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Need advice on rental property Lake Stevens,Everett,Kent,Auburn
I'm a newbie and looking for your advice, which is better for a rental property area. Here are my thoughts - either Lake Stevens, Everett, Marysville or Kent, Auburn, Puyallup. 1. Which area is better for rental... View more
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Contractor referral Pierce county / North tacoma area
Hi I am looking for a contractor referral in the pierce county area. Mostly small stuff like paint and flooring but also a few bigger items like opening up a wall for a hallway to pass thru and moving a hot water... View more
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Any Commercial Real-estate Players out there?
I know it's a totally different ballgame, so I'm curious if anyone has approached this before and would be up for a virtual coffee? It's just an exploration for me, but I'm curious about:-Any favorite commercial areas... View more
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South king county/Seattle meet up
Hey everyone, I’m in the Seattle area and it seems like most of the meet ups are north of Seattle. Is there anyone out there that is currently hosting one on the south end around king county or would like to start a... View more
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Profit margins on new construction homes
I have foreign investor capital lined up to buy vacant lots and build new roughly 1,750 sqft homes in the Greater Seattle Area, including Tacoma and Everett, and am looking for feedback as to whether or not my... View more
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Contractors in Shoreline WA - Ridgecrest area
Hello,I am trying to determine the ARV / Rehab costs of a property and looking to speak with contractors who are familiar with the Ridgecrest, Shoreline area who can help me determine what the numbers are for a 1620... View more
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Property managers in the Kirkland area
Does anyone have a reference to a good property manager in the Kirkland area?
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Kent comps, cap rates, and class
I'm trying to understand the Kent, WA area, nearby the Kent Station Shopping Mall. What class area would this be considered? What would be considered good rents for a 2bed/2bath? What cap rates are places selling for... View more
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Rent by room in Greater Seattle area
Look forward to connecting with investors/property managers who rent by room. We can all share the pros and cons, learnings, laws around rent by room in Seattle/Redmond/Kirkland/Bellevue. I have been exploring rent by... View more
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Newbie starts out to seek the first investment in Seattle area
I'm in late thirties. I relocated to Seattle about 4 years ago and have been living on Eastside with my wife and 2 kids (4 and 7). I have a house since 2017 and approx. get me a HELOC about $100K. I wanted to use the... View more
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Airbnb Managers in Seattle
I’m looking to Airbnb a condo in Seattle. Can anyone provide Airbnb/STR reccs in the Seattle area who can help identify potential condo buildings and help with management?
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Introduction: New Real Estate Agent In Seattle Looking To Connect
Have been lurking on BP for some time now and Q4 of 2020 was the final push to get started. Getting started as a real estate agent in the Greater Seattle Area in Q1 and setting the goal to begin investing in the... View more
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division&build / tear-down&build
Hi, this is my first time posting here. I own a ~5500 sqft lot zoned for LR1 with a 80 year old SFH on it around Northgate. The house is currently a rental in good shape with okay cash flow. I want to explore the... View more
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Seattle area investment strategy question
We are currently looking to purchasing our first home in the Greater Seattle area. There are two strategies we are considering - 1) Zoned duplex/triplex 2) Single Family Home with Mother-in-law suite. With option 1),... View more
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THE ULTIMATE SEATTLE HOUSE HACK (no, it is not renting out rooms)
This is a summary of learnings from a recent project I personally completed.   Steps involved: 1. Buy a home with a large backyard 2. Get permits to build a detached ADU (DADU)/backyard cottage in the backyard 3. Build... View more
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Kirkland and Seattle - best area for a family?
My family is relocating to Seattle, they are currently renting a nice house house in Kirkland not far from Google. They are wondering where they should buy with value in mind? They are looking for a larger single... View more
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Homebase ideas for future nomads
Hey everyone - super happy I found this forum. I'm here to look for advice and potentially connect with someone who can help us with our investment plan. We're a couple with no kids who are thinking of working remotely... View more
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Bremerton loosens ADU guidelines
For those of us interested in the Kitsap Peninsula, another fun house hacking tidbit. Bremerton is loosening up its ADU regulations with extra flexibility for existing unpermitted... View more
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Can contractor sue for leaving bad review online?
Hello, Recently I found some contractors on Thumbtack and asked them for a quote. I had about 8-9 different contractors visit my home to give me a quote. One of the contractors clearly took advantage of me not knowing... View more
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New Member and ADU permit question?
Hello BiggerPockets community! My name is Meron and I’m a new member to the community. I’m based out of Seattle, WA and I’m really excited to begin my journey as a real estate investor. I don’t have much experience... View more
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Seattle allows up to 8 un-related people in a single family home!
Another house hacking tidbit.  Despite the unfriendly landlord laws in the City of Seattle, land use and zoning regulations are quite favorable. If you want to legally rent out rooms, Seattle explicitly allows up to 8... View more
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How is property tax in Seattle calculated? 1% of purchase price?
I was talking to a real estate agent and they said my property tax will be based on the assessed value and not the price I bought it for. I thought that my purchase price would automatically be made the assessed value... View more
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Looking for contractor in Washington, SeaTac
I recently just closed on a house and was looking to have some plumbing done in one of the bathrooms along with taking out the current bathtub and adding a shower. I was wondering if anybody knew of a good contractor... View more
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Recommendation for land and building surveyor?
Hi Forum, need recommendation on reliable and professional surveyors for a land about 0.8 acre with 4,000sf existing buildings on it. Someone who covers the Seattle/Bellevue areas would be appreciated. Need to survey... View more
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Seattle vicinity commercial lease holders?
Hi-Looking to pick the brain of anybody in a seattle secondary market who has tenants on commercial lease.  Extra bonus if its a smaller/boutique mixed use type property as opposed to something like a restaurant or... View more
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