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Anyone have or know of a duplex for sale in Topeka Kansas?
I want to buy a duplex in Topeka Kansas.
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Mobile Home Electrican
Anyone have an electrician recommendation for a mobile home in Topeka? I've called several electricians who have said they don't work on mobile homes. I've got a tenant whose breaker box wires were fried.
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Topeka Property Manager
Looking for a good property manager in Topeka, Kansas. I would prefer to go with one with a personal reference rather than just my own analysis. Are there any recommendations? What makes them good?
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Mobile Home Investors in Topeka, KS
Are there any Lonnie Dealers interested in helping us with about 20 park owned homes in our park in Topeka, KS? We would like to rehab them, keep them in the park, and have them rented in the next few months. We are... View more
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Kansas Real Estate Contract - Inspections
Hi,We are signing our first Kansas contract for a home. I am confused by the Inspections section (section 12 in our contract). The inspections will be important because the disclosures have already named that there's... View more
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new investor in Topeka, KS looking for networking and answers
I'm new to real estate and have watched videos and listened to webinars and phones calls from rich dad poor dad and Renatus.  Only to find you must pay money and a lot of it after they give you there sales pitch.  Then... View more
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Monthly Meet Up / Networking
Hello All! I would like to set up a Topeka Meet Up/Networking group that meets monthly if possible. The goal would be to help each other in our various businesses. I have had a few deals that I have come across in the... View more
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Networking event for Topeka
I would like to organize another get together for anyone in real estate in the Topeka area.  I am looking at this Saturday around noon at the Blind Tiger (if that date and time works).  The purpose of this meeting is... View more
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Real Estate Agent referral in Topeka Ks
Hi, I've been investing in DFW for a couple of years and am looking to start working in Topeka.  It is my hometown and I have a lot of family there.  I'm looking for a way to get back home more often:)  I'm looking for... View more
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Anyone knows a good contractor/handyman in Topeka, KS?
Anyone knows a good contractor/handyman in Topeka, KS?
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Offer timeline question
So I'm a little embarrassed about this, but....I put in an offer on what would be my first investment property -- was so excited! Wrote the earnest money check, signed all the paperwork at my buyer's agent's office.... View more
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Networking Events in Lawrence, Topeka, and KC
Anyone know of any upcoming networking events in the Lawrence, Topeka, and KC area? I have checked MAREI's calendar but I am afraid I might have check to late. Looking forward to hearing from local investors in the area!
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Anybody with experience investing in Topeka Kansas?
New investor that is scanning Kansas towns for real estate property. I'm looking for somebody to contact me that has experience and knows Topeka Kansas. Please contact me!
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Repair or Handyman in Topeka and Lawrence Kansas
Hello I am looking for a solid repair/handyman in Lawrence and Topeka, Kansas.  Any referrals would be greatly appreciated.
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Real Estate Attorney
I'm looking for a good real estate attorney in Topeka. If anyone has any suggestions of someone you've worked with who's responsive, I'd love the help.Thanks!Dave
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East Kansas from a distance
I'm in Tucson but grew up in Horton. Tucson's a great market but I'd like to look at other areas for cash flow properties. I'd love to network with some folks back home and talk about your market.
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meet up
Are there any investors in the Topeka market that would like to get a cup of coffee and discuss business?  
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