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Dissolving HOA after purchasing up entire building?
Hi all -I own a condo in a 2 unit building here in Chicago. I have a potential opportunity to buy out my neighbor's unit, which would then give me full ownership of the building. My plan is to purchase the unit with... View more
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Help on Siding Project on the North Side
Hello friends!I'm working on a project in Avondale where we just passed all rough inspections for a gut rehab (whoo hoo!).  At the same time, our exterior contractor pretty much disappeared.  We're doing vinyl siding... View more
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Chicago Condo Investment
Hello! New here on BP forum. I was just hoping to get some advice regarding buying a Chicago condo as a buy-and-hold investment and a future rental property. I’ve been renting for a while now, and I want to start... View more
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Best Areas for Househacking in Chicago
I'm new to real estate investing and trying to get into owning a Multifamily unit using as little capital as possible. Househacking seems to be very newbie friendly and I'm looking to target a couple of areas in... View more
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Recommendation for septic inspections?
Hi, anyone have a good recommendation for septic inspections? I'm looking at a property in Will county. Thanks!
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Looking for GC in South Suburb of Chicago for Flipper
I am currently seeking a Licensed/insured general contractor that can work in the city of New Lenox. I just purchased a SFH that needs rehab work. Repairs are as follows:Kitchen2 BathroomsFlooring throughoutMinor... View more
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Commercial zoning on 2 flat
My wife and I bought a 2-flat last year, and its zoned as commercial (C1-2). Is there any benefit of having this zoning in comparison to residential? 
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Wanted to Install new Vent fans in bathrooms
Hi All, I have 4 unit building in chicago and doesn't have vent fans in bathrooms. I see molds in bathrooms, so planning to install vent fans. Do you have any experiences/suggestions/price estimations. Can you plz... View more
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Chicago Eviction moratorium
So I'm looking into the eviction moratorium for Chicago and from my understanding a landlord can still technically evict tenants if the tenant does not contact the landlord to claim Covid-19 impact with in 5 days of... View more
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Water running continuously at multi-unit?
Hi all, I have a water issue for a 3 unit building that I purchased over the summer.  I got a notice from the city that the water has been running continuously.  When the water & trash bill came, the last bill... View more
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2020 Chicago Association of Realtors Lease Form
Does anyone have access to this form they'd be willing to share?  I found the 2019 version very easily but for some reason I can't seem to find the 2020 version on the CARE website.  Thank you for any help!
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25 Billion in Rental Assistance.
Hello Everyone,I know that Congress just recently passed legislation providing 25 billion in rental assistance. I know this is being given to individual states to disperse. For Illinois specifically, has anyone heard... View more
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Tax adjustments after sale (Chicago area)
Hi, Chicago-area investors,As I move closer to buying my first multifamily, one thing I haven't been able to learn much about is property taxes. Specifically, how are they adjusted after a sale on the open market? My... View more
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Chicago Coin Laundry questions
Coin Laundry questions! I am considering coin laundry in a multi-unit I am closing on . . . i have several questions I thought I'd source here in one post rather than rummaging thru the forums! New or Used?Buy... View more
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Chicago Plumber Referral
I have a property in Little Village where I need to have water restored to the property. Does anyone have a plumber referral for a water line replacement from the buffalo box to the home?
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Best Chicago Suburbs to Invest in Multifamily properties
Hey Everyone,I am relatively new to the Real Estate investment world. I am looking to purchase a multifamily unit to buy and hold within the next year and half. I am planning on living in it and renting out the other... View more
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Property management - Spanish friendly
Hey all, Im looking at a building in Gage Park that is mainly occupied by Spanish speaking tenants that pay cash monthly for rent.  I understand that typically these buildings are best managed by very local owners or... View more
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Chicago ADU ordinance
An ordinance was introduced this week to re-legalize the construction of new "accessory dwelling units" on existing Chicago properties. This includes coach houses and basement & attic units, which could be added... View more
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Duplex Down in Chicago
Anyone have experience and can give me a general ballpark of the cost to duplex down? I'm looking at a typical northside 2-flat and interesting in living on the first floor, adding an internal staircase and finishing... View more
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Chicago House Hacking
Hello everyone my name is Brandon. I am currently in the early stages of finding a house hack property in the Chicagoland area. I have already been in contact with a lender and agent through connections that I met... View more
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Deal Diary: House Hack 4 unit Edgewater/Rogers Park
Just closed this personal acquisition and happy to share the deal progress on here as I rehab the units, etc. I bought it off the MLS for $425,000 with a $12,500 closing credit = $412,500 net using the 5% down Home... View more
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Anyone know a great Plumbing contractor?
Currently finishing out my current home’s basement. Anyone know of a great plumbing contractor that works in dupage and will counties here in Illinois? 
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How much do you pay for counters? Referral?
We pay $28/sf for Luna Pearl for labor and install. Anyone else have a better option? 
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What rehab elements tend to increase appraisal value the most?
Specifically in Chicago, any advice on which types of rehab elements an investor in multi-family properties should focus on or give more weight to when deciding how to rehab a multi-family property?  For example, in... View more
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Chicago Move In Fee. What is everyone Charging
Hello Everyone!I’m closing on a 4 unit in Little Village next week. I have rentals in Cicero and always charge security deposits. However I’m leery to do so in Chicago. It seems too risky with the current laws.  I’m... View more
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