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Contingency and Ernest Money
Please forgive my newbie question, but I see that there is a contingency fee AND an ernest money fee in North Carolina. Can you help me understand how these are used and how they differ from each other?  Thanks.
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Raleigh/Durham: What Strategies Are Working Best?
What investment strategies are people having success with in the Raleigh/Durham area? Fix & Flip? Buy & Hold? BRRRR? Wholesaling? Other? Would love to hear what people have been doing and what people have been... View more
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A Newbie international investor looking for her core 4
Hello Everyone, My name is Aviv, and I am accidentally doing things a bit backward. You're supposed to find your core four and then start looking for properties but I found a property I am potentially interested in... View more
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Contractor suggestions in Southern Pines NC
Hello, I recently came across an off market deal in Aberdeen NC which isn't where I normally invest. Does anyone have a good contractor  recommendation in that area? Thanks in advance! 
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Tips on Analyzing Rental Properties in the Raleigh Area
Hi everyone!I am currently a new investor in the Raleigh area looking to buy my first property in the spring. Currently I'm enrolled at NC State and am trying to get into the student rental market before the next... View more
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New to Clayton, NC looking for Bigger Pockets Meet Up Groups
Hi there.  I'm new to Bigger Pockets.  My husband and I just moved to Clayton, NC 4 months ago from Alaska.  We've been going to court auctions and are interested in both flipping and keeping rental units.  We are... View more
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A different kind of mentorship?
*Not trying to advertise, just thinking what people thought of my idea.*I always hear/see a lot of young investors saying they want to get started in real estate but have no money or experience. Wouldn't getting a job... View more
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Moving to Raleigh-Durham area
Hey everyone. I'm new to BP and really love all that I'm learning from the site and this forum.My wife and I are planning a move to the Raleigh-Durham area by summer of 2021 at the latest. We plan to keep our current... View more
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Raleigh NC Investment Properties
Hey all I was out of the game for about a year as my wife and I had our first child. I am looking to understand the Raleigh NC market for investments @Dawn Brenengen or others have any ideas or stuff you could point... View more
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Accessory Dwelling Units in Raleigh/Cary: house hacking improved
Yesterday, the Raleigh City Council approved an ordinance that allows any detached house or duplex to add a second, smaller, "accessory" dwelling unit with its own kitchen and entrance. It can be in a separate building... View more
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Beginner RE Investor Looking to Network Locally
Hi BP Raleigh community! I'm working on getting started in real estate investing and my first step in the journey is to try and build a local network. So, wanted to get out there and see if anyone recommended any local... View more
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path to progress in Raleigh
Hello! I am moving to work in downtown Raleigh in the new year and looking to purchase a house to live in with roommates. Wondering what the path of progress is in Raliegh/ which neighborhoods to buy in as well as the... View more
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Will Raleigh area rents go up, down, or stay the same in 2021?
Does anyone in the trenches in the Raleigh / Research Triangle area of North Carolina have any impressions of how the market will fare through 2021?  Even if you don't make an outright prediction any insight on the... View more
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For everyone who thinks Rocky Mount has real growth potential...
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Raleigh CPA Referral
Does anyone have a CPA in Raleigh they would recommend?
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What kinds of returns are you seeing in Raleigh-Durham?
Looking for first deal and finding it difficult to break 1% rule or >5% CaC when evaluating properties in Durham. I know deals are there, but should I mainly be focusing on appreciation rather than monthly cashflow?
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Intro for a newbie Investor
Hellooooo BP Community, Just wanted to take a second to introduce myself before heading in to help some patients lol. I've been immersed in learning about as much content as I can over the past couple years, and having... View more
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Tips for finding Property Managers
Hey BP Community,So as we all know, Property Managers are an integral part of building a solid team. My question is coming from the perspective of a newer investor. As we do not yet have much business to offer, what... View more
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Blowing Rock / Boone vacation rental investments
Has anyone invested in any vacation rentals in the Boone / Blowing Rock area?  If so, what kind of property have you invested in (condo, cabin, house, etc.) and have you found it to be a good investment?  And have you... View more
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Thoughts about investing in Rocky Mount
Hello, I'm fairly new to Raleigh. Can anyone give me some background info on Rocky Mount? Any thoughts about investing in the area?
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Wilson, NC Rental Property
Can anyone provide any insight on whether or not Wilson, NC is a good city to invest in rental properties?  
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Investing in Greenville, NC
I saw the article written by BP a couple of weeks ago that said Greenville was the top Investor Zip Code based on a combo of appreciation and rent-to-price ratio. I'm not too far from there and was wondering if anyone... View more
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Any thoughts on these neighborhoods?
Hi Everybody,Looking for a SFH House Hack in the Raleigh area, but I am still out-of-state. Not super familiar with South Raleigh (south of 40). Can anyone share some insight on the area? Specifically Twin Lakes,... View more
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Any thoughts on these neighborhoods?
Hi Everybody, Looking for a SFH House Hack in the Raleigh area, but I am still out-of-state. Not super familiar with South Raleigh (south of 40). Can anyone share some insight on the area? Specifically Twin Lakes,... View more
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Anyone buying off auctions?
I'm curious to if anyone is buying off auctions.  Whether be from the courthouse, or website platform.  As my capital has built, this is something I've become more curious about.  Can anyone speak on their experience... View more
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