Season 3 of the BP series "Meet the Investors" is coming to Indy

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Xổ số vuông hôm nayHello friends, my name is Alex. I am a real estate investor, long time BP contributor, and I make the BiggerPockets YouTube show "Meet the Investor".

I am traveling to Indianapolis in mid-February to produce 10 episodes of this show in your community and I'm looking for motivated guests to share their story, and I'm also looking for some people to help film and edit the series.  

We have completed 2 seasons of this show already (Fayetteville NC, and Washington DC) and it has been very well received, BiggerPockets looks to make this a regular production for their brand. 

Xổ số vuông hôm nayYou can see some recent episodes here:

For those who are interested in participating as a guest, please fill out this google form here: 

For those who are interested in participating in the production side (filming/editing), please fill out this form:

Xổ số vuông hôm nayI look forward to your responses and I'm around to discuss any additional questions you may have. Thanks! 



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This sounds great! I look forward to watching the episodes based in and around my market. We have so many different neighborhoods and strategies for success. 

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Xổ số vuông hôm nayLove this series man! Keep doing what you're doing!

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That sounds so cool.  I will watch.  I invest in Indianapolis, but list OOS, from So Cal area! 

Wish I was local in Indy to hang out with you and the team when you are there.  

Xổ số vuông hôm nayAs an Indiana resident I’m excited about this!

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Xổ số vuông hôm nayThis is a great opportunity,  is the guy, he will bring the best of you!

Can't wait for this episode! I live in the Bay Area, California and have dreamed of owning a rental property to begin my real-estate portfolio. However, due to Bay Area home prices, I've decided starting with an OOS property best suits my short-term ROI goals and overall long-term goals of growing a rental portfolio. Although still in the market research phase, Indianapolis is at the top of my list! Can't wait to learn more from your video. Thanks in advance!

I'm local in Indiana. I would to connect.

this will be dope!

Xổ số vuông hôm nayWelcome to Indy!!  You will love it here and I feel that we have a great community of diverse investors that you can pull from.

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Xổ số vuông hôm nayVery cool! Looking forward to having you in Indy.