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Does anyone has experience with purchasing tax leins?
Hello! I'm researching tax lein sales and I'm interesting in hearing if anyone has obtained a property through paying off tax leins. Any information I should know? Seems too good to be true. From my understanding, the... View more
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Buying your first note
I'm looking to purchase my first note and I was wondering how did you acquire your first one? I'm currently cold calling banks and I'm putting together a list now for mailers. Also I'm looking in my network to see... View more
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Has any one used Market Place Pro software for Tax liens?
I am looking into tax lien investing. I came across United Tax lien and Market Place Pro software. Has anyone here used this company and this software platform?
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Mandatory Forbearance To Borrowers
Not an attorney just wanted to send a PSA to people that if you have loans in a state that requires you to offer a borrower forbearance (even on non GSE loans) make sure to coordinate with your attorney and your... View more
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Advancing Property Taxes for NPNs
What are investors attitudes and processes when deciding on advancing property taxes? Big banks advance property taxes on every asset (unless it falls through the cracks for some reason). Much simpler that way since... View more
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Note Investor Licensing
I read many posts about note investors being required to be licensed in many states. I have posted on this as well as states such as GA, OH, KY etc require a license. What I found interesting is I did a search of every... View more
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Area Population and Note purchasing
I’m wondering whether note investors factor in the population of an area. Why or why not? It seems to me that population is a big risk. There’s a bunch of paper on some sites from places with just a few thousand... View more
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Florida Delinquent Tax Roll-best "status" focus?-TDA vs Open
I would like to have a conversation with a Tax Sale Investor who has experience with working Florida Delinquent Property Rolls to solicit buying tax delinquent property from the tax delinquent owner, before it goes to... View more
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Systems of a Note Investor
Recently did a webinar for people on how to manage a portfolio of notes. I wanted to share with everyone some of the systems I use. Please note I get NO affiliate link or referrals from these sites and... View more
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Notes From Banks - Question
Do you need to be an accredited investor to buy notes directly from banks? I didn't think so from the courses I've taken, but I recently listened to a podcast that suggested it, so wanted to see what others had... View more
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Good Note Servicing Companies?
Ola Friends!  I originate notes in Texas and have tried a few note servicing companies.  One I use in San Antonio has great staff, and is responsive.  But my assistant finds their website lacking in detailed account... View more
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Alabama Tax Lien Redemption
I currently have a tax lien on a Jefferson County (Alabama) property and received a "verification of allowable expenses by tax sale purchaser" from the owner who is trying to redeem the tax lien. I do not have any... View more
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Alabama Tax Sale Redemption Rights
There are four different tax sale redemption periods in Alabama.  At the time of the tax sale, the investor receives a Certificate, which entitles it to possession of the property. Three years after the tax sale, the... View more
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Taxes on capital gains in second property?
Hello everyone,If I purchase a second home , and use it as short term rental property as well, am I eventually taxed on capital gains, even if gains are under 250k? Or is it the same taxing as a primary residence?Thank... View more
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Has anyone invested with the Real Estate Cowboys?
I wanted to know if anyone has invested with Real Estate Cowboys and what your experience has been? Thanks
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Loan pay down calculated into coc Roi
Hi everyone,Why is the loan pay down not calculated into coc roi? Meaning, if I have tenants (short term or long term) where the cash flow covers my mortgage payment?I will use basic example to help clarify.Down... View more
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Alabama Tax Sales Auction, Excess Bid, and Redemption
This article is for tax sale investors who want to earn redemption interest income. Investors who want the real estate should read this, also, because sometimes their plans go astray and an owner redeems.In Alabama,... View more
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Tax Lawyer or Tax accountant ?
Debating Tax lawyer or accountant for this and next year. Here are my situations: 1. I will be first time home owner this year (hopefully).  2. I work in PA but lived 2 states (PA, GA)  3. I have cash from oversee... View more
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PPR no longer selling notes?
I've purchased (I think) 6 separate notes from PPR over the last 3 years or so for my IRA to hold. It looks like with the new year they've completely transitioned away from individual note sales as they pursue other... View more
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Tax liens auctions Florida
New to tax liens and foreign Investor from Germany here.In May the online auctions for tlc takes place and it will be the first I'm taking part.How long before do you get the information on which certificates are being... View more
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Goal Setting for 2021
We raised $2.85 Million for our Funds in 2020. Given the turbulent nature of this year, I'm happy about that! For 2021, I want to get to the $10 Million mark. All the business goals I set and tasks that I give myself... View more
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How to calculate deal exit probabilities?
Looking for those who are versed in calculating probabilities notes. I am looking to increase our bidding model to include probability. Anyone have suggestions how to do that and capture large data?Fields I am... View more
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Due diligence before foreclosing on tax lien certificate?
Hey guys, I started purchasing tax lien certificates several years ago, and a few of these certificates passed the redemption periods and I can foreclosure on them or apply for deeds (procedure depending on the state).... View more
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Stop renting out my rental hpuse and irs
If I stop renting out house permanently and have house empty, do I have to pay depreciation back right away to IRS since I claimed them for the last 10 years or do I pay nothing until I sell some day? 2nd issue:... View more
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Tax Lien Certificates
Hi BP Community,I have been watching a 7 module course about buying Tax Lien Certificates.  The buying of certificates seems like a great investment opportunity, almost too good to be true.  I would appreciate hearing... View more
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