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Hard Money Lenders in SE Idaho
Who are you guys using for hard money for your deals here in SE Idaho? Are there a few local guys who are reliable or is everyone using national lenders? AND if you are using national lenders, who do you like to use?... View more
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South East Idaho Meet Ups
I am looking to see if there are any meet ups is south east Idaho I can go too. Do you know of any times and places when they are held?Thanks!
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IDAHO - Eagle. Holding and Renting?
Does anyone have any experience in Idaho area for holding and renting out? I see there has been quite a growth in the last few years in Meriden and Boise but I'm thinking of Eagle area.  Is it a good place to hold and... View more
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Opinions on the idaho falls and pocatello idaho rental market.
Looking for some help with the overall rental market in Idaho falls and Pocatello.
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Idaho Evictions- they are a changin
Do you know that after you win in court a writ of eviction, what happens next is mostly county policy, not state law?  My last eviction cost almost $17,000 right here in Idaho Falls.I am working to change things with a... View more
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Lake Coeur d'Alene (Idaho) short term rentals
Does anyone here have experience with short-term rentals on Lake Coeur d'Alene or surrounding lakes (e.g. Hayden Lake)?  I'm trying to understand the rental seasons to determine the number of rental days per year. ... View more
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5+ Multi-Family apartments
I am just starting out and have suffered in the past from analysis paralysis. I am looking for anyone in SE Idaho (Idaho Falls, Ririe, Rexburg) who needs help. I am seeking Multi-family apartments 5+ units mostly... View more
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HELOC risks/ advise on rentals
So I have kind of an odd situation. and I looked through the other threads and can't find my answer. I bought a duplex years back as a primary residence and a rental with the other unit. 2 years later I had to... View more
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Any investment clubs in the area?
Anyone know of any investment clubs in the area? I'd like to meetup with some others in the area who've had some success with real estate investing.Thanks,Dave(Also, First post!! Woot!)
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New York real estate salesperson license
Hi I am looking for a good online class in the state of New York  to get real estate salesperson license If anyone have a good or bad experience whit any company please let me know 
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SE Idaho taking the plunge
Hi, my name is Scott Tyler and I live in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I have been a member of BP for about a month. I have been using the tools/calculators and even done a few walkthrough properties around my area. My concern... View more
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My first attempt at pricing a For Sale By Owner
I drove around my neighborhood and found a few properties that are FSBO. I have reached out to all of them and so far only one has called me back. I am going tomorrow to view the property but I just wanted some... View more
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