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Do You Know ALL the Expenses Associated with a House Flip?
One of our Bloggers, Justin Pierce, wrote a fantastic article that took an in depth look at all of the costs associated with a house flip. This is a MUST read for any newbie rehabber/flipper: Rehabbers! Know ALL... View more
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How to Get Discount at Home Depot After Spending $50,000??
I spent over 50k at Home Depot last year and plan to spend more this year. Any recommendations on how to get automatic discounts? I have a pro account and "Commercial Revolving Card" with them, but that's basically... View more
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Flipping/New Construction in Houston, TX
Greetings everyone! I am looking for Houston area flippers |new construction investors to network with. Will like to connect and learn with active investors or partner where there is a fit.We currently own a couple of... View more
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Flipping Exit Strategies
Hi BP,I am looking to start flipping houses but currently don’t qualify for a conventional loan. My concern is I’ll be using hard money and if I get “stuck” in a flip I won’t be able to refi with a conventional... View more
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Looking for Feedback on Homevestor
Hi. I'm looking to join Homevestor. I want to see how is existing franchisee experience overall? Especially in California from deal sourcing,  wholesaling or rehabing project. Also I am located in San Francisco Bay... View more
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Buy and Rehab hold rental property in Detroit Michigan
I am interested in buying and holding properties in an area where there is low barrier to entry. While practicing analyzing deals I came across this property . There seems to be an area that there are multiple... View more
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Wholesale Property and Flip in West Milford, NJ, by Lake
A contractor friend connected me with a property wholesaler who found me a property for 265k (originally listed at 330k). My friend saw the property and said it would need 40-50k in repairs (he contracts for a living... View more
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I live in NJ and curious about house flipping
Hello investors, I am a young aspiring investor whose been doing a lot of research when it comes to real estate. Specifically long term rental properties and house flipping. I’ve read the books and listened to almost... View more
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Bay area house fix and flip
Looking for fix and flip deals here in the bay area CA interested in our cities near the east to anything all about the deal... (off/on market ).. would like to stay under 800k purchase price, Pre approved... View more
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Flipping with a partner
So when I wanted to start investing in real estate and spoke to the agent that helped me buy my current residential home 3 years ago, she referred me to another agent that does investments for himself too. Now this new... View more
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Bedroom HVAC options
Hi, all.Looking at rehabbing a spare bedroom I have in my primary. It currently does not have any heat/air going to it and I wouldn't be able to simply tie a pipe from my central system to it (I have a floor vent... View more
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I'm 25 in Northern Colorado, need advice finding a flip property.
I'm 25 and getting into my next house flip in Northern Colorado, what advice can I get for the finding, financing and closing sides of the process? I have only done one successful flip before this but wasn't really... View more
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Hacks for discounted materials for flips
I'm curious if anyone out there has any tips, hacks, or relationships with contractors who get materials cheap. Any experienced house flippers here that have found ways to get bulk discounts other than buying materials... View more
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First Rental Property! Rehabbing
Hello BP community! We have purchased our first rental property its in Woonsocket Rhode Island, purchased cash we are in the process of rehabbing the 1st floor, and the bathroom on the 2nd floor. Tenant is already in... View more
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Rehabbing rental kitchen suggestions?
We're rehabbing this kitchen in a rental we just acquired. It's a C property so trying to use what's there as much as possible but still want it to look nice for future tenants. I'm having a hard time locating a corner... View more
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Garage To Home Office To Liveable Unit
I've got a 600 sq ft, 2 car garage at my house. The end goal is to make it a liveable unit on paper with permits, but that's a few years down the road.Right now the goal is to turn it into a home office, so what steps... View more
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Best places to list for sale by owner
Hello folks, I recently listed my for sale by owner flip through Zillow. I was curious to hear what method is the most efficient when it comes to listing property on the MLS yourself. Thanks in advance.
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Order for rehab on home, full rehab
How do you plan your flips? What order do do it in? Demo, Patch, paint, trim? Etc.. or how do you organize it ? Example a house that neededs new everything, except major ticket items, & drywall
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Being your own General Contractor
Has anyone done their own GC work to make/save money with no experience ? I’ve heard this a few times and wanted to know if anyone has had done this and if so what all does it take?
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House Flipping: Kelowna, British Columbia
Hey BP!!Looking to meet up with local flippers in the Kelowna, British Columbia Canada area. Lots of potential for good profits form what I have researched, hoping to meet some like minded people. If your in the... View more
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Paint colors for interior
In an argument with my designer (read: fiancé) about how to finish walls in a flip project. Do you all paint white with the intention of letting the buyers decide the colors or do you select colors for each of the rooms?
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Austin Shower Contractor Wanted
Hello everyone. I am in Austin, Texas and recently purchased a single family home. This home needs one shower retiled and new fixtures installed. The other shower needs a new tub installed along with new fixtures... View more
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partnering with a GC
I am an interior designer who has had the opportunity to work with a sub contractor on 4 consecutive remodels for various clients. Recently this sub approached me to see if I would be interested in flipping homes with... View more
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Value of Adding a Bedroom
Does anybody have experience with adding on bedrooms? This is not the sole renovation I am planning, but I was wondering what kind of ROI I could expect. Obviously comparable homes in the area and different variable... View more
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For higher rents- studio vs one bedroom?
I have a studio (one half of a duplex) that I’m doing a full rehab on. It is approx 450sq ft. I need to decide if I should keep it a studio or make a wall to divide the bedroom, essentially making it a one bedroom. ... View more
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