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Meet up in Kelowna BC ??
Hi BP members located in the Kelowna & Okanagan areaWould anyone be interested in an investors meet up? I know circumstances aren't ideal right now with COVID but I think it could be fun to get a few people... View more
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80%LTV multifamily investmentx North Okanagan
Hello Team. My wife and I have been looking at multifamily investment, weve come across a few 6 plus unit buildings with below market rents and good potential, however, we cannot get that sweet CMHC 85% LTV, low... View more
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Best areas to invest in buy and hold on Vancouver Island
I'm curious to hear from other Vancouver Island investors to see if you have been able to locate any buy and hold opportunities with cash flow? I'm over in Courtenay and not having much luck here lately. My wife and I... View more
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Recommendations for Institutional Investors in British Columbia
Hello Everyone, I am looking for recommendations and/or referrals for any institutional investors that you have had a great experience working with in British Columbia. I am doing a cap raise and have my OM ready to... View more
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What are Market Rentals??
I was recently in touch with a sales rep from a MF development comprised of Townhouses and Condos that I have been looking to invest in. I was told that the condos are designated as "Market Rental" and cannot be owner... View more
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Anybody in the Interior/Kootenays?
Anybody here in the interior/kootenays? I live in Rossland and was wondering who else is around?
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Are you interested in Vancouver Island, BC Canada
Hey BP,It's been quite the year for sure... putting COVID aside, I can say I've seen and heard some pretty amazing stories from investors here on Vancouver Island. We personally have transitioned from purchasing Turn... View more
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Buying a rental home in Chilliwack
Hi, I currently own a home in Cloverdale and have built up quite a bit of equity in it and would like to buy a 2nd rental house. I am leaning towards Chilliwack and undecided on getting a large lot/older house or... View more
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Investment Property in Penticton
Hi everyone, I thought it would be a good idea to buy an investment property with two other partners... It’s not. The place is a solid investment but one of the patenters went crazy and is being an unimaginable pain.... View more
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Thoughts on investing on Vancouver Island?
Any communities on Vancouver Island that people may think might be the next "hot spot"?
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Fraser Valley Investors
Hey all, investor based out of Abbotsford, BC but also have holdings elsewhere in Canada. New to the forum and interested in networking and communication with anyone based out of/investing... View more
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Nanaimo meetup, anyone interested?
Hi BP people!I'm going to try to organize a meet up in Nanaimo if anyone is interested. I'm the new organizer for the Nanaimo Real Estate Investors Group on They have had dwindling numbers, and I'm hoping... View more
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Investing in Kelowna
My wife's family lives in Kelowna (she's from Vancouver Island) and we travel from Seattle to Kelowna 4-5 times each year to visit. For a number of reasons, we feel like it's a good time to invest in the Kelowna real... View more
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Looking for a Multi Family Architect in Kelowna BC
Hello BP,   I am looking for an architect in Kelowna, BC with experience in small multi family buildings that is reasonable in price. If anyone knows someone that would be appreciated. Thank you,Steve 
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5 unit multi family financing
Hello everyone . I am struggling to avoid a commercial loan, my local broker is not having any luck with a residential loan (he has 2 lenders that are still looking) on a 5plex and the fees are so that a commercial... View more
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Investing in Mobile Park Home for Rental Property
Hello BP,I am looking for a rental property investment and upon searching on MLS, I'm seeing mostly mobile homes within my budget and have good prospects of cash flow. What are the downsides of purchasing a mobile home... View more
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Investing on Vancouver island
HeyCurious about anyone investing on Vancouver island - Victoria, Nanaimo, Courtney/comox areas.I am sure Victoria is expense and a bit tough these days, but maybe outlying areas?  How about further north up that... View more
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Foreclosure list in Canada?
Hey Guys, I was wondering is it possible for us to get a foreclosure list like our friends in the south do or does it violate a privacy law? I googled it and some websites come up but its hard to tell if any of them... View more
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Real Estate Savvy Accountant
Hey All, I was wondering if anybody knows a good account, preferably in the interior however these days location doesn't really matter as much. I'm looking for advice as well as will need somebody to help come tax... View more
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Learning from Investors in Surrey, BC
I would like to meet other people who are investing in the Surrey, BC area and hopefully learn from their experience.  Seek advice on getting started and maintaining a long successful career in real estate investing.
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Success with Buy & Hold rental property in the Fraser Valley?
Hello all, I am a new investor that has been doing a lot of research into REI over the last 3-4 months. Currently I own the condo I live in in Surrey, BC, and am hoping to acquire my first rental property this year. ... View more
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BC Assessment values
BC Assessment posted updated property assessed values on January 1st, 2019, assessed on July 1, 2018. I use these values as a conservative value when calculating my networth. All my properties have gone up in value. ... View more
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BC housing bubble
This summer the BC housing market seemed crazier then it's ever been. Since the active housing market resulted in ballooning prices should BC be prepared for a market correction in the coming months or years? 
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Vancouver BC Looking For Mortgage Specialist
Hi everyone,I am an investor in Vancouver BC, and am looking for recommendations for a mortgage specialist here. So far, all of my deals have been privately financed. I have a recently formed company and expanding... View more
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Victoria BC Meet up group
Hello Everyone,My business partner and I have been working hard to put together a real estate meet up group in Victoria BC on Vancouver Island. We bring in monthly guest speakers from real estate agents, mortgage... View more
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