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So what the story of big diff in list to sell price in Warren ?
I have noticed many properties get sold under their list price by around 30%, which make me wonder if this is a trend in Warren and Sterling Heights or it is just with some properties . For example There was condo for... View more
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Structural Inspector Recommendations in Warren, MI
Can anyone recommend a good structural inspector near Warren, MI? Thanks!
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Class Action Lawsuit Against Warren.
There is a class action lawsuit against the City of Warren regarding their practices regarding rental property inspections. If you own or have owned rental property in Warren you may be able to join the class. Here is... View more
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Suing For Injunctions Against Rental Inspection Ordinances
     Members of several Michigan REIA Groups and Facebook Groups have expressed interest in funding efforts to sue target cities to obtain injunctions against the enforcement of what may be unconstitutional rental... View more
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