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Mankato Area Investors
Looking to have some folks to talk with about some of the communities north and east of Mankato -- Cleveland, Le Center, Montgomery, etc. Maybe explore some partnership opportunities.
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Renting to tenant with a Day Care Center
Hello All,I am a Newbie to Real Estate Investing and have just purchase my second 2 family house. The house I purchased is in Rochester NY in the 19th Ward and I have a property manager looking over the property as I... View more
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Anyone in Rochester, NY??? Looking to Connect!
Hey BP,  I am a Rochester, NY native who will be returning to the area within the year after relocating to Minneapolis, MN for work. Since being in Minnesota, I have kicked off my REI with a house-hacked duplex... View more
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Rehabbed Duplex Value in 14609
Anyone have insights into expected values for rehabbed duplexes in the 14609 zip? Between Webster and Culver specifically. Generally I'm seeing values trending toward 100sq/ft but know there has to be a cap considering... View more
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Qualified Intermediary — Rochester, NY
Hi everyone, Does anyone know a good person/company to use as a QI for a 1031 exchange in Rochester? Thank you! 
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Looking for contractor in Rochester, NY
Hello! I am looking for a contractor/handyman who can fix up a multi family property in the Rochester NY (Park Ave area). Any recommendations? 
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Rochester New York Rental Properties
Hello everyone, I have never bought a house or a rental, but I have started doing research and looking into what I would want. I just started my corporate career making an average salary. Looking to buy a cheap... View more
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Certificate of Occupancy Rochester, NY
Hello all! 1st post ever here!I recently purchased a single family rental property here in Rochester about 15 min away from where I live.I went to go apply for a COO and noticed on the form a yes/no question that i... View more
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Real Estate Networking in Rochester, MN
Does anyone know of a RE group in Rochester, MN that meets regularly? I know the MN state REIA is in the Twin Cities, but looking for something more local. I'm new to RE and want to learn all I can from locals who have... View more
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Property Inspector in Rochester NY
Any recommendation for property inspector in Rochester NY?
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Looking Rochester, NY - Realtor, PM, Contractor, etc
Looking for a Investor Friendly, Realtor, PM, and Contractor in Rochester, NY. Recommendations Thanks!
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Looking for a 50K and under lender - Rochester, NY
Looking for a 50K and under lender in the Rochester, NY area. Looking to buy 3-4 properties in the area. Thanks!
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New entrepreneur and real estate investor in Geneva
Good afternoon everybody, I'm Bryce Noel and I'm currently a sophomore at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York. I've recently started doing some social media consulting as well as online flipping while... View more
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Title company that is investor friendly in Rochester MN
We have a property under contract and we are gonna wholesale it. We have reached out to a few title companies that never heard of wholesaling. Are there any title companies in the Rochester, MN area that is investor... View more
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Looking for recommendations Title and Escrow company Rochester NY
Hello, Im looking for a Title & Escrow company in Rochester NY that is familiar with assignments and double closings. Do any BP members have any recommendations? Thanks!Brett 
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Looking for Maintenance guy/handy man in Rochester, NY
Hi,I'm looking for maintenance guy/handy guy who has experiences in Rochester, NY. Thank you.
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GC in Rochester, Minnesota
Hi, Does anyone have a recommendation for a general contractor in Rochester, MN? Looking for someone who is good at putting down new flooring and painting. Mainly cosmetic work. Thanks!
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Any investor friendly lawyer in Rochester, NY?
We're investors in Florida. A lady we recently helped (purchased a house from her) wants to sell her house in Rochester, NY, and she came to us for help. I'd love to work with another investor over there, someone that... View more
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Need information on Rochester market.
Hi,I am based in Toronto, Canada and want to diversify into real estate market in the US with the goal of having approximately 90K NOI in the future. Over the next year, I would like to invest in 2 properties (max 2... View more
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Live in Minneapolis, invest in Rochester?
Anyone here live in Minneapolis/St. Paul area and invest in Rochester B&H (specifically multifamily)? I'm considering Rochester real estate for my next deal, and I wanted to get experienced investors thoughts on... View more
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Section 8 Ruling in Rochester
Hi All Anyone know the details about the recent ruling and how it may affect properties that are not Section 8 approved? Thanks Alan
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Rochester MN Cap rates - multi family b class
Hi All,i am looking at an off market deal, it is a 40+ UNIT property i would call it a "B" class late 70's building well taken care of and well managed as far as i can tell. I am having difficulty finding a reliable... View more
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Who is up for a beer at Rochester NY?
It started in another discussion, but I think it can be fun so I am opening a new thread.I am new to the area but already hold a few properties in Rochester, NY. I see in BP the same group of people answering... View more
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Snowplowing for rental houses
Hi all, I have three duplexes that will require snowplowing this winter. Anyone have suggestions for someone that will do this on a standard contract? Thanks in advance for all your help, Alan
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Realtor Recomendation
Hi all,I am looking for a realtor recommendation for Rochester. Thanks
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