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NJ Real Estate Networking
Hi all, I have posted on here a few times and have met some great people through the forums. I am new to the real estate investing game but am looking to buy my first house hack in Central/North Jersey. I am always... View more
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Buying multi-family (no green card) in Jersey City Heights
First time buyer and appreciate any advice! I am looking to buy a multi-family house in Jersey City Heights. The owners lived here for decades & never got a green card. As a first time buyer I am looking to ensure... View more
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Attorney for closing triple net property in Monmouth County
Hi,- I'm looking for a recommendation for a commercial RE attorney in Monmouth County. Our offer on a property got accepted.  Thank you in advance.
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Invest in Bergen Lafayette in Jersey City
Hi All, I’m thinking about purchasing a  multi-family house in Bergen Lafayette for investment. Does the area still have room to grow? How much should I expect to pay for a 4 family renovated house? Also, I have seen a... View more
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Jersey City Investors - Experience w/ permitting 2020?
Hi BP!I'm looking into a deal that is challenging me to do a bit more work than I have done before (moving the kitchens, changing floor plans, etc).Of course this sort of work will require permits from the city,... View more
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Jersey City REI Team
Hello!Looking for good team members in JC area—specifically REI friendly agents, local banks, and contractor or handyman. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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Investment Property Refinancing - Lender Recommendations?
Hi BP, my partner and I are looking to refinance on a 2-family investment property and are seeing a huge variation in available products with regard to available LTV, mortgage terms, interest rates, origination... View more
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Tenant decided to partially pay rent due to COVID
Hi BP Nation, Thank you in advance for reading my post. You have been great all along!!! So I might have been unlucky and gotten one of tenants from hell. SituationFirst, my tenants decided to make alterations to the... View more
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Newbie looking for advice / house hacking in South Jersey
Hi all, new to the forums. My girlfriend and I are looking to buy a househack property duplex/triplex, however the recent climbing prices of real estate is alarming and a little scary for us since we've never invested... View more
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title company or an attorney ?
title company or an attorney, what do people use to close deals?
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Hudson County NJ Eviction Attorney
Hey Everyone,Can any of you local Hudson County NJ RE investors recommend a eviction attorney?One of the units in my 6 family is withholding rent this month over claims repairs have not been addressed, but the tenant... View more
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Roof/Window Referral in Hudson County?
Hi all. Looking to get a quote for new windows and siding. Can anyone recommend a company that they’ve had a positive experience with?Thank you!Justin
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Jersey City Sprinkler Requirements
Hi, I'm looking at a 6 family BRRRR in Jersey City Heights. It's an older building without sprinklers. We're not going to be changing the Certificate of Occupancy. Would prefer to just install alarms rather than... View more
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Invest in South Amboy, NJ?
Anyone invest in South Amboy? Referred by a friend and would love to get more opinions on the area and growth trends. Will be making my first visit this weekend.
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Second deal in memphis
Below is a brief walk through of my journey in purchasing my second single family rental in Memphis, TN. I made plenty of mistakes when I made my first purchase, some of which I talk about in a prior post that can be... View more
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Bayonne, New Jersey Meet-up/Networking Event
Hello, fellow Bayonne Investors. I am looking to get a small meet-up together to learn and expand from one another. If this is of interest to you please reply and I will work to get a space for this date. I look... View more
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How do you know the future property taxes on new purchase in JC
I’m looking at several properties in Jersey City - more towards the Greenville area but also considering Bayonne as well. I’m wondering how I can figure out what my future property taxes may be?I’m seeing places in the... View more
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Seller Financing - need advice
Hello BP friends, I am currently seeking out opportunities to buy real estate in north / central Jersey using seller financing but need some help. The reason I am interested in this is because I don't have a ton of... View more
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Jersey City, NJ Rental Property - New Investor
Hi everyone my name is Anthony!I am a new investor looking into the Jersey City/Hoboken area. I will be living there and am interested in purchasing a multifamily (primarily a duplex) rental property in the area to... View more
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Variances - Legal & Architect Costs
Hi, a friend is interested in developing his property and he is trying to decide if applying for a variance is worth the cost.The land includes 2 properties, about 25' x 75' each and is located in the West Side... View more
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Buying a 3 Family in Union City - no green card
I'm in contract to buy a 3-family in Union City in for $550k - live in one unit and rent the other two out. It's an estate sale, so it will be sold in as is condition. I just got out of attorney review and am looking... View more
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Roofdeck addition in Jersey City
Looking for someone who had a good experience with a contractor adding a roofdeck to an existing flat roof house in Jersey City. Thanks
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HVAC Guy in Jersey City/Hudson County, NJ Area
I'm looking to have my HVAC system looked at and looking for any good recommendations if someone knows a specialist in Hudson County, NJ. The building is a condo building, but I'll only need the HVAC professional to... View more
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NY Based Investor investing out of state needs CPA
Hello - I am based out of NY but exclusively (at this point) invest out of state. I was wondering if anyone who also invests out of state had any recommendations with RE-focused tax accountants? Really looking for the... View more
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House Hacking Jersey City
Do anybody know hows the market in Jersey city,NJ? Thinking about doing a house hack in that area 
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