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Investor-friendly agents in Austin
Ready to get serious about investing in Austin? Connect with investor-friendly agents who can help you land your next deal. As local experts, they know the Austin market inside and out and can evaluate properties from... View more
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Report: Samsung in talks to add $10 Billion plant in Austin, TX
Report on Samsung having discussions about adding a $10 Billion dollar chipmaking plant in Austin, TX.
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What is your ideal Buy & Hold deal in Austin, Texas?
Hi - I'm a new investor and I’m trying to figure out what a good, hypothetical, Buy & Hold deal is in Austin to get cashflow. I'm struggling to see what I could realistically buy that's profitable (even if I... View more
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Austin Home Inspector?
If you had 1-2 inspectors to recommend in Austin TX, who would they be? Also, any inspectors that specialize in plumbing and/or foundation issues? (I looked at the International Association of Home Inspectors website,... View more
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Listing Agent > Intermediary
I am selling a house. My realtor, who is also a personal friend, has been approached by a potential buyer that isn't currently represented. If the unrepresented buyer comes in with the best offer my listing agent... View more
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Investing in Killeen, Texas
Anyone from/ invests in Austin? Is Killeen, TX a good place to invest in? I got a deal from there for a Class C property. Median income is $37,000 per year.
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Fannie Mae chief economist's forecast for US economy & housing
“The housing market we think is going to slow a little bit,” Duncan said. “That doesn’t mean it’s declining, it just means the pace of appreciation will be slower. We still expect a very strong year, probably stronger... View more
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Lease question for Austin househackers ( by the room)
I have a friend who intends to rent out a room when his new build is ready in may or june. I have pretty standard lease contracts ( like those found here on BP)for my more traditional rentals, but I'm wondering if... View more
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Zillow: No housing market will be hotter than Austin's in 2021
Article linked below, strong statistical data regarding the Austin MSA's housing growth trends
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Purchasing properties with foundation issues?
As I'm sure a lot of you know many of the properties being offered up by the wholesalers typically have foundation issues. I'm curious as to what others in the area think about these? Addressing foundation issues can... View more
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New Construction: Build Quality & Appreciation?
I am looking at some new construction properties in the Austin/Pflugerville/Round Rock area to house hack. I have mostly looked at DR Horton, and a little bit at KB Home. I am wondering:1. What kind of appreciation can... View more
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Reduced realtor commission when selling a house
Just want to get opinion in regards to realtor commission when selling a property. As you all know, Austin RE market is red hot now. I have been doing most of the groundwork on working out what the fair market value of... View more
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ADU popularity in 78723?
How popular are ADUs in 78723? I am in the eastern part between Manor Rd and Springdale and I have two SF-3 lots next to each other, one of which has my house on it.  I have been thinking that if I added another house... View more
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Pulling Permits after the fact
Hey guys, looking for whatever advice you can provide. I'm in Travis County, NW of Austin. I have a flip I'm about to close on with amazing views and good numbers once renovated. The house has an appraised sq footage... View more
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Airbnb 1 Bedroom Condo Occupancy Rates
Hello! Curious if anyone has experience with one bedroom listings on Airbnb in the Austin area? I have done some searching of my own, but wanted to see if anyone had first hand experience of what to expect on occupancy... View more
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Liberty Hill New construction Rental market
Newbie investor here. Not much into flips and things - cant keep up with a full time job. How is the Liberty Hill rental market? A builder is allowing an new build investment property in a popular Neighborhood in... View more
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how is the rental market in Pflugerville, TX?
how is the rental market in Pflugerville, TX 78660?
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Small Regional Conventional Financing Austin, Tx Recommendations
Hello fellow BP Members,Newbie investor here, gearing up to purchase my first property in Austin, Tx (Round Rock, Pflugerville, Cedar Park area) within the next 4 months. I was interested in any recommendations on... View more
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HELOC providers in Austin?
Hi FolksWe are trying to get a HELOC on our primary residence in order to grow our rental business. Running into a tough time (Amplify CU had some really weird rules around recognizing rental income from our other... View more
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Austin Real Estate Investors
Hey guys! I started a podcast on Austin Real Estate Investing and am looking to bring on a few more great guests. I already have a few up with some awesome info but am really interested to see who people would like to... View more
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Horizontal Bars as a Ladder - Legal?
Hi,I recently did a home inspection and one of the items found was that on one of the balconies, there were horizontal bars that could be a safety risk since it can be climbed like a ladder. Does anyone know of the... View more
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Global data center company Digital Realty relocates HQ to Austin
Digital Realty Trust Inc. — a major data center owner and operator — is relocating its headquarters to Austin from San Francisco.…
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Rehab added to the closing for cash out refi
Hi all from Austin and surrounding areas!Here me out and let me know what you think.Most lenders only let you take out 75% of ARV up to the purchase price of the house.I am looking to network with realtors and lenders... View more
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Real Estate Market Forecast: Austin to Appreciate 30% to 40%
The real estate market in Austin is hot to say the least and the forecast seems to be even hotter 🤓
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House Hacking in Leander/Cedar Park/Round Rock/
Hey, I am looking to buy/build a new home in Austin to live in. I want to rent out the spare bedrooms in the house and I was wondering where I should best invest my money. I am looking to spend 400k on a house and I... View more
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