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Why Do You Invest in New Orleans? (Testimonial for BP!)
BiggerPockets! I work at BP and I'm working on building a landing page for the city of New Orleans. Would anyone be willing to share why you choose to invest in the city? What makes it so wonderful?
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Purchasing Duplex using FHA
I will be looking to purchase a Duplex in new orleans and surrounding areas using FHA financing in the next 6-12months. My plan is to house hack for 1-2yrs. This will be my first investment property, right now I am... View more
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Can anyone recommend a good property management?
Hi,If someone has good experience with a property management company, I'd love to hear who they are and what makes them good.Thanks.
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Rehab costs in Greater New Orleans
I am wondering what people are paying for rehabs costs in Greater New Orleans. Any input or thoughts would be appreciated from local rehabbers/Investors/Contractors. For example, how much on average are you spending on... View more
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Anyone help me "guestimate " what hano will pay
Hi!Im under contract on a 4 bedroom in 70112 on Iberville st. Hano website says they will pay UP to 2618 but that rents will vary. In your experience how close to this number can I get or is it actually possible to... View more
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Success in Long Distance Investing in NOLA?
I'm looking for anyone with experience investing in the NOLA market, especially any long distance investors. I currently have a small portfolio of rental properties in VA which I manage remotely without a property... View more
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Great househack opportunity in New Orleans/Jefferson
My realtor sent me this property because I bought an extremely similar one last year (and it's cash flowing nicely!) I'm currently saving towards a bigger, forever home so don't want to tie up my cash. No connection to... View more
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New Orleans Meetup Seeker
Besides the NOREIA, is it any smaller meetups in the city?
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New wholesale attorney
I'm looking for options on hiring a new experienced wholesale attorney in New Orleans, any investors can recommend someone you trust and have worked with before?
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New to REI in New Orleans
I've recently decided to get into REI and I'm looking for a wholesaler or fix and flipper in the local market to help teach me about REI. Specially ARV, what a good deal looks like and rehab cost l. I'm willing to... View more
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Mailing Campaign software
I'm a flipper in the New Orleans area, more specifically on the Westbank. I'm doing a flip right now that I bought on the MLS, but lately I'm noticing less and less investment inventory coming up on the MLS, so I want... View more
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Seeking investor friendly closing attorney/title company
Hello fellow investors, I'm in search of an investor friendly closing attorney/title company that is reputable in the New Orleans market. Any suggestions or referrals would be greatly appreciated!Best, Britt
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Moving Walls in a Double in New Orleans
Hi BP, My wife and I should be closing on a double within the next few weeks and I am looking for some help. This is a double with a somewhat traditional layout that is more updated than most. My wife is hoping to take... View more
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New Orleans Flood Insurance
How do you estimate the rate of flood insurance for homes in New Orleans?  I'm looking for ballpark numbers as I vet investment properties.  It sounds like it's related to the flood class, but I'm not sure where to... View more
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Should I Use A Commercial Real Estate Broker in New Orleans?
Hi. This is my first discussion posting, so bear with me if I'm doing it wrong. I have a large commercial space in New Orleans I'm ready to lease out. It's 1,700 square feet in the heart of the Treme on a good corner... View more
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New real estate agent
I recently passed the exam and plan on getting with a firm after the 1st of the year. I live on the westbank of New Orleans. I am looking for a firm that is very helpful with training and has a lot of experience with... View more
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Pulling Comps in New Orleans
Any local Real Estate agents want to jump in here? I live in the 7th ward and am very familiar with the specific streets and nieghborhoods of this area. I'm not even talking about the neighborhoods that would... View more
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General Contractors
Hey BP family, I have a Reno loan in under writing and will be hopefully find my first property to flip within 20 days. With this renovation loan I'll need a licensed contractor to submit bids and reno cost. Does... View more
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Recommendations for Hard Money Lenders in New Orleans, LA
I am looking for recommendations for Hard Money Lenders in the New Orleans area.  I would like to hear from others that have had personal experience with lenders that lend to this area.  I am from here and am looking... View more
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Deal Analysis - St. Bernard Parish
I am a fairly new wholesaler and I need some help analyzing a deal!This house was severely damaged by Katrina and abandoned ever since. It is located in St. Bernard Parish in a historic district. Currently, it is a... View more
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Corporate Rental? Getting STR run-around and no long-term options
Hello all,So I bought a duplex uptown (good side of Leonidas area, to be exact) in June 2018. I renovated it and listed one side for long-term rental, but missed the wave of Tulane/Loyola students (I live on the other... View more
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Learning about Metairie, LA
Hello BP community.  I am a nurse in Baltimore MD and work with travel nurses from all over the country.  I am a buy and hold investor here.  Recently a nurse began speaking to me and I am considering buying her house... View more
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Connecting With Local Land Flippers in SE Louisiana
Hey y'all, I'm looking to connect with people who flip land or owner finance it in the Southeast Louisiana area. This is a niche that I don't encounter too often and had a few questions for someone in this region. Feel... View more
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New Wholesalers in the New Orleans Area
Hello Everyone, I'm Quintinn and I am fairly new to wholesaling. I've been listening to a ton of bigger pockets podcasts and have done tons of reading to educate myself. Just looking for new local wholesalers in the... View more
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Chalmette, La New Construction Single Family Flip
Has anyone done any new construction in Chalmette? I have a lot there right now and looking to build and sell.  Looking to build a 3-4 bedroom 2 bath house between 1600-1700 sqft.  Any inputs on a breakdown of cost... View more
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