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Multifamily in Cheyenne Wyoming. Need advice!
Hello all,I was interested in gathering some info from experienced investors in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I'm currently looking at a quadplex that trades at a 5 cap but has under market rent and I believe the price to be... View more
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RE Professionals in Cheyenne, WY
Hello BP!I am currently looking in the Cheyenne, WY area for my first investment property (preferably a residential multifamily) . I am in the process of trying to acquire contacts in the area seeing that I have never... View more
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Is it a good idea to wholesale/invest in Cheyenne/outlying area?
I am looking to invest/wholesale in Cheyenne...curious as to whether or not it is a good idea?  Thanks! 
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Cheyenne, WY Real Estate Meet Up
Thanks to everyone who attended the open house at 6th Avenue on May 11, 2016.  It is always great to see everyone and talk about our successes (and trials)!  A special thanks to Cheryl Packham for coordinating the meet... View more
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Cheyenne, Wyoming Meetup
Like anywhere in Wyoming, it was initially difficult to find real estate investing networks when I moved here to Cheyenne, but after spending the past few days cruising the BP forums, I've realized there are far more... View more
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Mortgage Loan Originator to create secured note
Hello and I'm looking for a Mortgage Loan Originator to create  a secured note on a owner financed sale of a mobile home in Laramie, Wyoming. Any information on MLOs that work with investors in this area would be... View more
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Property Management in Cheyenne
I'm looking for a recommendation of a property manager or a property management firm in Cheyenne.  Preferably someone who has done small multi-family.Thanks!
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Looking for advice/experience on Cheyenne, WY market
Hello from Northern Colorado!I'm a relatively new investor, currently holding one SFR in Fort Collins. Because northern Colorado is in the midst of chaos and frenzy (boom/bubble) we have been looking north for our next... View more
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Can anyone recommend an employing Broker in WY ...
Thank you in advance for any helpful responses.  I'm a small time fix and flipper in CO and would like to expand to WY.  I have my license in CO and am spoiled rotten as far as the fees go; 20 per month and 250 per... View more
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Hard Money Lenders
Hello everyone, My name is Matt and I am relatively new to the area and real estate investing. I currently own two homes, one in Texas that I rent out and one here in Cheyenne that I live in. I am interested in... View more
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