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Newbie Investor Looking to Partner
Good Afternoon BP Community! I know what your thinking, "Gosh, another newbie looking to invest". Lol, well you're right. I've been looking into real estate roughly for the past 2 yrs. With my main focus being... View more
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Section 8 Direct Deposit Transfer After purchase
I have a client inquiring about housing voucher (section 8) direct deposits after he purchases a property with tenants in place. What steps must be taken after the purchase for him to start receiving the rents?
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Houston Real Estate Highlights for December and Full-Year 2020
Despite a devastating global pandemic, 2020 proved to be a record year for Houston real estate with 96,151 single-family homes sold versus 86,996 in 2019, the last record-setting year. That represents an increase of... View more
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Balance Sheet Partner for Agency Debt (Multifamily Sponsors)
I wanted to ask if anyone has had experience being a balance sheet partner for multifamily sponsors (or other investors) to obtain agency debt (Fannie, Freddie, etc.) and what the experience was like, etc. Thanks.
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Hello! First-time buyer looking for some guidance
Hello all. First time posting on BP and looking to get my foot in the door in the world of REI. I'd like to be able to purchase an investment property at some point this year around the Houston area. I was originally... View more
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How will banks handle Houston foreclosure auction cancellations?
I'm interested in a property in Cypress, TX that was scheduled to be auctioned off in the Harris County Foreclosure auction today (1/5/20). However since the auction was cancelled, I'm wondering how the bank will... View more
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Quick Look back of 2020 & What to expect in 2021..
Hello BP Houston RE Investors,Happy New Year 2021!! It's been few months since I posted last. I want to do this beginning of year post like every year which helps to look back and plan for this year. Despite the... View more
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Houston CPA Recommendations
Howdy Bigger Pockets Fam,Tax season is just around the corner and I completed my first deal in 2020.  #metgoalsDoes anyone have any recommendations for a CPA in Houston, TX as TurboTax may not be the best option this... View more
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looking for re-financing a duplex in Pearland
Hi Looking for re-financing a duplex in Pearland, TX, valued at around 200K. However, cannot find comparable sales. What can I do? Thanks
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Wholesaling and Flipping in Houston Texas
Hi Everyone,I'm in Augusta Ga and I'm just getting ready to start flipping and wholesaling in Houston Texas.I'm looking for any advice about closing , any laws I should know about ....and do i need a Texas LLC to do... View more
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Insurance Broker Recommendations - Houston Rental Property
Hello, I live in California and am in the process of closing on my first investment home (which incidentally is my first home purchase) in Houston. As someone going through the home buying process for the first time,... View more
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Property management that allow Airbnb in Houston
I started my STR business on Airbnb November 2019 in a 1bed /1bath in downtown Houston. By the time june 2020 came I made 20k but was told I had to stop renting my unit because the property management company switched... View more
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Houston Real Estate Forum
Happy New Years all ! What books would you recommend to a beginner investor?
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Building Business Credit
To my Texan's,I'm working on building business credit. I'm stuck between Amegy and Regions. I do understand for the most part they are very similar. I was wondering if anyone could give me more insight on their... View more
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looking for re-financing a duplex in Pearland
Hi I am new into multi family investing. I am looking at a listing: http://www.loopnet.com/Listing/3000-E-49th-St-Kans.... It is listed at $ 2, 700, 000 while being rented for $ 42, 600 per month. This looks nice to... View more
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Advice for a college sophomore on how to approach REI
Hello! I'm currently a student at the University of Texas at Austin majoring in Finance. I spend most of my time in between Houston (hometown) and Austin, TX. Due to a mix of scholarships and having parents that are... View more
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First Time Home Buyer Incentives Texas
I am a first time home buyer in Houtston Texas and through a realtor learned about some kind of assistance in the form of money back if you stay in your home five years. She wasn't specific and not my personal realtor... View more
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• Single-family home sales increased for a fifth consecutive month, surging 29.2 percent year-over-year with 9,287 units sold • The Days on Market (DOM) figure for single-family homes lowered from 59 to 47 days • Total... View more
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New to Houston Real Estate - What's everyone up to?
Hey BP Houston! I'm new to real estate investing in Houston and am just looking to get to know some of you in the community. I've just finished a few REI books and have saved up some capital for my first deal which... View more
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Homestyle Lender Houston market
Hi BP!Still shopping around for my first live in/fixer property and upon doing some further reading on the forums discovered that I could use a Homestyle loan to not only purchase but rehab the property wrapped up into... View more
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Starter home in Montgomery County, TX
Hi BP fam! So after searching for homes in Katy and Richmond and made an offer on an older 1983 SFH which ended up having a lot of issues during the inspection (plumbing, electrical, foundation, etc), I decided to go... View more
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cheap drain cleaning plumber
Looking for a plumber who can do drain cleaning on the cheap.  Property is in SE Houston.  Thanks 
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looking to network for a househack/MFR in Houston
I live out of state but am moving to Houston in 6 months to start a full time job in July 2021 at the Houston Medical Center. We are moving to the area with my older parents who would like to live with us. We've... View more
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Need Houston multi-family permits, re-platting, financing
I am looking for a company or individual that is aggressive. I have hit some barriers developing an additional unit on my property and am currently stuck getting the run-around from various departments. I would like to... View more
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Crew Ventures is in Buying Mode
Well in the 3 months since I posted, we sold the last of the 4 initial houses we purchased and redesigned.  We've purchased 3 more, two just hit the market and the 3rd is to hit soon. My license is active and we are... View more
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