I’ll also be looking for deals within the next year or so. Feel free to reach out and good luck.

be sure to stay active on bigger pockets to pick up new ideas and to network organically. I would be happy to chat with your about wholesaling and maybe shed some light on what it takes to be successful. I am a wholesaler in Portland and always looking to expand my network of fellow investors, cash buyers and other professionals in the industry.

I know things aren’t the same now due to Covid. Are there any organizations or groups you belong to or suggest for us rookies to attend locally?

when social distancing begins to lift, be sure to look for your local REIAXổ số vuông hôm nay groups. Stands for Real Estate investors Associations

Signing up on MeetUp.com is going to be a great resource also to get into groups that are focused on what you're interested in. Some of those meetups are still active with video conferencing, but many of them have shut down.

Xổ số vuông hôm nayBigger Pockets is obviously a tremendous resources and I encourage everyone to get in here several times a week and ask questions, add to a discussion and let people start seeing your name more often.

Real estate is a people business and when people start seeing your name, you become familiar and familiarity breeds success.

Xổ số vuông hôm nayI'm also a real estate investor looking to buy in a year or so. Maybe add me to the list of interested investors! 

@Robbie Kelly

I'm a long time Real Estate Investor but new to DP.  It would be great to connect with wholesalers to work with.  Let's connect.

Hi Robbie, Welcome to BP. I'm in the same boat as several others, I am looking for wholesale properties, but focusing more on the Yamhill County area. Please put me on your wholesale shortlist. Do you know of any REIAs going on right now? Looking for one to join to continue networking in the area. 

My husband, Jeremy and I, are real estate investors in the Portland area. Would love to connect with you. 

 My husband, Jeremy and I, are real estate investors in the Portland area. Would love to connect with you.

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Tenants, Managing Tenants, and Flipping

Check out WIN Westside Investors Network. They hold a monthly live meeting via zoom currently but as allowed will get back to in person meetups.

Any wholesalers that have deals on the west side in portland feel free to send them my way as well, always looking to buy. Great to see so many people still wanting to invest in Portland.

Xổ số vuông hôm nayI am just getting going in Portland, 25 years in home improvements and looking to flip several houses per year,  and keep going helping others flip theirs. I just got my CCB license here in Portland last year. Would love to coordinate with others.

Not to be raining on you, but wholesaling is not legal in OR.

If you want, give me your name and the deal and I'm willing to call the OR REA to verify - I've done it before.

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Xổ số vuông hôm nay I believe you are correct, but isn't it also a complaint based system? Where the only time someone would be reprimanded for taking a fee for assigning a contract (aka wholesaling) is when someone has reported them for doing unlicensed real estate activity? This is currently my knowledge of how the system works, but please correct me if I am wrong.

Xổ số vuông hôm nayI always thought of it as the old saying, "if a tree falls in the woods and no one is around to hear it does it make a sound?". You could technically do 100+ assignments in Oregon, and if you are never reported, there would be no penalty. I know real estate agents who have bought assignments and multiple federally licensed title companies that have never raised any red flags or prevented an assignment transaction from going through even when it was clearly communicated that it was an assignment to all parties involved.

Xổ số vuông hôm nayNow I agree with you Steve, technically "wholesaling is not legal in OR", however that does not stop wholesalers from making large assignment fees from assigning contracts every single day in OR. Your statement is like saying it is illegal to storm the Capitol building, but as our country saw on January 6th, just because it is illegal doesn't make it impossible. At the end of the day, I am curious how many people will be held accountable for their actions and/or see repercussions from them. 

Sure, give me your contact info and the deal and I'll call the REA and we can both find out.  I've done it before.

Sound reasonable to you that something is only wrong if you get caught?