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Realtor recommendation for Greensboro.
Hi All,Like the title says, anybody have a good recommendation for realtors who specialize in working with investors?Thanks!
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Neighborhoods in Greensboro
Hi everyone, I'm looking to invest in Greensboro (small multifamily properties) and doing my research on the different neighborhoods. Just thought I'd share my thoughts from my research to get some feedback. I'd love... View more
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Greensboro, NC ADU comps
Hi BP community, I have a Lindley park home under contract and was scheduled to close Friday the 11th. Underwriting is holding up until appraisal is revised for ADU comps. This is a 1031 for me and would would like... View more
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General Contractor Recommendations in Greensboro NC
8 unit 1 bed 1 bath - Each house with 2 units - total 4 houses - needs complete rehab. neglected by the prior owner. If you have any good general contractor recommendations please do let me know. will also need help... View more
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Contractor Recommendations in Greensboro, NC (Triad Area)
Hello all - I am about to start doing some work in my basement to convert it into an AirBnB. I am looking for contractor recommendations for ElectricityPlumbingCarpentryDrop CeilingsAnd anyone else you might want to... View more
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Electrician and plumber in Greensboro / Triad?
Hi everyone,I recently bought a rental property in High Point and I'm in need of an electrician and plumber for repairs. Do you know anyone who could help in the Triad area?Thanks!Matt Burns
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Due diligence deposit in NC?
Hey everyone, my partner and I are trying to put in an offer on a house, the realtor told us that it would be a $500 non-refundable deposit for due diligence, how much is it usually? The house is listed at $65,000 and... View more
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Do Investors Buy/Sell SFR using cap rates or comps?
Hi all,I was curious on everybody's perspective whether buying or selling single family rentals use a Cap Rate valuation, or a more traditional $/sqft with comps.  On on hand it seems $/sqft makes sense, but if it's... View more
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I need a good Attorney in Greensboro NC
Hey guys, We are looking for a new closing attorney in Greensboro, NC, any suggestions? We currently focus on contract assignments so the particular attorney would have to be comfortable with them. Communication is key... View more
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Good realtor with commercial MLS access?
Hi everyone, I'm an investor who's looking into buying large multifamily/portfolio of SFHs to do a 1031 exchange in the Triad area. Can anyone recommend a good agent who has the ability to source such deals? If you are... View more
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Seeking Investment Property in Greensboro NC
We have a child going to law school this next year in Greensboro NC and are examining options for a buy and hold/rent property that she and a roommate can live in for the next ~3 years.We are leaning to properties in a... View more
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Greensboro Property Management
I am flying into Greensboro next weekend (12/14) to look at rental properties. Does anybody have any recommendations (or who to avoid) for property management? Please PM me. Thanks.
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Property management recommendation in Greensboro for multifamily
Hi BP! I'm looking for a multifamily property manager to help manage a 15 unit in Greensboro, NC. It's a class B asset in a class B/C neighborhood. Overall good condition and hope to get some recommendations. Thank... View more
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New Build Contractor
Hello, We are moving down to the Triad area soon, and are looking for a class A licensed contractor to build our personal home. Does anyone in the Triad, Winston Salem, High Point, or Greensboro area have a... View more
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Exploring Greensboro - CAP rates, neighborhoods, days on market
Hey Folks - I'm located in Durham and have done some investing here, but the market has gotten too frenzied. Not finding many good deals. I've noticed that property in Greensboro is much cheaper but the rents seem to... View more
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Looking for active investors in Winston-Salem, NC
Hey NC investors, in partnership with @Matt Faircloth and the DeRosa Group, we are buying a large apartment complex in Winston-Salem. We'd love to meet local investors of any experience to start building a solid... View more
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Greensboro Rehab Experiences
Hello all! My name's Torrell, I’m new to Bigger Pockets and in the beginning phases of real estate investing in Greensboro. I’m researching the Greensboro market and wanted reach out to see if I could get a rough idea... View more
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NC Triad Commercial Insurance Broker Recommendation !!
Hi I am looking for commercial Insurance broker for my 24 Condo units in NC Triad. Any recommendation will be highly appreciated. 
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Multifamily Investing in Greensboro
Hey everyone, I’m going to be a freshman at UNCG next year and I want to get into buy and hold real estate that I can live in for however long i’m at UNCG.I'm thinking about trying to get into a 4-plex while renting... View more
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Cash out refi for a BRRRR in Greensboro
Getting close to the second R in my Greensboro duplex, can anyone recommend a mortgage broker or credit union that will do this?
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Which repairs in greensboro need permits and which don't?
If not can someone point to a site that shows which repairs need permits and which dont?  doesnt seem to help 
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How much would it cost to replace/repair beams under a house?
Hey everyone. looking at a property right now in the Glenwood area. The floor sags in certain places and this is due to to beam issues under the house. the beams have to be either replaced or repaired. the house is 1... View more
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Looking for lender in Miami
Hi EveryoneI recently purchased a triplex in Miami using a HELOC against my primary home in NYC, under a LLC.  Now I’m looking to do a cash out refinance with NO-DOC.  Any recommendations?Thank youWai Ng
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paint and carpet average estimation
Hey there everyone!  Paint+rental grade Carpet for a 2200 sq ft 2 story house should come to around $7K here right? 
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Looking for recommendations for a good CPA in High Point, NC.
Hello Biggerpockets community, by any chance does anyone know a great CPA in the NC Triad area, close to High Point, Greensboro & Winston Salem? 
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