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Lincoln Nebraska FB page
Lincoln Nebraska investors, I started a Facebook page for us to post deal and services on. Lincoln Real Estate Investors. Hope it's okay to post a link here. If not, email or message me and I will share it with you.
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Anyone BRRRRing in Lincoln?
Hello! I'm originally from Lincoln and lived there until I graduated from college at Nebraska Wesleyan. I have since been living/working out of state for the last 18 years, but am interested in possibly doing some... View more
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Cap rates in Lincoln, NE
I'm considering buying my first commercial-sized apartment building in Lincoln (a purpose-built 8-plex built in 1926).  It doesn't need much work. What sort of cap rate should I expect to see on something like this? ... View more
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Areas in Lincoln for buy and hold cash flowing rentals
Hey everyone! I'm a green RE investor and I am interested in single family or multi family properties that cash flow well. What are good areas in Lincoln to aquire properties with a market of student housing and young... View more
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Lenders in Lincoln, NE
Hi Lincoln investors,I was wondering if anyone has experience with CharterWest Bank in Lincoln, particularly for investment properties? Any other good suggestions for lenders in the Lincoln market? Bonus point for... View more
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New to wholesaling in Lincoln Ne
Hello my name is David, i'm an up and coming wholesaler in the Lincoln area looking to connect with local investors, where should I start?
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New to Wholesaling In Lincoln, NE
Hey my name is Sedrick,I just finished up my football career at UNL. And I am really wanting to get started in this whole real estate business. Primarily focusing on wholesale. I would love to meet with some people so... View more
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Moving to Lincoln in May/June
My family and I are moving from Atlanta to Lincoln (Work transfer) and in the future I will be looking to invest in buy and hold in the area. Short term we are looking for our own home. If anyone has any wholesale/live... View more
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Property Management in Lincoln, NE?
Recommendations? Going to acquire a 2/1 there soon, and I'm 8 hours away. will need a manager to take care of things.
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New guy out here in Lincoln, NE
Hey everyone! My name is Avery and I am fresh to the real estate scene. I am looking to really get into it. I have put quite a bit of thought into it and it really seems like something I could be passionate about. I am... View more
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Multifamily Rentals in Lincoln Nebraska
Hello Bigger Pockets and hello Lincoln, Nebraska!I am on an 18 month contract for a local hospital, I am an Instructional Designer and curriculum developer.  I live in Portland, OR but I am in Lincoln 4 days a week and... View more
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Looking for tips/suggestions for leasing downtown office space
I have some colleagues who are involved with The Federal Trust Building in downtown Lincoln (134 S. 13th Street). They currently have some office space available and I thought I would see if I can help them by reaching... View more
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2323 A St. Linocln, NE 68502 (
Hey everyone,I was curious if anyone else has taken a look at this property and had thoughts on it. Zillow LinkI walked through it on Sunday and thought it had potential but I'm still pretty new at this and have a... View more
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Upcoming REPG Meeting, Lincolns cutting edge REIA
Hey all,I just wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the upcoming REPG meeting. Lincoln, Nebraska's cutting edge REIA. Tons of local investors come to network and learn new things about real estate and the... View more
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BRRRR ("fix and rent") in Lincoln area
I'm curious if BRRRR ("fix & rent") works in the Lincoln metro area. Essentially, the ability to have your purchase price + rehab costs less than 70% of the ARV, so after you rehab you can find tenants & then... View more
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Refugee Housing
Hello Lincolnites!  Have any of you had any experience renting to the growing refugee population in in Lincoln through Lutheran Family or Catholic Social Services?  We have been in contact with them and seems like it... View more
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SFH in Lincoln
What's everyone's thoughts on the Lincoln SFH market? Anything I see FSBO or on the MLS are over priced for renting out. I don't see how I could buy a 2 bed 1 bath for 110K and rent it out for $1100. Am I looking at... View more
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REPG May Meeting - How to accurately and easily estimate repairs!
Well its almost that time again.  Coming up on May 9th is the next monthly meeting here in Lincoln, NE.  Make sure not to miss it.  Jeremy with Inside Out Renovations will be speaking about the specific system used to... View more
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Section 8 or not?
One of my best tenants is going through a divorce and has asked if I would accept housing assistance. She is on the waiting list. I was honest with her and told her that I haven't dealt with this before and that I... View more
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Lincoln Meetup!
Want to thank everyone for coming out on Friday.  Six BP members to start this one and happy these connections were made!We loosely followed this agenda and had great conversations.Introductions:Introduce yourself,... View more
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