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New Investor looking to start in Fort Myers Fl area
Hello, my name is Stephen Peterson, my wife Meg and I are researching and looking to mainly buy and hold multi families in the Fort Myers area. We are open to any areas around in the Lee, Collier counties.  My wife's... View more
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What Cash on Cash ROI are you seeking with rentals?
As the title asks, what kind of cash on cash return are you looking for in the Fort Myers / Cape Coral areas these days? For SFRs and Duplexes? 
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2007 Triplex Fully Rented if anyone is interested? Owner Finance
Hey All. My family will be moving out of the general area and will soon be putting a Triplex we have in Cape Coral on the open market. 3 Units - were originally constructed as condos, but were combined into one parcel... View more
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Opinions on 34110 zipcode (Bonita Springs / Naples)?
Hi, I'm an out-of-state investor considering the purchase of a 1-bedroom condo as a BRRRR investment in the Wiggins Pass / Tamiami Trail area. The area's median rent statistics look great, especially compared to the... View more
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Property Manager for North Fort Myers
Currently looking for a property manager for 4plex in North Fort Myers. Not happy with my current one.
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What deals are you doing ?
What's everyone been working on ? What's your pulse on the market today and moving forward ? Have any success stories to share ? I'd love to hear how everyone is doing!
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Help with Zoning / Permitting - North Fort Myers
I own a quadplex with a huge end unit I am considering converting into 2 smaller units for additional cashflow. Bit of background - The property is in a commercial area and I believe at one point in time was a hair... View more
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Cost Per SqFt to Build in Cape Coral
Hey BP,Got a piece of Land I've had down in Cape Coral for about 5yrs now I picked up through Tax Lien Auction.  Sold the ones I had in Lehigh and Alva and this is the only one left, haven't had any action on it in... View more
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Buying land in Cape coral - need advice
I am looking to buy vacant land in Cape coral to start building single family homes. Is there anything specific to look for when analyzing land deals in cape coral? I am looking to buy in the NE and NW cape.
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How is the Short Term Rental Market in Cape Coral?
I have five Short Term Rentals (STRs) in the Disney World Area and would like to diversify. I live in Colorado but have done okay as an out of state investor. I manage the bookings but need a good team on the ground.... View more
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Title , Legal , Insurance Recommendations
Hello,  I have a family member who owns a few rentals properties in Cape Coral.  Currently they are title in the name of that person.  We have talked a few times about changing the ownership to entities.  I have been... View more
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CPA/ Tax/ Accountant Recommendations in SWFL/Florida
Hi All, I am looking to work with a CPA that is very proficient with real estate investors and the strategies that can save us as much money as possible come tax time and offering advice throughout the year with... View more
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Eager to learn! Any information would be a big help.
Hello, my name is Patrick and I'm looking to learn how to invest in property. I'm not really sure where the first step is and in what direction I should look. I have a full time job and a growing family that I want to... View more
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Cape Coral Rental Rates Have Topped Out
Every time I had a vacancy I was able to fill it and increase rents. That appears to be over. I had two turnovers in May. I lost 21 days rent on one and a full month on the other with no rental increase. The new... View more
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Cape Coral-Fort Myers Rental Properties
I'm a first time rental investor.  I was wondering if the Cape Coral-Fort Myers area would be a good investment.  I'm from PA and would love to invest in this area.Are there any good turn key companies out there?Would... View more
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The Future of SW FL Real Estate As An Investment
I just attended a program for the agents with NextHome Advisors on Friday. We had several speakers including speakers from other parts of FL. One is a well known expert who expressed their view that our market, in... View more
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