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Data on 45 Maryland houses prove: buy low = bigger profit
Hi everybody. I've just purchased my second SFR in Maryland. I purchased my first SFR for buy and hold in 2015. I did a lot of looking in Germantown and Northern Montgomery County MD -- there are some nice... View more
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Kentlands Redevelopment Gaithersburg on a pig?  Or will make a meaningful difference?
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In need a Maryland home inspector
Searching for a home inspector for  a single family home in Capitol Heights, MD.  Ideally, someone who works (or has worked) with contractors and can provide me a break down of labor and material.Thoughts, suggestions,... View more
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I'm in need of a real estate attorney
Does anyone have suggestions for a good real estate attorney?
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Re: Real Estate Networking Event
Hi BP community,I often hear the podcasts hosts talk about REAs - events where people interested in real estate can find investors, accountants, and generally speaking RE people.Can anyone tell me what the acronym is?... View more
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Nc banks for beginners
Does anyone know of nc local banks that will allow for less than 20% down and not charge points for small loans?
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Finding the sold price on an auction website
Hey BP! I was looking to see if someone could point me in the right direction here, we were watching a house on a action website and were curious as to what it sold for but are not sure how to find out. Anyway we can... View more
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Damascus area Rental prospects
Hi , All just wanted to get a feedback from the local experts for the area if Damascus is a good rental prospect and if it is gaining value or any new business / city planning coming to the area to give some level of... View more
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Anyone Tried AirBnB in Frederick MD?
Im just curious if anyone has tried listing properties on AirBnB or VRBO for Frederick MD, and what your returns are looking like? I have a condo buy and hold that has surprisingly experienced a lot less interest than... View more
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