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Need Appraiser Recommendations
Looking for someone that can do an exterior appraisal and not take 3 weeks in north Metro Atlanta. Anyone have any recommendations?
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Moving to Athens - Looking for RE Agents and Investing advices
Hello Everyone,I'm currently based in Norcross but will move to Athens in September. I'm planning to purchase my first rental property/house hack there. I'm looking forward to connecting with RE... View more
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Anyone want to network online during the quarantine?
Hey All,Anyone want to network while we are quarantined?I would love to set up a zoom call or similar and connect with some Athens area investors.Let me know if y'all are interested in networking some!Stay safe out there!
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LLC or Individual for tax purpose
Hi Athens and BP family My wife and I currently own several rental properties in Athens. All of them are under either my name or my wife's name. As such, we are wondering if anyone has experience to share that whether... View more
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Time of Year to Buy Rental Property
Hi Everyone!So I'm in the process of building my foundation to start investing in buy and hold properties. To do this, we're selling our primary residence (should be listed this week), we'll use the money from that to... View more
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Tiny House in Athens, GA - Would BRRRR or Airbnb Work?
Hello, everyone! I'm Jane and am new to BP. I am looking to purchase my first out-of-state rental property later this year and came across a promising tiny house (2 bd, 1 bath, about 500 sq ft.) in Athens, GA for under... View more
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Real Estate Agent Recommendations in Athens?
I live out of state and am looking to invest in real estate in Athens GA. I’m looking for a move in ready property. Does anyone have any real estate agent recommendations? Also, this is the house I’m interested in.... View more
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Crime map of Athens?
Hello!  My family and I are considering moving to the Athens area.  I found this crime map.  I'm not very familiar with Athens yet.  How accurate would you say this map is? I'm looking to possibly making some offers on... View more
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CAP rate in the area
Hey guys. I'm looking at a multi family property here in Athens and am trying to calculate an offer price. There seems to be much online debate on the value of looking at the Cap rate when making a purchase decision.... View more
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Atlanta interior painter recommendations
Looking for a interior painter to paint approx 2900 sq ft (Atlanta northern burbs). Any recommendation would be appreciated.
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Multi-Family Augusta, GA
Hi BP Family,I'm looking for a realtor that can help find a multi-family home in the Augusta area to house hack. If you know of any in the area that works with investors please let me know.Thanks,Chris
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Looking for a realtor in Augusta Area
Hi all,I'm interviewing for a job in the Augusta area, and am considering making the move from WI to GA if things go well. I'll like to look at some houses this weekend (Friday or Saturday) and need a realtor to show... View more
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Should I 203K or BRRRR?
Hello BP,I have years of experience wholesaling properties for investors to flip or rent. They usually use hard money or cash to purchase their homes. I am now under contract to buy my first home where I will be living... View more
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Moving to Athens and getting a feel for the market
Hello fellow BP members, I am a newbie wholesaler in the Tampa area and in a not so distant future I am looking to move to the Athens, GA. Right now I am learning and gaining new skills in Tampa which I plan to take to... View more
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Athens REIA September Meeting - Sept 19th - NEW LOCATION!!
Hi All,Come join us this coming Tuesday, 9/19, at Chops & Hops in Watkinsville for the next REIA gathering! We'll kick off at 5:30pm.Agenda:- Networking- Haves & Wants- Speaker = TBDAddress is: 2 S. Main St... View more
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Local contractor recommendations
I'm looking for a recommendation on some local contractors.  To start, I've got some work that needs to be done on soffit/fascia.  If they can do minor roof repair that would be a plus.  I am also looking for a painter... View more
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Property Managers in Bogart Athens area
Hi BPers, please recommend a residential property manager near Bogart or Athens. Thanks, Gabe .
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Fix and Flip NEWBIE in ATLANTA
Hello,Is anyone actively fixing and flipping in the Atlanta area. I would love to see a project from start to end. I am a newbie and would really like to connect to some of the active players.Please reply or contact me... View more
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Advice on first investment for a beginner.
Hello,I wanted to run a current investment I'm considering by the seasoned investors here on BP, and get some feedback.Location:My partner and I just looked at a townhome right outside the Loop yesterday. It's... View more
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New to REI in Athens
Hi All,I'm new to real estate investing, and relatively new to Athens.  I'd love to connect with anyone local looking to network.  I'm looking to wholesale in Clarke & Oconee, and build a rental portfolio as I... View more
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SE ATL contractor suggestions
Hi all,I am hopefully about to put an offer on my first home to flip but it is in the ATL market and all my vendors are in South FL, so I need to create an ATL rolodex.  Right now I am looking to do work between grant... View more
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CPA recommendation
Hello, I am wondering if someone could recommend a CPA in the Athens GA area that is experienced in working with RE investors. Thanks in advance.
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Investor Minded Contractors in Athens Georgia
I am looking for a trustworthy contractor in Athens GA that has worked with investors and can perform in the most cost effective way. I have a few projects coming up soon and would love to hear what you guys have.
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Feet Stuck in Concrete!
Greetings east side group.  Can I get busy prospecting for wholesale opportunities while I'm working on my RE license or should I wait i.e., will GA regulators hunt me down and persecute me for not having a license? ... View more
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