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Wichita, KS Agent/Investor Looking to Network
Hello my fellow Wichitans, I am a newly licensed Real Estate Agent, (Dec 2020) and prospective Investor looking to make some connections! I have been a long time listener of the bigger pockets podcast and consumer of... View more
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Long term investment
Hello fellow Wichitans, I purchased my first home last August and want to start investing in rental properties for the cash flow. I am so green and trying to learn as much as I can on the WWW. There is a wealth of... View more
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Wichita RE Investor Come Together
My fellow Wichitans, I’m a Real Estate rookie looking to connect with people who are interested in investing/flipping properties. I’d like to start up a monthly get together as a means to share stories and knowledge... View more
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Financial Advisor - Wichita
Hi folks,I hope all is well.Does anyone know of a good financial advisor in the Wichita, Kansas area?  Perhaps one with strong real estate knowledge, but also one who can advise my wife and I on a variety of other... View more
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Looking for a GC and a Listing/Sellers agent reccomendation!
Title.Looking for an experienced GC. That can help maximize the ARV of my current live in property for when we move out of it near the first of the year.Same for the listing/sellers agent. I love to be taught and to... View more
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Moving to Wichita, KS. Buy a Duplex?
Hello All! I am brand new to BiggerPockets and real estate as an investment opportunity. My family and I are moving to the Wichita area and I am curious what actual numbers are looking like in this area. My wife and I... View more
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Real Property Management (RPM) Wichita KS
Hi,I had RPM Wichita manage my single family in Andover KS for about two years until recently. RPM started missing owner payments in OCT of 2016 and I had to call them to send payment. They payed but now owe me two... View more
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Meet Up Group for Wichita
Wichita BP’ers I would like to get a Real Estate Mastermind Group (I focus on buy and hold, rentals) together during the week in the morning preferably T or Th mornings at 7:30am, East Side (maybe Panera on Rock... View more
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Looking for fix and rent lenders local lenders
Hi guys, I'm looking to get my feet wet in the Wichita rental market and currently looking for recommendations on local lenders. I want to focus on 40-60K properties in need of repairs with small commercial loans that... View more
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Wichita Riverfront Legacy Master Plan
Those of you who invest in the Wichita, Kansas area should be made aware of an upcoming event important to every investor. For those of you that don’t already know, the city and the private sector have been in... View more
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Investors, who do you prefer to work with: An Agent or Wholesaler
Investors,When it comes to building your REI Portfolio, an Agent and/or Wholesaler can play a huge role in your level of success.I know all investors have their own preference to whom they work with and through, and... View more
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How are they sourcing these deals?
How’s it going everyone, I hadn’t posted in a minute so I felt the urge. I have been noticing a lot of off market properties going around in Wichita groups elsewhere. As Kansas isn’t a list source state I’m unsure how... View more
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Wichita, Kansas ~ Where is everyone? Let's get connected!
Hey All, what an amazing resource BiggerPockets is. Our start up was extremely accelerated because of all the useful information found here. Within my profile page, I have include some of the properties we have for... View more
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Small Bank/Credit Union Lenders (Portfolio, Commercial, Flexible)
Hey everyone, I know the Wichita forum isn't that active but I figured I would give it a shot. Now that I have a few properties in Wichita, I was looking for a local lender that could do small multi-families. To make a... View more
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New place for Wichita to Connect.
Hey everyone, I created a Facebook page for, Agents, Lenders, Wholesalers, Buyers, Sellers, Flippers who are doing business in Wichita and the surrounding areas to connect. The purpose of the page is less self... View more
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Looking for recommendations for an accountant in Wichita, Kansas
I am searching for a CPA in the Wichita or surrounding areas. I want to find someone that specializes in real estate and ideally charges a flat fee instead of per hour. Please let me know if any of you could refer me... View more
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Looking to invest in Wichita. Need some advice.
Hi BPs family,I am living in Topeka KS. I am interested in buying rental houses in Wichita. Can anyone recommend me an investor-friendly realtor? I want to learn more about the market and neighborhoods in Wichita. Any... View more
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Looking for Notice of Defaults on Sedgwick County Website
I have been searching the Sedgwick County website and can't seem to find an option to search for "Notice of Default". Does anyone know what search term I should be searching or how to locate these?
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New Commercial Information Exchange (CIE) in Wichita
Wanted to share some good news for those interested in investing in Commercial Real Estate in the Wichita Area. This month the Realtor's of South Central Kansas (RSCK) Association has rolled out a new Commercial... View more
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Looking for Wichita Realtor/Investor
Hey BP! I am a Tennessee Real Estate but was born and raised in Goddard Ks. I have a friend there that owns a local concrete company and we are looking to connect with local agent/investor. Please feel free to reach out!
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I just moved to Wichita, KS from Georgia and am having a hard time finding online sources to find and analyze potential investment properties.  When in Georgia, I was using redfin.com ALOT but they are not available in... View more
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I'm coming to WICHITA!
Hey Wichita, I've had the chance to talk with a few of you but I have not had the chance to meet you all face to face. This weekend I'll be in Wichita and would love to connect with you guys(gals) who are active on... View more
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Where is the Wichita area REIA?
I would like to be part of the local REIA meeting if someone could let me know when and where I would be most grateful.
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Wholesalers where you at?
Looking for a property in the Wichita area to buy and hold ranging from 40-70k 3bed 1 or 2 baths Anyone have anything? Wholesalers contact me and let me know.
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Searching for Partner
I am searching for a partner to work with that understands the construction / renovation side of the business. I have put together a direct mail marketing list using open records and plan on offering to buy from... View more
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