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Dany County - Annual cycles and COVID's impact
Ever wonder what the supply/demand schedule in Dane Count, Wisconsin looks like? No? Well... Either way, I'm taking a look into the trends and how those trends were impacted by the big COVID surprise of 2020.  Ok, so... View more
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Local tax professional recommendation?
Does anyone have a tax/accounting person in Madison that they'd recommend? Preferably one with a good understanding of tax details for residential investment property. I had a great accountant who sold his business... View more
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House Hacking in Madison
Hi everyone!I will be moving to the Madison area upon my graduation in June. I am not familiar with the area at all, but I do want to start investing there as soon as I can. What are some good neighborhoods in the... View more
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Madison, Wisconsin - Q2 Report
This is my first attempt at making a quarterly report for the city of Madison, WI. I'll be posting one at the end of every quarter for the foreseeable future, so PLEASE LEAVE ME YOUR FEEDBACK so I can continually... View more
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South Wisconsin - Utilities Costs and Practices
Are utilities typically included with rent in the South Wisconsin markets? If so, what do they typically run per unit or square foot?I am looking at the Janesville area and Rock County specifically, targeting small... View more
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Roofer Recommendation for Janesville
I'm looking for roofer recommendations for Janesville. Had one that was a nightmare wrangling (I get my cats to listen better that they did).  I will be needing a single story rear roof complete tear down ASAP and in... View more
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Beloit and South beloit
I'm from the Rockford market and have been interested in Beloit but am hesitant. I would like to get some property out of Illinois but every time I'm working in Beloit it just seems stagnant. My question is for the... View more
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Dane county: Tenants want to buy, how to establish a price?
I posted this previously in another forum but haven't received any responses and I'm hoping to get some input from people familiar with the local market. The goal is to find a price that is fair for both parties.I own... View more
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RockfordREIA February Meeting: Tech, Trends and Tricks
Meeting Topic: Meghan Tech, Trends and Tricks of Real Estate InvestingI am super excited about this months speaker. We are very lucky to have Megham McCullum, live and in person this month. I had the pleasure to hear... View more
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Big Names in Madison
Hey there!I was just wondering who are the big real estate investors in the Madison area. I'd love to see and hear their stories and tribulations that they went through. Hopefully along the way I might learn a thing or... View more
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Can BRRRR be done in Madison?
Can BRRRR be done in Madison anymore? It seems to me the market is too overpriced and the cost and timelines of contractors would make it too slow and unreliable on the Rehab, but I'd love to hear a counter argument.... View more
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Property Management Suggestions
I am looking for suggestions on a good property management company in Madison, WI or Dane County as well as what they charge as a monthly management fee.  I want to make sure that I am using an appropriate % when... View more
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Investing in the Beloit area
Hi, I am an oos investor looking at some sfh in Beloit area, zips 53511. I have general questions on the neighborhood. Is crime a concern? The numbers seem interesting, it seems its possible to achieved 1.5% rule. How... View more
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Acreage in Westminster, Massachusetts
I have over 167 Acres in Westminster, Massachusetts on 7 parcels. I am looking for ideas for my property.
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Looking for a lawyer to help with lease agreement/addendums
Any recommendations for a lawyer in Madison, WI who is good with lease agreements and addendums?
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Madison WI 5 Day Notice - business days?
When delivering a 5 day in Madison, does "days" refer to calendar days or business days?
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Mastermind/Board Room Meet up.
Is anyone in the Madison, WI area, interested in conducting a once a month Mastermind/Boardroom type of meet up?It would consist of assisting each other with referrals, introducing & sharing ideas, strategies,... View more
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Investor introduction
I am an investor that lives in Janesville. I'm not real experienced, but I love the work.  I retired from my job in July and now real estate is my focus. I'd like to get to know more local investors so we can bounce... View more
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Markets Near Madison, Wisconsin
Hey BP, I will be moving out to Madison in a few weeks and want to start investing, but from my research so far it seems like Madison is not a great market due to high property prices and modest rents. Does anyone have... View more
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Replat Property in Madison, WI
Hi BP!Does anyone here have experience replatting in Madison, WI? My wife and I are looking for our first home and, since the market is super competitive right now, we're trying to think outside of the box whenever we... View more
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Need house to buy or rent
Son is relocating to Madison area.  Looking for 3 bed 2 bath in good school area and large lot/small acreage.  Up to $250.   Crazy market everything selling  fast with multiple offers. Anyone got something to sell? 
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Any Good Real Estate Agents in Madison, WI or Investors Selling
I have a possible motivated seller looking to relocate to Madison, WI , Dubuque, IA and areas in that general vicinity. I told her I would look for properties or trusted agents in the area.Thanks,Sean
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Madison Multi Family
Hey all! New to the BP forums. I've been listening to the podcast for the past few months and house hacking has me really excited. Ideally i'd like to get a triplex or fouplex in the Madison area as I just got a job in... View more
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Buying vacant land from deceased persons daughter
I have a piece of property I found and reached out to the owner about buying. Turns out it was owned by her father and he passed away almost 20 years ago. She has been paying taxes ever since and just wants to get rid... View more
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Developing, facilitating, resources
I have 5 acres of land with two houses. I want to generate multiply streams of income from the land and the extra building. How or where do I start?
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