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Need a recommendation for a siding contractor in Worcester MA
Hi, can anyone recommend a siding repair contractor in Worcester MA?It's a 3 family house.Thanks!
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Need a recommendation for an architect in Worcester MA
Hi, can anyone recommend a good architect in Worcester MA, for converting 3 units to 4, and for getting permit to knock down a few walls. Also, looing for someone reasonable to draw a floor plan.Thanks!
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Worcester Investors 2018
Hi there fellow Worcester folks,This subforum is quiet! I figure I'd drop in a note :)I'm curious to see how everyone is doing in today's market. Anyone have any new deals or have had deals in the past that they want... View more
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General Contractors in Fitchburg
Hi everyone!I know good GCs are highly coveted, but I'm in the process of finding a 2-3 unit rehab in Fitchburg and was wondering if anyone has general contractor recommendations? I know I saw Professional Performance... View more
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How active is the multi family market in Metrowest, MA today?
How active is the multi family market in Metrowest, MA today?
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Lenders in Worcester County, MA
Hi All, I'm looking to finance my first multi-family (2-3 unit) in the Worcester area. Has anyone had a good experience with a lender there or in Greater Boston / Metro West? 
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Commercial lenders for 5 unit
My partner and I are shopping around for commercial loans for a 5-family we have under contract. Have you worked with a lender/bank/credit union that you recommend? Again, this is for a commercial--not... View more
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Masonry recommendations MA
Hello!I'm looking for great masonry vendors that you may know of in the Worcester Area. I am purchasing an older home (1938) that is stone foundation that I suspect will need some work. In addition, the walkway and... View more
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Construction Costs in Worcester, MA
Hi Everyone!I was wondering if someone could give me an estimate for how much it costs to build a duplex in Worcester, MA. I'm looking into building a duplex with a total square footage of roughly 2800. Both units... View more
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Worcester Area Contractor Recommendations
Any investors in the Worcester MA area? Need some contractors for work on my 3 family ... let's connect!Happy to provide more information on request. 
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Rehab Contrator Recommendation - Worcester MA
Good Morning!I am researching contractors for a rehab loan in the Worcester MA area. I'm looking to see if anybody has had any good/bad experiences of contractors that they would be willing to share. Possibly some you... View more
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Newbie making an Introduction
Hello! My name is Kerie and I live in Worcester County, Massachusetts. I am a seasoned real estate agent with 12 years of experience. I originally got into real estate 12 years ago while looking at investment... View more
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Paving Contractor in Worcester
Hi All - I'm looking at a project in Worcester where the driveway is in dire need of replacement. Hoping for a few recommendations for companies to reach out to (or ones to avoid!). Thank you in advance!
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Any GC recommendations in Worcester MA for a flip?
Hi all, My partners and I just got a house under contract yesterday in Worcester, MA, and am looking for general contractors. This is a moderately extensive flip, new kitchen, 2 new bathrooms, carpet replaced with... View more
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How is your 2019 in Worcester
Hi All,I started a thread not too long ago discussing Worcester in general for 2018. Now that we're halfway through the year in 2019, I'm curious to hear how everyone is doing in the Worcester market.I just recently... View more
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New Builds & House-Hacking in Worcester
Hi all,I own a duplex in Worcester that I'm currently house-hacking... both first home and first investment property that I'm coming up on a year of owning and it's been great so far. The more I see and learn about... View more
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Is a 2% (or even 1.5%) Rule SMF in Worcester too much to ask for?
My wife and I have been researching and visiting small multi-family properties in the Worcester, MA area. We're finding opportunities in the lower income areas but it seems most, if not all, barely meet the 1% rule...... View more
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Tax question re: sale of fire damaged rental property
Good day experts. I am trying to understand the tax laws and determine my tax liability for a rental property that I have sold in 2018. The uniqueness of this transaction is in the fact that the property suffered a... View more
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Active multifamily wholesalers in Worcester, MA?
I'm a multifamily investor with property in Worcester and looking too acquire more in 2019. I'd love to pick up good BRRRR candidates that are 3+ family and am planning on using private lending for cash purchases. I've... View more
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Steam Radiator heat? Keep or replace?
Renovating a house for rent, would you keep or replace the steam radiators?   If you're replacing them, what would you replace them with?   
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Project Manager near Worcester, Massachusetts
My name is Matt and I work as project manager in the Worcester area. I was wondering if there are any local investors that are looking for a PM for their investment projects, while also showing me the ropes on... View more
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Eviction attorney in Worcester, MA
Hi there, Looking for any recommendations for an attorney to represent us for a tenant eviction in Worcester, MA. Thanks in advance, Vikas
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Rental units in Bell Hill area
Good morning!I have recently taken over a 2 bed/ 1 bath and 1 bed/ 1 bath unit in the Bell Hill area of Worcester.  The building has gated parking, in-unit washer/ dryers, and a management company.  I'll be visiting... View more
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Worcester MA Realtor Needed
Hi All!I'm looking for a knowledgeable real estate agent in the Worcester area to help me with the purchase of a triplex.  I bought my first property, a duplex in the Boston area, last December and am looking to... View more
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Looking for a contractor that will work in Worcester
Hi there, I am looking for a contractor for some work in Worcester.  If you know of reliable and reasonable contractors to handle a rehab, please reach out to me.Thank you!
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