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Should I sell my rental?
Hi everyone, I’m looking for guidance on whether or not to keep my property. Here’s the story.... I bought my 3 bed 1.5 bath in June 2019 thinking it would be a “turn key” rental for the neighborhood. I purchased the... View more
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New Investor in Baltimore
Hello BiggerPockets Family,I am a new investor in Baltimore and was looking to learn from anything any of you have to offer. Any insights you all may have will be helpful. Thank you all!
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Renting by the Room in Baltimore?
Hey BP, I'm planning to start investing in the Spring by house-hacking in Baltimore. In running my numbers with different scenarios, renting out a property by room once I've moved on consistently yields the highest... View more
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Property Manager Needed in Baltimore City...still
Hello everybody - I know this has been a pretty frequently recurring topic over the years, but thought I'd bring it up again since I've had a horrible time finding a reliable person/company to manage some properties in... View more
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Property Tax Reassessment in Baltimore
Hello! I'm looking at an attractive multifamily in Reservoir Hill, but have concerns about possible substantial tax increase. The seller owned the property for 15 years and current tax they pay would double (to... View more
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GC says "You're a waste of my time"
Needless to say I'm not having beginner's luck when it comes to connecting with a general contractor.  I have attempted to contact 3 different GCs thus far and only heard back from one.  The one that responded pretty... View more
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Convert Baltimore Row House to Multi-Family
I am looking for insights and experiences with turning a Baltimore City single family row home into a multi-unit property. This is our current 3 bdr residence in SE Baltimore and I could make more money converting it... View more
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Newbie on to 2nd flip
Hey BP tribe! Well we closed today on this beauty! Purchase $60,000.00Rehab     $70,000.00ARV $194,000.003 MONTH REHABSuper excited! I will continue to add to this post! IF I CAN DO THIS, YOU CAN TOO! TAKE... View more
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Window repair Baltimore
Hello, Do you have any tips about window repair professionals in Baltimore?Thanks!
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First buy and hold deal Baltimore city
Hi all. I wanted to share my first deal here as I've seen some other people do. I learned a lot during this process and wanted share with others.  The house is a 3 bedroom/1.5 bath in Baltimore city in Harwood, a... View more
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Baltimore City Ejectment Lawyer
Hello -Due to a horrible real estate agent, I now have squatters in one of my properties. Can anybody recommend an experienced attorney to handle the ejectment?Thanks,Pablo
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2nd Baltimore house under contract, 1121 Sherwood Ave.
Hi,My offer on this short sale property got accepted by the bank 3 days ago. Got the inspection and house is in good condition in general. I'm under 10 day- due diligence period. I met 2 contractors so far and they're... View more
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Engineer recommendation with experience in Baltimore row homes
This seems simple enough since these row homes are everywhere, but I had a hard time even talking to an engineer. I did call a few architects and only one picked up and told me he was lined up with 11 projects, all row... View more
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Baltimore Property Management Company Recommendations
Hello BP Fam, I'm looking for property management companies in the Baltimore area that have experience managing fix & flip projects. Please send any recommendations my way.  Thank you in advance!
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Connecting with owners of vacant properties
What resource/database you use to find owners of vacant properties that shows the owner’s address as the subject property, but clearly the property is vacant and has been unoccupied for quite some time. I came across... View more
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People that aren't driving distance from Bmore. How do you do it?
I'm seeing some folks in Northern and Southern California, Ohio, Florida. I was wondering first, how did you all come across the Baltimore market? Both my neighbor and I (in DC) went to highschool and college in... View more
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Line of credit secured by equity in investment property .
So once I have my first buy and hold rented out, my intent is to pull a line of credit, secured by the equity in the property and use this to acquire more properties. Which local banks are offering competitive rates... View more
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Baltimore hard hit by Covid?
According to this, Baltimore is getting the worst of Covid among big US cities. Is this what people are seeing? What areas are softest?
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Setting key investment metrics
I have my first buy and hold under renovations currently and I’ll be the first to say it is not a home run deal. Nevertheless, I have been learning a lot. With that said, I have been working on developing some metrics... View more
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Laundry company for multi-family building?
Looking for recommendations for companies that lease pay laundry machines for multifamily buildings in Baltimore. I've found a few on Google but figured I'd lean on the wisdom of the BP crowd!
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Is it Wise? Out of State LLC for Baltimore Property
I'm looking to purchase my first rental property in Baltimore very soon (like a couple of weeks). The property does not need any work (just carpet). I am nervously excited. Do you think it is wise to purchase the... View more
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Baltimore permits for gas
I live in Baltimore and I’m renovating my basement and will be boxing in the gas/water lines. The inspector came to look at the plumbing work and even though I’m not doing anything w gas lines he apparently told my... View more
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What's a good cash on cash return for baltimore turnkey rentals?
Considering getting some baltimore city turnkey properties. What are considered good ROIs/cap rates/ cash on cash returns?
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Baltimore Cash Flow - What's the Catch?
Looking at markets within driving distance of DC for buy and hold cash flow. From the high level data and also the limited research I've done so far, Baltimore seems to have an abundance of affordable high cap rate... View more
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Crumbling row-house, cost to rehab
I looked at a bunch of crumbling row-houses in Baltimore today, and many of them had crumbling and cracked brick, rotted foundation, water damage and squishy floors about to give in, and signs at the door saying the... View more
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