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Building a detached ADU in Tacoma
Currently wrapping up framing, about to start roof and exterior siding. There have been a lot of challenges and extra costs, not planned for. Anyone else working on an ADU, or thinking about it? Want to share ideas?... View more
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CPA in Tacoma area with experience in REI
Looking for recommendations for a good CPA in the Tacoma, WA area with experience working with REI. Thanks!
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New to the forum and Tacoma real estate
Hello, I have been listening to bigger pockets for almost 2 years now but this is my first time on the forum. About a year ago my partner and I purchased our first piece of real estate, a duplex in the Lincoln... View more
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Introduction: New Investor in Tacoma
Good evening everyone!I just want to say hi! New investor in the Tacoma area looking forward to connect. This forum seems pretty quiet. Please let me know if there is a better area to meet everyone. Otherwise I hope to... View more
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Eviction moratorium in WA
Does anyone know if the eviction moratorium expiring on Decemeber 31, 2020 still?  Are we able to give rent increases notices now to start in January or February?  Ideally, I would like my tenants to move out because... View more
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How is the rental market in Tacoma?
I'm planning to acquire a small multifamily in Tacoma and curious as to the current vacancy rates and CAP rates. Anyone have some data on this?
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Looking for small multi-family around near JBLM
I'll be relocating to the Joint Base Lewis McChord area by April of 2020. I'm looking for any input on good areas to live near JBLM. I would like a decently low crime area that would minimize my commute time to and... View more
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Central cooling worth installing in Tacoma?
I'm house hacking a duplex in Tacoma, and like many homes in the area, it has central heating but not cooling. The summers seem to be getting hotter and there have been multiple miserably hot days in the house. I'm... View more
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Standard Lease Rental Agreement in Tacoma?
Hello all,I'm new to biggerpockets forum and also new in leasing/ renting here in Tacoma. As mentioned in the title, is there a standard lease rental agreement in Tacoma? if so, where i can get a copy from?Thank You
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Anybody Making Money on Mobile Homes in Pierce County
Anyone on here buying, Selling, Flipping, Renting Mobile Homes Or Raw land in the Pierce county area? How do you make money on them?
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House hacking Pierce County WA
Where should I go to meet other investors looking to house hack a multifamily home in Pierce County WA?
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Rental Property Return Rate
As a general Discussion, What do you consider to be a realistic expectation for Cap Rate in the area? Or if you use a different ROI calculation what is it and what rate do you expect to get? I see a lot of 6-7% out... View more
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Townhome Development in Tacoma, WA
I am looking to develop a 4 unit Townhouse in the Tacoma area, live in one unit and hold the others as rentals. I am hoping to use a VA construction loan for this project. This will be my first development project and... View more
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Title companies and Realtors
I am new to the forum and need a referral to an Investor friendly Realtor/ title company in the Tacoma and King county area.
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Moving to Tacoma/Lacey/Olympia area
Bigger Pockets, my wife and I will be moving to the Tacoma/Lacey/Olympia area in the fall and we are in need of a realtor in the area to help us find a primary home. I will be stationed at Ft. Lewis. Please if any... View more
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Property Manager "Re-rental" fee
I found a property manager that seems great on every level...except one. When I had him on the phone I asked what his fee structure was. This is what he told me: - 9% of monthly rent (no fee if unit is vacant) - Annual... View more
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Question on Lakewood, Tacoma rental
Hello all I found a potential new construction property in a Lakewood, Tacoma area. Zip 98499. It's 3 Bedroom 3 Bathroom 1700 sq ft. I have a hard time guessing the rent for this as I didn't find any comparing... View more
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Multifamily Buyer in Tacoma, WA
Looking to connect and network - We are on the hunt for multifamily to buy in Tacoma, WA and other nearby markets selectively.8 - 20 units, up to $2 million purchase price, at or path to 6%+ cap rate.  Prefer 1980s+... View more
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Lay-of-the-Land in the Tacoma Area
Hey folks! I'm looking at one of two areas for a 2020 move - Vancouver and Tacoma. The former due to its growing nature & proximity to Portland; the latter due to the fact that it's not in Seattle!The plan: I plan... View more
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Land Use expert looking for good people to work with & learn from
Hello Bigger Pockets Tacoma Community! I want to find deals for you! I have five years of experience as a City Planner for Pierce County and Gig Harbor. I also own a triplex purchased in 2017 in Central Tacoma, my... View more
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Lacey/Olympia Market for Investing
Hi Everyone!  I'm moving back to Lacey, WA for the second time.  I bought in 2016 and sold in 2019 and made a significant return on my investment.  I am on my way back to the area for the second time an am purchasing... View more
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4-Plex Builders in the Tacoma area
I am having a difficult time finding a reputable 4-plex builder in the Tacoma area. I prefer working with full service contractor (design, permitting, excavation, ect) and I am leaning towards a specific design (see... View more
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Anyone work with Eastside funding lately?
Thinking about hoping into bed with a deal using Eastside funding. Curious to know if anyone has had good or bad experiences with them.
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New Real Estate Career
Hi everyone! I am finding myself in a situation with my current non-real-estate related career, where I might need to move on from my current job. I'm wondering, if there are any ways to start out as an employee for a... View more
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Seeking Recommendations for Door & Window Package on 6-Plex
I own a small 6-Plex in Tacoma and would like to replace all windows & exterior doors in the near future.2 doors per unit = 12 Exterior Doors3 Windows per Unit = 18 Windows.Does anyone have a recommendation on how... View more
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