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In Search of El Paso RE Meetups
Happy New Year all!  Does anyone happen to know if any meetups are still being held in the El Paso, Texas area?  We are hungry to expand our knowledge, network and to bring some sort of value to others.  Hoping and... View more
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Any flippers in here?
Recently moved to El Paso, looking to network with individuals flipping homes.
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Great Handymen Needed
Hello all, Does anybody know of a good, knowledgeable & reliable handyman? I need someone in the El Paso area for my duplex. Thank you all for your advice. I appreciate it 
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El Paso, Texas Real Estate Investment Analysis
Hello! I am currently saving and house-hacking for my first deal, but have been diligently working on the analytical aspect of Real Estate, specifically SFH and 2-4 Multi-Unit properties. Although I do not have the... View more
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Real Estate Investing
Hello, I’m a 17 year old trying to get into real estate investing. I’m aware I can’t legally be involved I just wanted to ask for advice or some jobs I can do for some investors here In El Paso.
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Any investors in El Paso, TX?
Moved back to my home town and wondering if anyone here in EP TX?
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Looking for recs in El Paso - RE Agent, GC and roofer
Can anyone recommend an investor friendly real estate agent, contractor and roofer in El Paso?
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Any wholesalers in ELP?
Looking to see if there is any wholesalers in El Paso? 
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Moving to El Paso, TX!
Hello everyone,My name is Shane Counts, I'm a Pittsburgh native, I've moved around for the last 12-13 years but will be settling down in El Paso in May 2019!I was in the military, moved into a career in technology... View more
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Moving to El Paso and looking to network
Hello all,The military decided it was time to move again. I received El Paso, TX as my next duty station. I am pumped seeing as I have tried to get this my entire career!I am looking to network and ask for... View more
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Looking for appraisal referral
Hey There! We're doing diligence on our first hard money loan in El Paso and I wanted to see if anyone local had a good appraiser to recommend? We have a national appraisal firm that can do it, but we'd like to get... View more
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Need Recommendation for an attorney for seller financed deal
I'm working on a seller-financed deal and will need an attorney. I've never done seller financing. What's customary? Each side get their own attorney? Thanks for the counsel.
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New investor looking for a CPA
Hello everyone,I'm looking for a CPA with experience working with real estate investors. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Looking for a contractor
I'm new to REI. I found a property that I am interested in buying. Can anyone recommend a contractor and/or home inspector? Thanks.
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El Paso Appraisers Needed
We are a private lender seeking appraisers in the El Paso area.  If you have any referrals, please respond or PM me.  Thanks!
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El Paso Named Best Place to Flip Houses by Wallethub.com
It is a great time to be a investor in El Paso, TX. The website wallethub.com ranked El Paso #1 out of the 150 largest cities in the US. Here is a link to the... View more
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looking for help with owner finance
Hi BP El paso , I am looking  someone with experience in owner finance to sell my house in el paso.
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El Paso Real Estate Agents
Looking to buy my first investment property in EP TX, currently in SoCal and looking for an experienced Agent that can help me find a good home, foreclosures, pre-foreclosures etc could really help, let me know if... View more
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EP Ideal Real Estate Meet Up
Hello Bigger Pockets family, I’d like to invite everyone that is interested in joining a Meet up in El Paso Texas to go ahead and comment below with contact email of who is interested in attending. I will contact... View more
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Local RIA in El Paso ?
Hello This is my first forum post and I'd love to know be part of a real estate group or RIA here in El Paso. If anyone knows please let me know thank you.
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EL PASO TEXAS, Dyer street
Hello I am looking to buy a property, I've noticed that everything in central is extremely cheaper than any other part in the city. I do not mind some of the areas however I do know that anything close to dyer... View more
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Help pricing a duplex on the west side of El Paso
Hello everyone. I am about to make a deal on a duplex on the west side of El Paso near Monticello. It is a 3/2 1300 sq/ft on one side and 2/1 1100 sq/ft on the other. Anybody give me any advice on what a god price... View more
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In Search of Handyman/woman
Hello El Paso Investors, Good day & Happy Investing!!! I am looking for recommendations on a good handy man/woman here in EP. Maybe even a recommendation on a good contractor for future projects. Thank you!
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I need a Contractor!
Hey all!I was hoping someone could recommend a good general contractor in the El Paso, Texas area. Thanks in advance!
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New member from El Paso, Texas
Hello everyone,Long time reader, first time poster. I have been working in the software industry for just over 20 years, but have had my eye on real estate investing for some time now. I figured now was the time to get... View more
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