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Real Estate in Sioux Falls South Dakota
Hello all, first time poster here, I just recieved a job offer in Sioux Falls, SD and am planning to get into rental real estate. I have read and analyzed almost every book in the Biggerpockets library, anybody know... View more
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Sioux Falls small multifamily lender offering 5% down payment?
Does anyone know of a local lender that will actually allow the 3-5% down for an owner occupied multi family property. I've yet to find anyone that will go under 15% on 2 units or below 20-25% on 3-4.  I hate listening... View more
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Sioux Falls PM or investors
I am a new investor exploring the Sioux falls market and will be coming in for a tour next week. Especially interested in multifamily in the area and looking to network with property management resources/handy men.... View more
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Out of State Buy and Hold Investing in Rapid City
Good morning!I have been looking in to the possibility of doing some out of state investing in the Rapid City area. I have some family and friends in the area and it seems like a good way to break in to remote real... View more
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Looking for general contractor recommendations
Anyone have a GC you can recommend for a flip?
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Do you know any real estate lawyers in Sioux falls.
I'd like to discuss my LLC with a lawyer just to make sure I have things set up properly. I want to try and turnkey out of state and need to make sure things are good to go.Thanks for any help.
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Sioux Falls, South Dakota for Coffee
Hi Guys, I have meet some REALLY cool people recently through BP. I think there are others in the Sioux Falls area that are investing in real estate or new to the game that I have yet to meet. And I hope to fix... View more
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CPA/attorneys recommendations Sioux Falls, SD
Can anyone recommend a CPA/tax strategist who specializes in real estate investing in the Sioux Falls, SD area?I'm also looking for recommendations for an attorney who specializes in/is familiar with real estate... View more
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Nightmare Tenant Featured on Local Television and Has a Website
Last night on the news there was a story about nightmare tenants George Zimmer and Jennifer Zimmer. They have been screwing landlords in Sioux Falls, Florida and possibly Chicago for years. I heard the name and... View more
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First rental property in Sioux Falls
My wife and I considering a multi-family or SFR rental in Sioux Falls. Once concern is that it's a smaller than other metro areas we're looking at so information seems a bit harder to come by. I am hoping to connect... View more
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Low Housing Inventory - So Is It Time To Sell Yet?
An interesting article came out yesterday talking about lowest housing inventory ever in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Well technically lowest number of houses in 15 years, but when adjusted for the fact that there are... View more
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Seeking RE agent, contractor & property mgr in Sioux Falls
Hello,I'm relocating to Sioux Falls, SD for at least a couple of years and am looking to buy a fixer (I like to build in equity and my wife is an Architect and Project Manager) to be our primary residence, then rent it... View more
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BRRRR ("fix and rent") in Sioux Falls area
I'm curious if BRRRR ("fix & rent") works in the Sioux Falls metro area. Essentially, the ability to have your purchase price + rehab costs <70% of the ARV, so after you rehab you can find tenants & then... View more
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Real Estate Lawyer recommendation
Anyone have any experience with the local law offices that handle real estate entities?  I'm headed to the point in my business where it's time to start forming entities for protection purposes. Thanks all!
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Saying hi from S.D Sioux Falls.
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