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Looking To Connect With Columbus RE Professionals
Hi All,I'm a wholesaler/investor from the Northeast. Columbus hit on a lot of key metrics while looking for a new virtual market so my team and I will be beginning a campaign shortly. Wanted to connect with local... View more
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Best Locations to Buy in Columbus?
I'm curious what everyone thinks the best places to buy in Columbus right now are?The areas that have experienced the most appreciation over the last decade are all concentrated near the Urban Core of the city,... View more
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duplex water meters
This question goes out to all multifamily owners/landlords in Columbus, Ohio. Is it a normal thing for duplexes to have a single water meter coming in from the city? Where the water is in the owner's name and the... View more
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Reliable property management company for out of state investor
Hi everyone! What property management companies in Columbus have impressed you and why? Is anyone using a property management company as an out of state investor?
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Can I buy you a beer?!? :#
Mayhaps this is my over-casual side coming out or my love of a good (craft) beer, but why don't I ever see anyone ask another out for a real estate investing discussion over a beer?  Is it the professionalism?  Is... View more
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looking for a general contractor in columbus ohio
I'm looking for a general contractor in columbus ohio area,To get a fast and good estimate for a massive renovation
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New Construction in Columbus, Ohio
BP crew! I own several properties in the North Campus area and one of them is basically a teardown. I own the lot behind this unit and want to make better use of the land. I'm now looking for a new construction company... View more
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What level of home inspection to get in Columbus
Hello, I'm about to go under contract soon on a single family in the South of Main neighborhood which I intend to hold and rent long term. I'm trying to decide which inspection to do, and the current inspector that... View more
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Solid & Stable B Class in Columbus
Hey everyone,My portfolio right now is all C-class / gentrifying parts of Columbus. I'm thinking of balancing it a bit with some solid, stable, B-class locations: not too rough, but not too expensive either. Areas that... View more
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Franklin County Property Taxes
Hey everyone,I had a few questions about how property taxes work in Franklin County:I know there's a triennial reassessment, but can the taxable values change in between the 3-year periods, like maybe when permits are... View more
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Looking for a Driven Person Who Wants to Partner in Columbus REI
We are a very active real estate investing company that currently wholesales, rehabs, constructs new builds, and holds rentals in Columbus. I’ve always made the best connections and friends through BiggerPockets. I’m... View more
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flippers in Columbus, OH need help?
I have some experience in real estate investing, in Columbus (Grove City) Ohio, and I would love to help someone out who is further along then I am - just get build up my confidence so I can keep moving in real estate.... View more
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Lender Questions - refi and hard money
1. Are there any lenders that can do a cash-out refi on a brrrr investment property that has less then 6 mo seasoning?  2. I've recently been given an estimate on a hard money loan. The lender is asking for $2,300... View more
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Columbus Area Bank Recommendations
Hi All,Looking for recommendations on banks/mortgage brokers to reach out to for for a conventional loan on a single family investment property.Thanks in advance
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Condo conversion in Columbus, oh
Looking to convert a duplex into individual condos in Italian Village (Columbus, OH). Does anyone have experience in this and know what all it entails?
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Learning honest wholesaling in Columbus
Hello. I am trying to start wholesaling in Columbus. I am not new to investing but am new to wholesaling. I've been working hard to educate myself on the end to end process (e.g., souring leads, negotiations,... View more
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Building an investment business in Columbus, Ohio
Hi everyone! I would greatly appreciate any referrals for an excellent Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Attorney, Mortgage broker, Insurance Agent and Property Manager in the Columbus Ohio area that work with Real... View more
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Newbie from Glen Head, NY looking to Long-Distance Invest
Hello all, My name is Jacob Diaz (sharing a pro account with my father, hence the name mismatch) and I'm currently living in Glen Head, NY. I recently graduated university and started as a software engineer. I'm... View more
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Seeking Newark OH Investor Insight
I'm looking to pick the brain of someone who is either local to or invests in Newark, OH. I'm in Columbus and considering whether Newark would be a market worth investing in. Anyone out there able to give some insight... View more
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Issues working with Columbia Gas
After a 4 month long full rehab project, my contractor asked me to get the gas turned on at my duplex in Southern Orchards for more tolerable working conditions as the seasons change, and to complete the project.  I... View more
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Most Rents at or Below 25th Percentile on Rentometer
Has anyone else seen that rents in Columbus are mostly around the 25th percentile number on (if not slightly lower)?  I even played with the settings and changing it to 6 months at 0.5 miles and 3 months... View more
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Columbus, OH neighborhoods
Hello BP! I'm 22 and looking to move into the Columbus, OH market while starting an MBA at OSU! and buy my first property (House Hack!). I've been looking into neighborhoods in the area and have about $9k for a down... View more
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Looking to Invest in Multifamilies in Colombus, Ohio
Hello Everyone!I am looking to invest in my second property, and have decided to look outside of California. My wife and I are interested in the city of Colombus but are not local and wanted to learn more about the... View more
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Property Tax Reassesments
BP squad! If you invest in Columbus, Ohio you know property tax just went up a lot. Question for other investors out there.. have you ever (personally) contacted the county auditor and worked with them to get your... View more
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Columbus GA Meet Up?
Columbus, GA doesn't have a REA that I know of, and I see a lot of newcomers to BP from the area including Phenix City, Fort Mitchell, AL.  Would some of you like to get together and exchange some ideas and contact... View more
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