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Billings, MT Real Estate Investor Group
Reaching out to the locals here in Billings, MT to see if there is any local meet up groups. If not, is anyone interested in starting an informal group?
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Anyone interested in a Billings Investor Meetup?
Is anyone interested in doing an investor meetup in the Billings area?
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New to investing - going in circles - NEED advice please!
I have been going in circles for over 6 months now in the Houston, TX market. I am going in between pre-foreclosures, wholesale deals, MLS deals, auction properties, and REO properties. I can't figure out the best... View more
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Paperwork I need to wholesale and flip houses in Missouri
what kind paperwork I need to have when wholesaling and flipping houses?Thanks
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IRS Auction Today
I've been watching the Treasury Department listings for years and saw that there is an auction today in Billings!Once a week (or more) I post all about finding investment property leads like this, and I share... View more
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Water Bill questions!! how do you bill tenant
How do you bill tenant if You cant change the water bill from your name  If you rent your house out??
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