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GC Recommendations for 203k in Chicago Western Suburbs
Looking for a GC for a 203k in Naperville area. This would be our first major renovation and looking for someone reputable.
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First Bolingbrook Buy and Hold Investment
Hello BP!! I am gearing up to put my primary residence in Bolingbrook on the market to rent soon. Our property is a single family home. Are there any other Bolingbrook real estate investors who would like to share... View more
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Planning to Remodel and Rent - Need Recommendations!
Hello Naperville BP, My dad has recently decided that he wants to sell his house in a year and we're wondering what the best choice financially is. Because the house is outdated, we're thinking to remodel first and... View more
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Anyone Attend a REIA In Naperville (Naperville Wealth Club, etc)?
Several months ago I got on the announcement list for Naperville Wealth Club but have not yet attended.  I wanted to know if other BP members attend and what your experience has been.I'm currently investing about an... View more
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Multifamily investment locations in Chicago West suburbs
I am doing a neighborhood research for 3+unit multifamily investment (my first multifamily investment). I am looking at Berwyn, Oak park and Forest park locations. My strategy is to buy and hold.Looking for advice from... View more
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1st step to rental income guidance
I am starting my path to passive income with rental income from properties.  I am still in the read/learn phase but hope to move to get my 1st deal done in late 2019/early 2020.  I am focused on the suburbs, primary... View more
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Cleaning Services for my Batavia Rental Property?
Hey everyone - I have a tenant moving out of my Batavia rental property and the cleaner I used last year is no longer in business. Does anyone have any recommendations to pass along? The unit is not overly large, has... View more
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Will and DuPage County Auctions
I'm curious about buying properties at Auction, but I don't know much about how it works here in Will County and DuPage County.  Does anyone have any experience with buying at these two counties auctions that they... View more
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Building my Team in Naperville
I've relocated from Chicago to Naperville and need to rebuild my team out here. Specifically I'm looking for a good contractor(s) (wood flooring, tile, plaster, etc), appraiser, title company and property manager. ... View more
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Title Company in the Western Suburbs
I'm looking for a Title company in the Western Suburbs of Chicago who can help with title searches on prospective properties.  I've also heard that some title companies will pass along leads on pre-foreclosures to... View more
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Insurance Carrier Options
I currently have State Farm for my rental properties and while they are good, I think there may be a better deal out there.  I was wondering if there are other carriers out there who provide similar coverage for lower... View more
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Real Estate Broker Recommendation for Investment Properties
I'm looking for a real estate broker who can help me find investment properties in the Naperville area that can cashflow. Normal MLS focused realtors that I've met and started to use, don't seem to have the same... View more
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What goals did you crush in 2018?
What did you guys accomplish in 2018?  I'm trying to keep us all motivated. 
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Recommendation for a landscaper and snow removal?
I'm looking for vendor to cut grass and remove leaves in the fall every other week for properties in Naperville, Aurora, and Plainfield. Also trying to line up a vendor for snow removal but it would be ideal to have... View more
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Late to the party - Looking to connect with agent
Greetings, At the moment I'm a working professional who spends 50 + hours / week in a large corporate environment, inspired by the possibility of creating additional revenue streams through the acquisition of a rental... View more
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Glendale Heights city landlord meeting reschedule
In case there are any of you with rental properties in Glendale Heights, IL.New this year are quarterly meetings with landlords and the city, this got emailed with your rental license application.HOWEVER, the first... View more
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New Investor needs a Rental Analysis Calculator
Hi everybody,I am a new investor, and following @Brandon Turner 's plan of analyzing 3 deals per day. However, I don't believe that I have the correct template or calculators. I am trying to analyze Single Family Homes... View more
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