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Las Cruces REI Meet-Up
I've met a couple local investors and some RE agents in Las Cruces (and even in El Paso but who want to invest in Las Cruces) who would all like to see a REIA group started here. We haven't been able to find one so we... View more
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Realtor needed Las Cruces
I need to put in a cash offer on a MLS property in Las Cruces. Having issues finding a realtor who will let me do this remotely. They all want me to personally tour the property. I can't do that as I live in... View more
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Las Cruces REI Club Monthly Meet-Up
Las Cruces Real Estate Investors ClubSEPTEMBER MeetupThursday September 17 pm205 W Boutz Rd Building 6(In Boutz Plaza across from the Borman Autoplex - This is the office of Property Management & Investments of New... View more
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Private and Hard Money Loans in Las Cruces or Southern NM
Anyone know of someone who could teach our local REI group about Private and Hard Money Loans locally? Are there any resources for that in Las Cruces?
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