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New on BP. Need advice on San Antonia investment properties
I am from San Francisco Bayarea and I own few rentals. I am planning to retire in Austin suburbs in the next 3 to 4 years from my day job. Austin would not get me enough cash flow. San Antonio seems to be a better... View more
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Port Aransas Texas Short Term Rentals
Hi, I am interested in buying a STR in Port Aransas this year. Anyone on BP who is successfully running a STR in the area who could share their insight? There is not much in the area under $400K so husband and I are... View more
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Property Management Company Need in Fort Meyers Florida
Hello everyone, I'm looking for a good property management company recommendation in Fort Meyers in Florida. Would appreciate y'alls referrals.
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San Antonio Investors
Good morning San Antonio. It is a nice day to discuss real estate investing, I need some investor friends in the San Antonio Area.
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Touring the city in 2 weeks, which neighborhoods should I scout?
Hey all, Looking for the following:2-4 plex>B- Neighborhood1% rule metAny thoughts on pockets of the city I should check out that may meet these specs? Ideally areas that have been covid-resilient during the... View more
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San Antonio House-Hackers
Hi, everyone! Currently searching for my first rent-by-room house-hack. If you’re house-hacking in San Antonio, I’d love to know what your experience has been! In what areas have you had most success?Is the pool of... View more
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Where to invest in San Antonio?
Hi,I am looking into invest in San Antonio, TX. Since I am an out-of-state investor, I need some recommendations in which areas in San Antonio to invest. My priority would be 1. Safety2. Schools Basically, anything... View more
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Insurance Company Needed
We are new investor ready to purchase our first duplex in the San Antonio,TX area. We are in need of a great insurance company and also an attorney. Please message me if you can assist with our needs. Looking forward... View more
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San Antonio Contractors
My business partner and I are hoping to close on a property we plan to BRRRR this next week. We're in the process of comparing GCs that could do the reno work. Anyone know if any good GCs in the area? Thanks!
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Looking to connect with active HMLs in San Antonio!
Hi SATX!Just moved to San Antonio, can any experienced hard money lenders chime in on how to get started with hard money lending/private lending? How not to lose your shirt with HML? Looking for any HMLs with... View more
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Wholesaler Friendly Title Company
Please notify of me of good title companies that have a good reputation of working with wholesalers! Also, I would love to come along with some wholesalers in the area on some deals. I am trying to learn the business,... View more
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Foundation Issues on Condos on Single Slab
Any SA investors have experience with potential deals on condos or townhomes where the subject property is one of several on a single slab foundation with clear issues.  Do you just avoid these like the plague?  Do you... View more
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Turning Bonus Room into Bedroom
Hello All. Moved to SATX back in May and bought off of 1604 and Marbach. House is 4 bed 2.5 baths with a bonus room upstairs. Thinking about adding a closet to the bonus room to turn it into a bedroom. The room has... View more
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What's your take on this hood?
Hey folks,I'm an OOS investor and looking at a few triplex/duplex in the Riverside area (78210), in the vicinity of Topeka Blvd and Cherry Street. What's your take on this area?  Is there a lot of crime?  Is this the... View more
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Is it right time to invest rental house property in San Antonio
I'm spending more time to know whether is it a right time to invest in rental house in San Antonio. I hear that there is a chance for market crash in 2021. If I invest a property of worth 180k in rental property in San... View more
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FNMA Homestyle Renovation Lender in SA,TX Area
Hi All,I've been looking into Fannie Mae's Homestyle Renovation Loan program, and was wondering if any of you have any personal experience with this loan program or know a lender that participates with this program... View more
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Cons to Buying Smaller Homes in SA
Hello,  Long time reader, first post on BP. I just moved to SA this year. Purchased a home but looking to purchase an investment property. Have about $30K-40K that i can put into a down payment for the investment... View more
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Cons to Buying Smaller Homes in SA
Hello, Long time reader, first post on BP. I just moved to SA this year. Purchased a home but looking to purchase an investment property. Have about $30K-40K that i can put into a down payment for the investment... View more
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Subject To Documents
REI Teammates, Does anybody have any experience with subject to transactions who would be willing to share contract templates? My local San Antonio partner and I are relatively new investors and are working on our... View more
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Intro - looking to connect (San Antonio 12/5-12/10)
I'm in town until Thur and would love to connect with other like minded FIRE / Real Estate people, and learn about the local long term rentals market here. Anyone up for something impromptu? 
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Contractors & Property managers
ISO highly recommended general contractors and property managers in the San Antonio Texas area. Thanks!
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Looking for a General Contractor in San Antonio, TX
We’re currently looking for a general contractor who  - Has worked with real estate investors before - It’s a plus if they are investors themselves - Must provide at least 5 references  - Must be licensed and... View more
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San Antonio Broker recommendations?
Hey all! Looking for an investor-friendly, highly recommended broker in San Antonio. Also, please say hello if you're in the SA market. I'll be there in December and January looking for multi-fams and building a team.... View more
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Looking to expand to San Antonio
Hello BP community, we are currently expanding into San Antonio and I am looking for some like-minded individuals to help create deals and purchase properties. 
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Home Warranty for Investors
Do any local investors have experience with Home Warranties?  Would you recommend them and any specific companies?My partner and I are working on our first rehab property and someone suggested the possibility of buying... View more
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