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Part time Property Manager - Walker, LA
We are looking for someone to be able to go by the facility one or twice a week to check on the facility (clean, move ins/move outs, etc.). This person must be reliable on their cell phone and send weekly updates via... View more
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Deal Analysis - Buying residential property in Baton Rouge
I want to start investing in rental property in Baton Rouge area. Property I'm looking at would be $110K with 1,200 monthly rental income. I figure trash, property taxes, water, sewer will run me 400 / month based on... View more
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Looking For Boots On The Ground In Baton Rouge County LA
Hello, my name is Tien. I am a new virtual wholesaler looking to go into Baton Rouge County and New Orleans area. I am looking for JV partner/boots-on-ground to help me with the disposition side. Let me know if you're... View more
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Solid Baton Rouge Cashflow?
View report *This link comes directly from our calculators, based on information input by the member who posted.This property is for sale and I meant to post this in the market place. Sorry if it ended... View more
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Asbestos Testing/Remediation in Baton Rouge
Hi everyone,I am in the inspection/due diligence part of the transaction for a Baton Rouge home that was built in the 1960's. This is the oldest home that I've considered purchasing, so there have been a few things pop... View more
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Looking for a great inspector for a 4plex
Just starting our RE journey!  I'm hoping to get a couple names of inspectors to use for multifamily properties in the Baton Rouge area.
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Cap rate, vacancy rate, etc for Baton Rouge Area
I am new to investing and am basically guessing when I fill out rental calculators.  What is the cap ex for our area?  Vacancy rate?  Average PM fees?  I appreciate any help on this as I want a realistic. view of the... View more
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East Baton Rouge Property Records/Deeds Search
I am new to real estate investing. I enjoy finding out all of the information I can about a property, but i have not been able to easily find property records/deeds online for East Baton Rouge. It seems there might be... View more
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Downtown area East of I-110. Should I invest ?
I have been looking to buy a buy and hold investment property in Baton Rouge area. Mostly looking in and around downtown in B - C class neighborhood. Been looking last 3 months but I haven't found any property that... View more
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Amite Church Road - One acre/Three rental mobile homes for sale
LIVINGSTON PARISH ONE ACRE AND (3) MOBILE Xổ số vuông hôm nayS $2750 monthly gross income 2012 14 x 70 $850 2011 16 X 80 $1000 2008 16 x 76 $900 $220,000 sale price Facebook David LaBorde
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Cost of replacing pipes in Baton Rouge/Denham Springs area?
I'm looking at a home that is 40 to 50 years old in north Denham Springs that I think would be a good rental.  My biggest concern with the house is that it has old galvanized pipe that should be replaced in the near... View more
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Recommendations for realtors w/ REI focus in BR?
Hi guys, I'm looking into some multi-family and single family properties in BR and was hoping someone could point me to good realtor (and eventually a good property manager as well). Thanks so much in advance!
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Nicholson Corridor Baton Rouge
I am looking at purchasing some rental properties in between LSU and downtown just off of Nicholson Drive. I believe in the long term (maybe very long term) development potential along this corridor. However, many of... View more
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Howell Park Baton rouge
Anyone familiar with the neighborhoods around the newly renovated Howell park? what does rent run for around there? Do you think the renovations will improve the area? What is the crime like immediately around the park... View more
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Need A Bank for Refi
Currently renovating my first BRRRR property and looking for a bank that will let me cash out 75% LTV without a 6 month seasoning period...anyone have someone local I could use? I'm getting no's everywhere. (some... View more
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How much would adding a full bath affect the ARV?
I am about to close on a 1300sf 4/1 single family in Watson that I am rehabbing to rent. I am trying to get the ARV up as much as make sense for a rental, to refi and get back what I put in.I believe the ARV will be... View more
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Brand new investor! Officially -
We signed the papers on Friday!  Officially REIs now.  So excited and hoping for more purchases this year.  
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Where to list property?
What is the best place to list a rental property for sale in BR?  Do you normally use a real estate agent?   Or is there a forum that specializes in rental properties for sale?
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203K Loans and Baton Rouge Area
I have purchased and renovated 3 SFR's over the past year. Two are buy and holds in my LLC and the other is about to be listed for sale. My question is related to my primary residence and the local area.I am... View more
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Looking to sell a rental house in Zachary, LA
My husband and I are putting a house on the market in Zachary, LA. It was a great house for us, and Zachary is booming because we have the best schools in the state. But the house is showing its wear and my husband and... View more
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Where should I get a rental agreement template?
We are closing on our first 4plex in a couple weeks.  Where do you recommend we get a rental agreement form?  
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Where should I get a rental agreement template?
We are closing on our first 4plex in a couple weeks.  Where do you recommend we get a rental agreement form?  
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Painter and window sill repair recommendations
Hi everyone, I’m looking for someone to repaint some cabinets and fix two window sills that are in need of repair from moisture damage. Anyone have one they have worked with for similar projects and would recommend? 
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New constructions in Southern BR
What does everyone think of the recent rapid building of properties particularly apartments in southern Baton Rouge? Anyone affected by it? Seems to me like rent has come down a little bit compared to last year or the... View more
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Electrician/Painter Hammond, LA
Hello all,I'm searching for a licensed electrician to bring my property up to code. I just purchased a rehab and the box is in shambles. Also, I am in need of a painter/laborer to prep the exterior wood siding for... View more
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