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Investments in Rural Nova Scotia
Hi everyone,  Currently in Halifax but considering investing in income properties in rural towns in NS (i.e. Digby, Wolfville, Pictou, etc.). Does anyone in this forum invest in those areas? Would love to connect. 
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Truro, Nova Scotia Canada
Hi I am new to investing in Truro NS and surrounding areas and, and looking to expand my network and make friends who are involved in real estate. I'd like to grow my network and my portfolio in this town. Is there any... View more
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Truro: LF Property Management Company Recommendations
Can anyone recommend a PM company that operates in the Truro area.  I need to touch base for a long distance interview on a property I plan on possibly purchasing.Thank you.
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Property taxes in Truro, NS
In Nova Scotia ( Truro NS specifically) would Multiplex rental units be taxed at the residential tax rate or the commercial tax rate? In the case of the property I am looking at, the ad says that the property is zoned... View more
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Covid Response Relief for Commercial Tenants
I apologize for possible ignorance here, but has anyone seen the official details for the joint (federal and provincial) rent relief for commercial tenants?The announcement was made on (if I'm remembering correctly)... View more
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Thoughts on investing in Halifax(HRM)
Hello friends ! Hope all are doing great ! It is the end of Sep 2019 as I'm writing this post. Would love to hear more about folks thoughts on currently investing in Halifax(HRM). Context: I got relocated to Halifax... View more
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Asking applicants SIN for background and credit check
Hi BP rock stars, I am aware that in Halifax NS, the tenant is not required to provide SIN. Under this condition, how do you usually conduct background and credit check if the applicant is not willing to disclose this... View more
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Hi, my name is Jeremy Zwicker
I live in Truro, Nova Scotia. I have a 3 unit apartment (I live in one of the units) and have recently started looking into flipping. My background in is carpentry. I currently have my red seal and have been practicing... View more
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Truro, Nova Scotia Meet Up
Hi all,To all the real estate geeks out there! We will have our 4th Bigger Pockets meetup on January 20, 2019around 1pm in Truro. Place TBD.It is a casual "meet and greet and go with the flow discussion".Great way to... View more
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First Maritime Post - NS Forum
Since we now have Provincial sub-forums on BP, I am going to suggest we collapse them as follows:- Atlantic Canada- Québec- Ontario- Prairies & the North- British Columbia My argument for the collapse is there are... View more
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New REI/BP member looking for help on 4-unit investment opp.
Hi all,I've been using BP for just under a month now, and only crunching out Real Estate Investment opportunities for about three months. Under the guidance of my friend (business partner) who has been an active... View more
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