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Virtual Meetups in Henderson and Las Vegas
Good evening all. I wanted to know if anyone is aware of any virtual zoom meetups occurring for the Henderson and Las Vegas areas? If there is one I would love to attend. I am about to send a large mailing there and am... View more
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General Contractor recommendations for a retail build-out
Hello all,   My partner and I are opening a Code Ninjas in Henderson. We are currently looking for a space to lease as well as a general contractor to complete the build-out of our center. I'm hoping you can recommend... View more
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Henderson will allow short term rentals
LAS VEGAS (KLAS) –– It’s official: Short-term rentals in residential parts of Henderson are now allowed, thanks to a unanimous vote by the city council Tuesday night. That means people can rent homes through... View more
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Judgment debtor forged transfer of title to a dead person
Without going into the fraud and embezzlement by the judgment debtor, I will just go into the specifics of this unique collections situation.10 years ago, this husband and wife were investigated by the state attorney... View more
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Looking to connect within the Henderson area
Would like to network with those in the Henderson Nevada area. Local Realtors, Wholesalers, Investors etc...To create my network. 
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Security Deposit Money To Cover Repairs?
I have a rental that's been rented out for about 4 years to the same tenants. At this point they are month-to-month and I only need 30-day notice to ask them to move. I'm planning to ask them to move out soon because... View more
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Condo Certs Fees Seller Paid After Offer Received - Several Qs
I posted this in the General Real Estate section, and then realized it would probably get more notice in the Henderson forum:This is my first time selling a piece of real estate, a property in a gated community in Las... View more
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Henderson inventory rising
I didn't want to post this thread twice but it does concern Henderson so I thought I would post a link to the Vegas Forum so the people following Henderson can chime in on this thread about inventory increasing as... View more
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Potential Multi-family deal in 89015
Hey all, I'm looking at two off market properties for sale in Henderson, right off of Lake Mead/Boulder area.  One is an 8 unit with all 2bed/1bath, currently renting for $750 per unit.  The other is a 6 unit that... View more
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Henderson 2nd largest city in Nevada
Great article on the future and current projects happening in Henderson. http://www.reviewjournal.com/local/henderson/hend...
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Legacy Golf Course will remain a golf course! Court rules in...
Great news for homeowners that live in communities along the Legacy Golf Course in Green Valley in Henderson, NV. Courts ruled that the 50 year deed restriction on the land that states the land must be used for golf... View more
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Henderson Real Estate agent recommendation
Hello everyone,I am looking to invest in a property in Henderson NV primarily for renting out. Can I get recommendations for a good real estate agent?Thank youAlan
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Strategies To Consider As We Reach A Ceiling
I may have picked a less optimal time to begin investing in real estate but rates are still on the lower end and I'd like to take advantage.  The feedback I get is that the rehab/flip market in Henderson/LV is... View more
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How to tell who is the best realtor/brokerage
I have a friend selling his home in the las vegas NV / Henderson NV area who is looking for THE BEST realtor/brokerage to help him sell his home. Is there a way, other then yelp, to find out who is the best? Is there a... View more
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Las Vegas portfolio loan
Hi I'm new on BP. I have more than 10 condos in Las Vegas and Henderson area. Each condo has a hard money loan. May I have advice, anywhere that I can obtain portfolio loan on condo please? (So I can refinance... View more
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Interest rates on the rise now that the election is over...
I can't wait for this wave of political back and forth to be over. It is exhausting reading through all the posts and threads and status updates etc...On another note what is everyone's thoughts on interest rates in... View more
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Buy first home or invest?
I'm hoping to pick some local REIs and realtors' brains here and get some advice.My wife and I will be inheriting about $70k over the next year from her dad. My wife *really* wants to buy our own home since we've been... View more
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Where can I find a REIA meeting?
I was just curious where or how can I find a local REIA to meet investors to get started out in real estate? I'm 18 years old and was hoping to get started in this business sooner than later.
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Sleezy sales pitches
I just wanted to share my frustration with people who try to pitch ideas, or sell you some crap using techniques described in books, it is such a turn off and cause me to just stop listening the first second I hear... View more
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Try to get my feet wet, but can't find any water!
Hello. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there that has noticed things are getting quite competitive with housing again in Henderson. I've been looking for an investment and things are not staying on the market long.... View more
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Anyone focussing on Green Valley Ranch
I'm looking to network with anyone doing deals in Green Valley Ranch.  I'm interested in meeting both investors actively flipping, landlords, and agents with inventory.
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More Henderson recognition as one of America's best cities
It seems like every year there are multiple publications that put Henderson in America's top rankings for various reasons. Last month, 24/7 Wall St. published Henderson as the 33rd best city to... View more
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Current Henderson Market?
I'm wondering what strategies are working best, right now, for the investors in this market. Buy and hold, fix and flip, wholesale, among others. Single family, multi family, or commercial. I've seen various... View more
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First Post in the Henderson Sub Forum
Hey Henderson, Nevada BP Members,BP just added sub forums for each state and the largest cities within each state.  I noticed no one had posted yet for Henderson, so I'm jumping in to get the ball rolling.  This sub... View more
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