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Jackson, MS opportunities
Hi All!New to real estate investing and recently completed my first buy & hold in Denver, CO where I'm located.  It's off to a great start so myself and a buddy of mine are looking to acquire a property in Jackson,... View more
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BRRR - Jackson, MS vs Birmingham, AL
I am narrowing down to develop a BRRR strategy with a local team to invest in for the next few years. I have narrowed down and looked at high Cash on Cash returns in two very similar cities. Birmingham Alabama vs... View more
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Buy rental properties in Jackson, MS or surrounding area
Hey guys! I live in San Diego, CA but my team and I will be buying property in Jackson, Ms or any surrounding areas. We are learning the skill and getting the financing in order.I would like to connect with any others... View more
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Investor-friendly RE Agents in Jackson, TN
I'm a buy-and-hold investor, property manager and Realtor in central VA. I plan to be in Jackson, TN in the first weekend of March and am looking for a investment-savy Realtor to show me properties identified the week... View more
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Tenant Eviction Process in MS
I am looking at buying a property that has an existing tenant that will probably have to be evicted. Can someone explain the tenant eviction process in MS? Process? Costs?
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Bat problems, HELP PLEASE
My tenant called me to let me know she's caught three bats coming out of the chimney in the last few weeks. I called a handful of extermination specialists, seems like no one is willing to come to the property for less... View more
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Any info on distressed rentals in the Memphis/Jackson area. Thx!
I just getting started in REI and have been considering the purchase of a distressed SFR in the Memphis and/or Jackson TN area. I wanted to pay cash and provide low income rentals in the area. Any info or advice for... View more
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​Property Managers For South and West Jackson
Hi everybody! I’m looking to invest out-of-state from California (I always say that the sunshine is great but our property values are not) and the potential returns in Jackson really caught my interest.I noticed that... View more
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Putting a team together
Hi BP!My wife and I are looking into the Jackson market, but being from another state I would like to have a team in place beforehand. If any of you fine people can make some recommendations for a few things it would... View more
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Need referral for RE Attorney & Realtor
I'm working on a property in Jackson, may have to Foreclose and sell, any referrals are appreciated.
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