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House Hacking in Tampa/St. Pete Area
Hello Tampa/St.Pete BP!My name is Matt and I am an HR manager in Northeast PA. My girlfriend and I are looking to relocate to FL (to escape the cold winters) and begin our RE portfolio. I'm seeking a triplex to house... View more
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Will removing a meter mean my property can appraise as an SFR?
My husband and I bought a bed and breakfast in June for $285k that was being run as a commercial property in Tarpon Springs. We have not and will not renew any commercial licensing. There is a main home (built in 1901,... View more
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Saint Petersburg potential?
Let me just start by saying how excited we are to start 2020 with aspirations of taking our financial future in our own hands. My wife and I are learning more and more every day and feeling more confident Real Estate... View more
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House Hack in St. Pete, FL
Hi there BP colleagues! I am looking for some advice from anyone familiar with the St. Pete area.  My husband and I invest in the Oviedo area near UCF, and would like to know of any areas good for house hacking in St.... View more
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estimating rents in st petersburg/clearwater
looking to invest in mfh in pinellas county, fl (st pete, largo, clearwater) and average rents are all over the place. looking mainly in up and coming neighberhoods and looking for advise on how to get to know the... View more
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Looking for Pinellas County Contractors for Flips
I'm looking for licensed contractors for flips in Pinellas, Largo, Clearwater, Seminole area.  Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
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Legal Premise Agent in St. Petersburg
Hello all, We have a property in St. Petersburg that recently got a codes violation for not having a legal premise agent on file. This property is owned by an LLC and we are not local. When searching for services that... View more
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St. Petersburg contractors
Hi everyone! I’m looking for a contractor in St Petersburg to do my next rehab project. Does anyone have any good recommendations ??
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33710 Rehab Recommendations
Looking for any recommendations for contractor, drywall, or roofing companies for a rehab in the 33710 zip code of St. Pete. I just moved here from Orlando and don't have my team developed quite yet, but found a great... View more
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Duplex/Triplex House Hack in St Pete
Hey Everyone,   After years of lurking on here my wife and I are out to buy our first property. We want to house hack a duplex or triplex in St Pete. Live in one unit and rent out the other while fixing it up, then... View more
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Short Term Rental Insurance Providers in St Petersburg Florida
Hi All, It's time to renew my insurance policy, and my quote seems pretty steep. I'm looking for any recommendations for Short Term Rental Insurance Providers in St Petersburg Florida, or good brokers. Thanks in... View more
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Airbnb/ Short term rentals
Hey everybody, today I listened to BP podcast episode 229 with Zeona McIntyre who makes her real estate living off of short term rentals (primarily Airbnb). I was wondering if anybody in this area has any experience... View more
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Looking for a RE agent: Duplex house hack -> Investment property
I've been in St. Pete for about a year, renting, and I'm looking to buy a duplex or house with detached structure so I can rent out a portion. I don't expect to have the entire mortgage covered while I'm occupying it,... View more
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Seasonal Property Manager Sarasota
I'm located in Sarasota, and I'd like to know of any property managers that can help out with seasonal rentals.  Thanks!
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Looking for Lawn Service St. Petersburg Florida
Hi St. Pete Investors! I'm looking for a lawn service to take care of two properties in the Central Oak Park neighborhood of St. Petersburg FL.  Ideally the service would accept online or electronic payment.  Thanks... View more
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Home Inspector - Sarasota, FL
Can anyone recommend a GREAT home inspector in Sarasota?
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Rental Lease
Good evening everyone, I have my first two tenants moving into my duplex this upcoming weekend.  I have done my homework on the lease and think it is pretty good, but I know I need to include some information with it.... View more
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St. Pete Beach multi-family live and learn
My wife and I want ease into the St. Pete Beach multi-family market by living in and rehabbing a two to four-unit property. Our current thoughts are to pay cash or do minimal financing (to bypass flood insurance ASAP)... View more
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New Investor looking for advice and guidance
Hello All,I have decided to start investing in real estate in the St. Petersburg area. I currently live near downtown and absolutely love the city. I have some funds saved up to be able to start small. From some of the... View more
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Digital Nomad Investors looking for housing for April
Hello! My husband and I have just reached the goal of being able to work remote and are very close to achieving our dream of traveling to different places for a month at a time. We own and manage a few investment... View more
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Small multifamly +traveling healthcare professionals=my next move
The plan is to rent a room/unit to a traveling nurse,doctor or any other healthcare professional for atleast 13 weeks(from what i hear that the average time spent). Does anyone have experience in this type of house... View more
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Roof and Skylight Repairs Recommendations St Petersburg FL
Hi all, I'm looking for a guy who can repair a roof (the soffits) and a leaking skylight in St Petersburg FL. Any recommendations would be great.Thanks in advanceOwen
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Photographer in St Petersburg FL
Hi, I'm looking for a photographer to take some pics of my home in St Petersburg Fl. I'm turning the property into a medium term rental and want great striking pictures to post on places like Airbnb VRBO etc. Any... View more
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Looking for General Contractor In St. Pete
Hello Everyone, I'm looking for a referral for a experience GC you've worked with that services St. Pete. I'm looking for a initial estimate on a gutrehab on a property I'm looking at purchasing with a FHA 203K loan.... View more
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Hoping to Connect My Investors with Others!
I work with hundreds of real estate investors, each one unique in their strengths and weaknesses. Often, I'll have an investor reach out to me, hoping that I can play matchmaker for them. Whether that be a handyman... View more
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