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Banks / Lenders in Rockford, IL
Hi everyone!I'm looking at a few multi-family properties in Rockford, IL and wanted to know if anyone has recommendations for investor-friendly banks in the area. Much appreciated!Thanks,Matt
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RockfordREIA March Meeting
Meeting Topic: How to Wholesale Properties with Dan ClartonWholesaling properties is one of the most popular strategies for new investors to get involved in. You may be asking, what exactly is wholesaling? Is it legal?... View more
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RockfordREIA February Meeting: Tech, Trends and Tricks
Meeting Topic: Meghan Tech, Trends and Tricks of Real Estate InvestingI am super excited about this months speaker. We are very lucky to have Megham McCullum, live and in person this month. I had the pleasure to hear... View more
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Rockford Real Estate Investors Association Meeting
Hello,I just wanted to let you all know about our local meeting.We are a group of real estate investors in the Rockford area. Our purpose is to provide an open forum where both experienced and novice investors can ask... View more
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Real Estate Attorneys / Lawyers in Rockford, IL
Hey everyone, I'm looking into a few multi-family properties in Rockford, IL and wanted to know if anyone has recommendations for real estate lawyers in the area. Thanks a lot!Matt
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A RE newbie looking to invest in Rockford, IL
Hello all,I'm an out of state newbie investor looking at a couple properties in Rockford, IL and would like to get some local insight and help before I pull the trigger. The properties i'm looking at look good in the... View more
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Contract for Deed - Illinois - Get around?
Hi there - my landlord has notified he wants to sell - I don't want to move. I am about a year away from being able to buy on my own, and was looking at contract for deed as an option. While learning about this, to... View more
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General Contractor Needed
Hi all, had some bad water damage in a duplex of ours in Rockford and we've cleared everything out, almost down to studs and are looking for a GC who can do it all (carpentry, drywall, subfloor, paint, plumbing, etc). ... View more
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Rockford Metropolitan Area Networking
RE Investors and Professionals,Are you interested in BP meetups with the purpose of connecting with like-minded people, exchanging information, and developing mutually beneficial relationships?If so, please reply with... View more
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Rockford roofing & other contractor recommendations
I am about to start a flip in Rockford and am having trouble locating a good roofing contractor.  There was a hail storm this spring and evidently that has kept them so busy that even highly rated (expensive)... View more
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Home Inspector Recommendations
Does anyone have a Home Inspection company that they have used before and can recommend for a duplex in Rockford? 
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Seeking Assistance with Contracts
Looking for a good place to find a purchase agreement and additional contracts for Illinois. I've had some difficulty in my attempts to locate any solid contracts, that contain: subject to partner/buyer's approval,... View more
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Reputable PM companies in Rockford
Just wondering if any of you in the Rockford area, who use PM companies, can suggest one that you use/would use if you didn't self-manage. I've got a list of questions that I'll ask, but am overwhelmed at the sheer... View more
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Local contractor recommendations
Hey folks,Recently acquired a 4 unit multi-family property in Signal Hill.Very exciting and have been doing minor improvements myself here and there, however, there are of course some things I know I'm going to want a... View more
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How and When do you pay property taxes in Winnebago Co
So I've never lived in the USA as an adult; I went abroad after college (lived in dorm and with my parents) so in buying a house in Rockford, I learned that I'm not up to speed on things like property taxes among other... View more
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Looking for a Great Lawyer
Hello everyone,I am about to close on 2 multifamily units and can't seem to find a lawyer who is competent, can give me a flat fee, can see how we can grow with them. I know they can get busy so I'm looking for someone... View more
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