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Looking to meet people in Orlando!
Hello friends, My wife and I intend to purchase a vacation home in Orlando, with the goal of being near Disney. If you're a Lender, Realtor, PM, Cleaner or Vacation Home/STR Owners I would love to meet you! Can anyone... View more
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Practicing Deal Analysis
Hello BP Central Florida!I am working on analyzing properties and would like some feedback on my numbers. I am currently looking in the Sanford area and evaluating mostly SFH with 2-3 bedrooms, 1-2 baths, <1500 sf... View more
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Short Term or Long Term Rental In Orlando Florida
Hello Everyone, I am a first time Home Buyer/ Investor looking to purchase a home in the Orlando Area. I was pre-approved for a conventional mortgage with a 3 % down payment 2.75 Interest Rate. My Budget is 200k for... View more
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Analyzing Orlando Investment Property
Hello, What are you thoughts on a 350.00 cashflow townhome (2/2) 5 min near ucf/alafaya ? The area seems a little run down, which i think is due to the lack of HOA. Students are also taking more online classes. Is... View more
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Need guidance on Orlando Airbnb Investment
Looking for guidance on investing in airbnb property in Orlando.  Live in Denver.  Up to 500k but would be happy with smaller investment to put our toes in the water.  Would love to here from investors who could give... View more
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Emerald Island, Kissimmee, FL advice. Newbie STR Investor!
Hi,  I am looking for advice on Emerald Island resort, STR property in Kissimmee, Fl. If anyone has experience with owning in that area or in that complex, I would love to hear your experience. The place I am looking... View more
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Looking for eXp Realty agents in Orlando/Ocala
Hi Orlando BP community,I’ve been investing in the Orlando and Ocala area for almost three years. Just passed my real estate sales associate exam and looking into brokerages. I love technology so naturally think eXp... View more
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Looking for a property appraiser
Hi BiggerPockets Orlando,I am looking for a property appraiser in the area.
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newbie looking to learn from you guys
looking to learn from you guys and get started on a new journey
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New OOS investor building my Orlando team
I'm a buy and hold investor from Portland, Oregon. I'm looking for my first rental and one of the markets I'm looking to target is the Orlando area for buy and hold properties. My first few properties would ideally... View more
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STR property management companies in Davenport, Florida
Hello all, we are closing in on a single family investment property in Davenport, Florida and looking for a great short-term-rental property management company. Any recommendation for a very reliable full service agency? 
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Insurance Rates surged on Rental. Anyone have a good Ins. Broker?
Hi everyone,I recently got insurance renewals on a couple of properties I own and manage in the Disney area. Most of my rentals renewed at the same price as before, with 1 house increasing by a few dollars a month, and... View more
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Licensed Lender in Florida
I am a licensed Loan officer in the state of Florida. I work with Luxe Mortgage Lending in Winter Park, Florida. I work 7 days a week, day and night. If there is anything I can do to help with financing needs, please... View more
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Real estate business advisors in Orlando.
Hi! I am looking for real estate business advisors in Orlando. I need to set up LLC's and Land Trusts for investment properties. Can anybody recommend one that is not overly expensive? Thanks!
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Seeking Property Management for LTR in Disney area - Four Corners
Is there any legal recourse to get access to escrow accounts and mortgage? Additionally what are some issues that arise regarding occupancy.  My wife and I own rental property in NH and had begun getting divorced a few... View more
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Realty-Medics Property Management Company. Anyone?
Hi there,Does anyone here know and have experience working with Realty Medics property management company? I would love to hear your experience and opinion about them.Thanks in advance!
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Floor (Tile) Contractor Recommendations?
Hi,I've acquired a place with carpet that I want to replace with tile, wondering if anyone knows any contractors they would recommend...
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Need guidance on Orlando Airbnb Investment
Looking for guidance on investing in airbnb property in Orlando.  Live in Denver.  Up to 500k but would be happy with smaller investment to put our toes in the water.  Would love to here from investors who could give... View more
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Just moved to Orlando and I need help learning the new market!
I recently moved from Miami to Orlando to work as a Business Development Manager for Innovative Realty and I quickly discovered the Orlando market is completely different from what I'm used to in Miami. I will be... View more
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Recommendations please !!
Hey all! I am looking to do some bathroom remodeling and would love any recommendations that you all may potentially have. I am located in Orlando, near the UCF area. 
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Suggestion appreciated: Area to buy and hold at Orlando?
Orlando recently draw my attention for potential next purchase for buy and hold. I'll be an out of state investor and manage it remotely. Based on my past experience, I like to focus on SFH and for longer term lease... View more
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Convert a garage to a bedroom in a short term rental?
I see in many short term rental listings that the garage is being "converted" into a game room. Does anyone have any thoughts on purchasing a 3 BR house and really converting the garage into 1 or 2 additional bedrooms?
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Airbnb/Short Term Rentals
Hi my name is Alyssa and I am looking to buy a property in Orlando this year. I was thinking of airbnb-ing out some rooms. Does anyone have any experience in the Orlando area and want to share their experience? I want... View more
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Anyone Have an airBnB in Central Florida?
Does anybody own an airBNB in Central Florida who could share their recent history with it? I would really like to get into STR at some point with one of my next houses, but now does not seem like the right time. I... View more
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Short term rental (STR) purchase: Davenport, Kissimmee, or other?
I want to invest in a short term rental (STR) or two. Eventually, I plan to move from DC to Orlando and temporarily live in one of the STRs while I search for a non-STR home. I have these questions:1. Should I buy in... View more
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