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Gary Indiana Current Market
All,I am an out of state investor with a lot of opportunities in Gary. I wanted to inquire to those who are local to get an idea how the market is in Gary. Specifically for Buy and Hold, Fix and Flip or Owner financed... View more
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Structural engineer recommendation
Anyone have a structural engineer recommendation in the area? Want to have an engineer take a look at some foundation concerns on a property we have in East Chicago
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East chicago property manager
Looking for referrals for a property manager to manage a six unit property in northwest Indiana - specifically in East Chicago. Thanks
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Northwest Indiana Contractor
Hello, I am looking for recommendations on a contractor who has experience rehab Almeria and residential units in Merrillville, IN.  Hopefully an individual that is flexible and has a solid crew.Thank you,Ken
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East Chicago Investors
Anyone Buy in EC?? 
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Home Inspector Referral
Does anyone have any home inspectors in the Hammond/Merrilville area that they would recommend?
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Recommendations for home inspectors in Indiana
Hello BP members, Would anyone have recommendation for home inspection company in Hammond/Merrillville neighbourhoods? I will be closing on two properties and any recommendation will be very helpful. Tushar Shah
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Great year wholesaling in NWI!
Howdy everyoneWhat a fantastic year it's been! We've been able to help over 35 investors selling them over 50 homes so far this year. These homes range from smaller $25-30K ones to higher end flips starting in the... View more
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No Realtor Responses
I have selected a few C class investment properties in NWI that I want to explore further.  I have emailed the realtors directly several times requesting financial data on the property, rents, utilities, etc. None of... View more
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Hello - New Investor Targeting NWI
Hello BP Community,I've lurked on the forums for the past two years and am only a couple months away from saving enough capital to make my first deal! I’m a first-time investor based in Chicago who is excited to meet... View more
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Offer accepted on SFH Hammond, IN, but should I bail?
Hi! I'm kinda panicking as I always do when making final decisions. Would so grateful for your thoughts on an offer of mine that was accepted on an out of state SFH. Getting cold feet and not sure if I should back... View more
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Hammond SFH,offer accepted, should I bail?
Hi! I'm kinda panicking as I always do when making final decisions. Would so grateful for your thoughts on an offer of mine that was accepted on an out of state SFH. Getting cold feet and not sure if I should back out.... View more
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rehab friendly towns
Hey all, I currently am working on my first deal in Hammond but going to be starting to look for my second deal in the next month or so.  Hammond is very strict in using only the registered in their town as general... View more
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RE outlook in NW Indiana
I'm looking into the prospect of including properties in NW Indiana in my rental property portfolio and I'm curious what you all are seeing in terms of where the most development is happening? I know the area has plans... View more
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Need a good property manager
Hi,If you know of a good property manager in Indiana (Hammond and surrounding cities), can you please share.Best regards,Pav
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Hobart, New Chicago, Portage area for newbie
I am a newbie looking now in the Hobart, New Chicago, Portage area for SFH and MFH properties. I was looking more in Hammond, East Chicago but now am veering a little farther away ( I live in NW Chicago area) east/SE.... View more
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Connecting w/ Investors & Wholesalers in Hammond / NW Indiana
I'm an investor out of Florida, but I just purchased my first properties in Hammond.  Would love to connect with other investors and wholesalers in the area.
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NW Indiana Property Management Company Recommendation
I live in Seattle and buying a 4-plex in Whiting, Indiana.  I am considering Reeder Company for property management.  There were very few reviews on Reeder available online, and of the handful of reviews, they were not... View more
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Experienced in seller financing?
Hi BP world!   I own a handful of properties in NWI which I would like to Seller-Finance sometime in the next few years (not in a hurry). Are there any NWI investors out there that would be willing to let me shadow the... View more
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Knox, IN Investments
Hello all,This is a question pertaining to investing in Northwest Indiana (NWI). I was just inquiring as to whether anyone has any investment properties in Starke County, Indiana; specifically Knox, IN.  I know there... View more
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Sheriff's Sales (Courthouse Steps)
Hello all!I have a quick question for those who are invested in the Northwest Indiana (NWI) market.  I have had many of my investor friends talk to me about the monthly tax sales at the courthouse in Lake County. I... View more
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Creative Finance (Subject To's)
Hello BP world. I am talking to a couple of motivated sellers. I plan to acquire properties with low or no money. Does anybody practice Subject To's, owner financing to acquire in NWI area?
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Can someone recommend on an agent/contractor that works on NWI?
I'm an investor that start doing flipping in NWI.  Can someone recommend on an agent/contractor that works on NWI?
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Advice on a Great Managing Broker
I am getting started as a real estate investor. In order to have access to the mls, I got my Indiana Broker's license. Last week, my managing broker told me he sold his business and that I needed to find a new broker... View more
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CAP Rate for Northwest Indiana/Hammond
Is it reasonable to estimate 12-15% CAP rate in the NWI area for multi-family/apartment buildings?
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